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Week 9 – Natalie’s HOH Blog

Hola Everyone!!

I’ll start off by saying how much I miss my family and my best friend, Lauren! Thank you to my mom, Mercedes, for telling me to take this once-in-a-lifetime chance and opportunity because I’m having an absolute blast living in the Big Brother house!


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Steph, I love you so much and hope you’re doing amazing! It’s a blessing to have my family and friends support this big move in my life because it has been a very challenging summer.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it has turned out to be one of the best summers of my life. I came in with zero knowledge of this game and have learned the game as I’ve been living in this house.

Not only did I come into this house as a rookie, I came into this house with four veteran players, two siblings of previous game players, super-fans, strategic players, and competition beasts.

I was a little lost puppy who didn’t think I would make it to where I am today.

I have to thank James Joseph Huling for taking my hand and helping guide me to where I am today in this game.

I literally thought I had no chance of surviving in this game, so I set out to complete a bucket list of accomplishments: I wanted to make it past the 50-day mark, make it to jury, win HOH, meet Zingbot, and have a showmance—and now here I am.


I’ve checked off my bucket list and now I’m co-HOH with my dearest friend, Michelle!

Being HOH has been more of a stressful responsibility than I anticipated. Not only do you not want to put your friends on the block, you also have to think strategically and take out the biggest threats and targets in the house.

I’m not going to lie: I was extremely honored and super proud of becoming HOH, but I was even more happy when I found out Michelle was going to be co-HOH with me, because it’s a super-stressful position to be in.


I never in a million years thought I would win HOH because the competitions are really difficult, I have the worst memory, and hate math!

My strategy moving forward in this game is to eliminate the biggest competition beasts in this house and will do so by working closely with James and Michelle.

I have put my complete trust in James this season and now I’m starting to get really close with Michelle. I cannot believe I have made it to Final 7 and hope to continue to make big moves in this house. I want to make America proud of the moves I’ve been making because I’ve grown a huge love and respect for this game.

Plus, I want to show everyone that someone with little knowledge of the game, terrible memory, and little math skills can learn the game and make it far!

Being co-HOH with Michelle has been really fun. It’s like a slumber party everyday and we get to share makeup and snacks in the penthouse suite!

I can definitely say Michelle is now one of my best friends, especially since Bronte and Bridgette are no longer in the house.

This is both of our first times as HOH and it’s really nice to finally feel 100-percent safe in this game for a few days. But, to be honest, I’ve been worrying about the following week, since I can’t compete in the next HOH competition.

I’m relying on James to win the next HOH competition.

Coming into this show, I didn’t realize how much I would miss the little things in life. We are stuck in this house with complete strangers who end up becoming your best friends.

Honestly, without the amenities of a television, cellphones, electronics, and no contact with the outside world, the only activity we have in this house is socializing with each other.

I miss working out and going for long runs and it has been even more difficult since I’ve gained so much weight and don’t fit into my clothes anymore!

I have to make sure I stay positive everyday no matter what is going on around me and no matter how stressed and insecure I can get about my body.


This summer has taught me to always be myself, stay humble, and always appreciate every day I’m alive and healthy because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I want to make the best experience of my life.

I didn’t come into this game expecting to win or sabotage people, I came into this game to do my best, meet new friends, and always lift people’s spirits up.

It would be a life-changing experience to win this game, but it would feel even better making it far, knowing I played the game with a good heart.

Being in this house, I’ve been able to learn this game and pushed myself past my limits. I will continue to play this game giving it my all because I feel really lucky I am here!

P.S. I miss you, Bronte. Love you chica and can’t wait to see you after the show! And, mom, tell abuelita Gladys and the whole family I love them!!


Adios y muchos besos!



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