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Big Brother 18: James and Natalie Pick A Side

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We’re only a few days into the week, but James and Natalie’s target and loyalties have shifted four times, however, as of Sunday morning, they seem to have finally chosen a side.


The plan going into this week was to get Corey and Nicole out in back-to-back weeks, but that changed when after Paulie’s eviction, Nicole went to Natalie to tell her that Paul had been telling Paulie that James wanted Corey and Nicole out. Without ever asking Paul about it, they turned against him and got him nominated, but that wasn’t even close to the end of it.

After he was nominated and Paul got the chance to defend himself, both Michelle and Natalie ended up regretting their decision, so much so that they both cried over feeling so bad. James, however, didn’t buy it. He wasn’t going to budge and would do his best to get Natalie on the same page as him. When they were alone, James was insistent that they get out Paul or Victor this week, depending on who wins the veto. Once Paul won the veto, James told Natalie that now is the time to take out Victor, that they might never get this chance again. Natalie agreed with him, saying that she’s not realizing that Corey and Nicole wouldn’t put them up.

This means that James and Natalie chose the final four with Corey and Nicole. This leaves Michelle completely out to dry, as she’ll be a fifth wheel in another showmance alliance. They’re also not taking into account that someone will be returning from the jury, which could easily come back to bite them. But it’s only Sunday and since Paul, the original target, took himself off the block, there is plenty of time for their minds to change at least a few more times.

  • remnant1988

    Almost done for this year. The snakes are winning. Bb18 FIX IS IN.

  • Kris Runne

    If Vic is out so is my TV-BB!

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