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Big Brother 18: A House Meeting To Confront Frank Was Called

We’re only a few days into the new week but it’s only been a dense week with plenty of new things happening each night. Last night Paul confronted Frank, and now earlier this morning a meeting with every single houseguest was called to tell Frank the truth.

Frank Eudy from Big Brother 18 - Source: CBS

Frank Eudy from Big Brother 18 – Source: CBS

Frank went to campaigning almost instantly after her was nominated and was told by everyone that they’d do what the house wanted. James and Michelle both told him that if he can prove he has the numbers, they’d use the veto and put up a replacement. After that Frank tried finding the right time to call a house meeting with everyone except Da’Vonne and Zakiyah. However, that didn’t end up happening because James decided to call a house meeting with everyone, including Da’Vonne and Zakiyah.

The meeting began at about 3:01 this morning. It awkward for about the first five minutes without anyone saying anything relating to why they were in the room together. Da’Vonne opened everything up, asking about a different house meeting that was supposed to be taking place. Frank confirmed, saying that he isn’t going to lie to her and it wasn’t supposed to be with her or Zakiyah. Paul interrupted the one on one spat, saying that all of them know everything that is going on, so they should all just talk about it instead of playing dumb. Frank agreed and decided to be straight forward, telling the entire house that he wants the veto to be used on him and for Da’Vonne to go up in his spot. Michelle asked for a roll call of people who want Da’Vonne gone, but Frank told her that nobody is going to say it while Day is in the room.

Da’Vonne told Frank that she respects what he’s doing because she’s a fan of the game and would be pissed if he had rolled over and died. Frank questioned Da’Vonne as to why she was so worried about squashing all of his meeting with people if she knew he wasn’t going home. Da’Vonne told him that he was making people uncomfortable. Frank told the entire house that if he’s making them uncomfortable, he’ll stop campaigning.

Paulie decided to be the one who stepped up and talk about what the meeting was really about. Paulie told Frank that he shouldn’t make himself look like an idiot by keep banking on the veto being used when it isn’t going to be. Paulie explained that he hates to see Frank campaign for the veto to be used when everyone knows that it’s going to be no avail. Paulie told Frank that either him or Bridgette is going home. Frank thanked Paulie and Da’Vonne for having a backbone and said that he isn’t screwed up about it and he’ll be fine. After leaving the HOH room, Paulie told Frank that everyone wants him out, not Bridgette.

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Frank has accepted the fact that he’s going home and has already moved on to the phase where he attempts to drag at least one person down with him. After this meeting, he explained to both Da’Vonne and Zakiyah as to why Nicole cannot be trusted. It’ll be an interesting week moving forward if Nicole hears about how much Frank is out to get her.

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