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Big Brother 18: James Tells Natalie Who To Target

James has accepted his fate this week and has already moved on to telling Natalie what she should do if she were to come into power next week.


The veto competition hasn’t even been played yet, but James has already accepted the fact that he’s going home, even saying that if he were to win the veto, he’d use it on Natalie since he believes that it is his fault that they’ve been put in this bad situation to begin with. While it’s unclear if he’d actually use the veto on Natalie or not, what we do know is who he’s told her to target and who he’s said that he’d target if he were to stay in the house.

James and Natalie blame Corey and Nicole for the situation their end, constantly going over the fact that they’re in this situation because they honored the final four with Corey and Nicole by voting to keep Corey over Victor two evictions ago. Going into this week, James and Natalie only wanted to nominate Corey alongside Victor, but now they’re wanting to put both Corey and Nicole up together.  James told Natalie that if she were to win the HOH next week, she should put up Corey and Nicole, telling them “This is for James” in her nomination speech. James said that is who he’d put up if he were to stay and win HOH too.

There are plenty of circumstances that could change from now until eviction, such as the possibility of Corey and Nicole going against Paul and Victor’s wishes by keeping James in the house, but that could also just solidify the fact that James would come after them depending on how James would react to them sending his girl out.


Update: Now Natalie wants to put up Nicole and Paul because she overheard Paul talking about how he was trash talking them in the DR.

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