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Big Brother 18: James To Tell Corey About Paulie’s Campaigning

Paulie made numerous promises this week to not campaign, stating that Corey is his boy and he would never do that to him. However, he ended up being convinced otherwise, and now it might end up all blowing back on him.


James, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor all devised a scheme meant to make Corey and Nicole paranoid going into next week’s HOH competition, hoping that it would make them not preform as well. They did this by never giving Corey and Nicole straight answers when they asked how they’re going to vote and now by convincing Paulie to campaign after swearing up and down that he wouldn’t do that.

Paulie’s campaign has consisted of mostly the idea that if he were to stay, it would guarantee whoever accepted the deal another week of safety, as he’d volunteer to go home the next week if he didn’t win HOH or two weeks of safety if Paulie managed to win HOH. He’s also started pushing the idea that he could be used as a weapon to target Victor, one of the strongest competitors in the house.

After campaigning to James yesterday, James went back to talk to Natalie about it 7:55pm last night. James told her that this is something that they could use to make Corey start to sweat and even use them sharing this information as a ‘proof of trust’ in case either Corey or Nicole were to win the next HOH.

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The reason this is somewhat significant is because Monday afternoon, Paulie told Corey and Nicole that if someone tried to blow up his spot on Wednesday or Thursday that he was campaigning against Corey after he said he wouldn’t, he’d end up “cracking some of the guys in the head”. When Nicole told him that he couldn’t do that, he said that he knows he couldn’t do that, but would do it anyway if they were to try to blow up his spot like that. So it looks like we’re going to see if he’ll hold true to that later today or early tomorrow morning.

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