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Big Brother 18: James Reconsiders Paulie’s Eviction Plan

While Paul and Victor have been pushing hard for Zakiyah to go, Paulie, Corey, and Nicole have been rallying the votes behind their backs to make sure that Zakiyah would in fact have the votes to stay. James was included in those plans, but after a conversation with Michelle, his mind seems to have changed.

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The veto ceremony is today and it is almost guaranteed that they’re going to be kept the same, sealing the fate of either Michelle or Zakiyah. Until this point, it looked like Paulie was going to have more than enough to evict Michelle, against the want of both Paul and Victor. However, James seems to have had a change of heart when it comes to where he wants to sit in his alliance.

At 4:40am earlier this morning, James came to Natalie with his new idea. James explained to Natalie that Michelle would never put them up, making him want to keep her over Zakiyah. He explained that if they get Zakiyah out, Paulie wouldn’t be as interested in targeting them since it’s Zakiyah who has been pushing for that in the first place. James mentioned that by getting Zakiyah out, it would weaken Paulie and force him to choose a new #1.

With James’ ability to cancel out two votes, it only takes three votes this week to evict whomever he wants. James told Natalie that he could cancel Paulie and either Corey or Nicole’s vote, leaving the two of them and Paul as the people who would send Zakiyah to jury.

It’s important to keep in mind that this isn’t set in stone, as James doesn’t cancel out anyone’s vote until the actual eviction itself, leaving plenty of time for his mind to change another handful of times, which is likely.

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