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Week 8 – Victor’s HOH Blog

Hey BB fans,

I didn’t think I would be talking to you guys so soon, but you really never know what to expect in the Big Brother house.

So, as of right now, #TheSittingDucks (me and Paul) are sitting pretty. Through a series of events that happened last week—aka Michelle going on a rampage against Paulie—a lot of information was leaked and cross-referenced, which led to my nomination decision.

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I can say now that I feel pretty idiotic and blind to have called Paulie my “ride or die” in last week’s blog, but now I have a chance to fix that.

[It’s not because] I heard he wanted to keep Z around in order to have her take a shot at me and Paul; it’s the fact that even within our Executives alliance, he was playing both sides with the intention of getting rid of #TheSittingDucks first.


So, since I’m a competition beast, as I have clearly shown throughout this season, I had no choice but to win the HOH comp following the Double Eviction to secure myself and Paul’s safety.

After said win, Paul came to me with the idea to put Corey and Paulie on the block with the target being Paulie, and I agreed after some discussion because I wanted to backdoor him like he once did me.

I can say that it felt great seeing their faces when their pictures came up on the memory wall.

I was done being a puppet in Paulie’s game and now it was time to give him a run for his money.


The nomination was followed by an earful of questions and excuses to why things happened the way they did, but it fell on deaf ears. I’m straightforward in what I do and they should be grateful I gave them a chance to even play in the Veto comp, because I didn’t get that chance.

I sometimes forget that I was evicted from this house. Paul and I are one heck of a team. I’m not exaggerating when I say he is my social game in this house.

I don’t really discuss game with anyone unless he has done so with them first. That seems pretty risky, but we trust each other to the fullest. If this works out for us the way we want it to this coming week, Final 5 seems more real to me than I would’ve imagined.


Paul and I have really been underdogs this whole game, knowing very little about the talks people have behind closed doors. I guess that’s worked in our favor since nobody can “blow up” our game.

Personally, I’ve accomplished more in this game than I would’ve imagined.

After being the third Houseguest evicted, I honestly thought I was going home. Next thing I know, I’m two comp wins into the Battle Back and I just need one more to get back into the house.

Then I was crowned the champion!


At this point, I think it’s great I’m going back into the BB house, but it’s very likely I’ll be quickly evicted. Little did I know, the forces in the house had shifted against Frank, Bridgette, and Da’Vonne, which allowed me to get by seemingly unnoticed.

Next, I win my first HOH and put up two “easier” targets, as I was working with The Executives.

Then, the girls turn on Paulie and I, again, go unnoticed as the HOH. Skip to Paul and me surviving a Double Eviction to then being crowned the HOH this week.

It’s been a heck of a ride since I’ve been back and there’s surely more to come. I could not have made this up if I wanted to.


Again, I cannot stress enough how I miss my friends, family, and the outside world, in general.

I have no idea what’s been happening out there since I left two months ago. I think I even forgot the passcode on my phone, which I’m not sure I remember how to use. Driving my stick shift Civic will be a task since it’s been so long since I’ve driven, let alone changed gears.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this summer has been more than I could’ve ever imagined.

I love being in the Big Brother house and, game aside, I really do love all the gals and guys I’ve met here.


I really hope they don’t resent me or anyone else after this, we can all hang out, and have fun without the paranoia.

LSU, I hope you’re ready for football season as much as I am. I think of tailgating daily and the atmosphere at Death Valley. So pumped to see the Tigers play!

That’s true as well for the Who Dat Nation! I’m excited to see our Saints do something big this season. I hope I’m making Louisiana and Puerto Rico proud.


Shoutout to my two hometowns, Slidell and Jayuya!

Mom, pops, and sis, I love you.

To any fans that I may have out there, I can’t wait to meet you guys after the show and I hope you’re enjoying watching me and #TheSittingDucks in action!



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