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Big Brother 18: James and Natalie Tell Michelle They’re Evicting Victor

James and Natalie chose to work with Corey and Nicole this week, leaving Michelle out to dry as the fifth wheel stuck between two showmances, so they decided to tell her about it.


After Paul and Victor explained their case to Michelle and Natalie after nominations and Paul won the veto, Michelle assumed that the plan would be to backdoor Corey or Nicole, depending on which they settled on. However, James was insistent to Natalie in private that they keep Corey and Nicole in the house, stating that the two want to work with them while Paul and Victor would win the game if they stayed. Natalie finally agreed, but it all came down to either telling Michelle about it or blindsiding her, so James and Natalie chose to tell her.

Just before 10:15pm last night, Michelle went upstairs to talk with James and Natalie to tell them that she’d be upset if they voted Victor out like she had told Paul and Victor she would do. James told her that he wasn’t going to do that, but only before James and Natalie started to make the case as to why. Natalie told Michelle that after this week, Paul and Victor are going to win the game. Michelle said that she didn’t think so, saying that she’d target Paul once they got to final five like they had planned. James questioned if Michelle thought Paul and Victor would take a shot at them before final five, but Michelle said no. James told her that if he went up next to Nicole, Paul and Victor would both vote him out.

James and Natalie then kicked it into high gear, telling Michelle that he knows Paul and Victor would take a stab at them before they took a stab at them. Natalie added that they could beat both Corey and Nicole in competitions. James piled on, saying that if they take Paul and Victor to the final six, they’d beat them all out. Natalie again added that she loves Victor and doesn’t want to see him go, but said that it’s harder for them to win with him in the house. Michelle suggested getting Nicole out, Corey getting the care package, then using it to take out Paul and Victor, stating that if they kept Nicole, she’d put her and Natalie up. Natalie questioned why Nicole would ever waste an HOH on two people she can beat.

Michelle flatly asked if they’re thinking about voting Victor out. James told her that the Big Brother fans would think that they’re crazy not to at this point. Michelle questioned what would happen if there is a jury buyback. Natalie said that Paulie is still in jury and he could beat Victor, but James told them that nobody from jury would be returning this late in the game and that there is just no way that could happen. Michelle told them that the only people she doesn’t want to see going far is Nicole and Paul. James promised to go after them if he wins HOH.

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It’s unclear if Michelle is going to tell Paul and Victor about the plan, as James and Natalie made it pretty obvious to her that they’re choosing to work with Corey and Nicole, leaving her in the middle of two showmances again, a position Da’Vonne was once in and is now in the jury house partly because of it.

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