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Big Brother 18 House Tour Pictures Leaked!

Big Brother 18 is only a few weeks away and leaks have already started to pour out. Entertainment Tonight did their annual tour of the Big Brother house, but this year someone took pictures of their own and decided to leak them to the internet!

Julie Chen giving a tour of the Big Brother 18 house - Source: CBS

Julie Chen giving a tour of the Big Brother 18 house – Source: CBS

The theme of the house this year is “Travel”, as you will see in the pictures below. There is a Paris themed Kitchen with the Eiffel tower above the fridge, a Tokyo room with Japanese writing and anime style cartoons on the walls, and a beach bathroom that includes a floor made out of nothing but sand! 

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It also looks as though the theme of the HOH room this week is a NYC or some other penthouse, with a fake view of the city and a fancy aquarium above the bed. We’ll get to see all of the other rooms when the official ET house tour comes out in the next week or so!

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