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Big Brother 18 Houseguests Learn About Big Brother: Over The Top

We’re less than 48 hours now from the final of Big Brother 18, but the new fall edition of Big Brother will premiere in less than 10 days. CBS decided it was time to tell the current houseguests about it.


They were sat down in the living room and shown the teaser of the new fall season, along with a chalk board that they’ll be leaving behind for the new houseguests as tips for what they should do as the new houseguests. The reactions were mixed, from James being excited and happy about it to Nicole being bummed that a new season would begin to quickly after theirs.

Nicole said that it was a bummer that a new season was starting only 7 days after theirs finished, stating that they wouldn’t get to enjoy the full year of post-Big Brother. Nicole did say that she’d watch it, though. James and Paul went to speculating about what they think the season will be like, from there not being as many houseguests as the usual Big Brother, to Paul thinking that Jozea will be in the new season since he certainly fits the “Over The Top” title.

The tips that Nicole and Paul gave were very basic, such as remember to play your own game and Nicole saying that they should be playing Big Brother, not Big Baby. James on the other hand gave real tips, such as don’t show your cards to anyone. Both Nicole and Paul talked in private about how James should erase his since that could actually mess with someone’s game, but James kept it the way it was.

We hope that you’re as excited about the new season of Big Brother as we are, as we’ll be covering the full season for all of you that either do or don’t have the live feeds to watch for yourself. We’ll be posting the usual daily recaps, as well as posting updates on our Twitter, though not as frequently as we do for normal seasons.

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