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Big Brother 18 Live Houseguest Reveal Canceled

All week CBS and it’s affiliates have been hyping up the houseguest reveal on the live feeds where live houseguest interviews were planned, just as what CBS did last year. However, in the middle of the night, CBS called the event off.


Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Promo – Source: CBS

CBS broke the news at midnight on Twitter that the live houseguest interviews would not be streamed Monday morning, but instead we would get prerecorded interviews that would air on the Live Feeds Tuesday afternoon at 4 PM eastern standard time. Here is what the exact tweet said:

#MeetTheHGsLive will not be streamed live tomorrow. Cast interviews will be available Tue 4pm ET/1pm PT to #CBSAllAccess subscribers.

The reason is unknown and it is likely that we will never truly know. There is a number of things that might have happened. From one of the would-be houseguests walking out to someone that might have broken one of the rules. CBS does have alternates for this purpose, which makes it all the more confusing as to why this event was canceled.


I have been promoting this event on Twitter using our link for people to sign up for the live feeds and now the reason many signed up has gone to the wayside. I’d like to thank those who did support us by getting the live feeds through our link, but also apologize to those who got them for the sole purpose of the houseguest reveal.


Update: CBS has announced that the event was canceled in light of the tragedies that happened late Saturday night in Orlando, Florida.

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