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Week 9 – Michelle’s HOH Blog

Thanks America!!

As a super-fan, I finally have the HOH experience. (Thanks to you, of course!) My favorite part is definitely screaming, “Who wants to see my HOH room?”

I get to share the HOH suite with the lovely Natalie, as well, which is a big plus.

Sporting the HOH robe is also a dream come true. I also escaped the life of a Have-Not this week, thanks to you. I was shocked that slop does not taste like oatmeal. It’s nasty.

meech cohoh

But, there’s always a catch to being HOH—nominations.

Not sure if Paul and El Fit were the nominees you all wanted to see. As a fan of the show, I would consider myself stupid if I let a strong duo get into Final 6.

(It’s around the corner!)

I’m so sad that El Fit is on the block. I’ve gotten really close to him and he is a stand up guy who I would be happy to see win BB18. Paul needs to go. I’ve seen him winning this game for a while now.

He lies about small stuff, like french fries and student loans, [if you’re] wondering what game-related tall tales go on in this house.


What the heck is going on with this couple-ridden season?

Last time I checked, couples were targets in Big Brother? We are approaching the finale [which is still weeks away] and there are still two couples left in the house. Sometimes I worry that, in the approaching weeks, I will become a target for the couples.

The big question is, who am I most loyal to? That would be Names/Jamalie (James and Natalie). I still trust no one, however.

Strategy-wise, I’m playing up the oblivious act—acting dumb, not talking about strategy—and being oblivious has done me wonders. Little do people know, “napping” means I’m hardcore gaming in my head. I will admit I’m not the best in comps.

I, in no way, shape or form, throw comps. However, it does let people see me as non-threatening.


I’m really hoping that if it’s down to two couples and me, they take jabs at each other before me. I’m not afraid to call people out on their lies or how they play the game.

My best move in the house yet is blowing up Paulie’s game. He denied it up until after he lost the Veto last week. He was a huge target and I saw him winning this game.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of Natalie and Bridgette, however. It’s hilarious to think that us three girls blew up a strong five-guy alliance—The Executives.


My worst move is not using the Veto on Frank. He would’ve taken care of Paulie, Paul, Nicole, andCorey by now. I doubted him from what other people were saying, but, in hindsight, I believe he was to be trusted.

Sorry, Frank.

As a fan, it’s crazy how much life in the BB house is normal now. The game consumes your mind and you end up dreaming about it often.


The hardest part is definitely weight gain and inactivity for me. I can deal with the stress and paranoia, but packing on the pounds is straight-up embarrassing and a real struggle. Natalie says it can be seen in a different light. People won’t see me as a threat. LOL.

The thing I look forward to outside of the house is meeting past Houseguests. I fangirled over Jessie Godderz hard at the BB County Fair.

If you watch the Live Feeds, then you would know I would die if I got to meet Ian Terry from Big Brother Season 14. There’s a long list of HGs I would love to meet.


Dreams do come true. I’m in the BB house! I’m trying my best to win $500k. Being on the show was a dream come true, but winning it? I would be amongst the BB greats.

I’m so close. I never thought I would make it to Final 6. Legit crazy. I only have to beat out four more people to make it to Final 2.

My target list in order to get to Final 2 is Vic, Paul, Nicole, Corey, James, and then take Nat to Final 2. I think I could get away with taking Corey to the Final 2, as well.


Hopefully, there will be another HOH blog by me soon. Oh, by the way, thanks for the four packs of tissues in my care package. I needed it this week.

Happy birthday to my Meem on August 25!

Love you America, Mom, Dad, Chris, Alex and Renee!



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