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Week 11 – Victor’s HOH Blog

It’s like a ghost is writing this blog.

Who would have thought that after being evicted on Day 23 and then again on Day 72 that the Puerto Rican Sensation—or as Zingbot would say, “El Douchbago”—would be back in the Big Brother house.

Then, to make things even better, I escape eviction and become HOH for a third time.

You cannot script this and I can tell you that Paul and I (aka #TheSittingDucks) are stoked. Just a few weeks ago, we were sitting on the block together, which goes without saying is the worst-possible scenario in this game.


I was told I was a “pawn” and then left on a “mistake.” I wasn’t buying what Natalie was selling. She and James wanted either Paul or I out and they were successful: I left.

The only problem with the plan to backstab the people they were working with was that Victor isun-evict-able.

You cannot get rid of me. I have nine lives in this game and I made Nat and James’ worst nightmare become a reality and it felt so good.

Their whole reasoning for evicting me was to separate Paul and I because we are the strongest players in the house.

What happened was they pissed off the strongest players in the house and, upon my return, we aligned ourselves with the other strongest players in the house, Corey and Nicole.

You might as well call me “Karma.”

Now, I’m part of an alliance that I actually trust called #TheFinal4.

We’ve been executing plans flawlessly these past couple weeks. Nicole won HOH and Veto and we evicted Michelle.

To be completely honest with you guys, I never anticipated getting this far in the game. I can tell you for certain that none of us did.

Not to say we weren’t optimistic, but with 16 people to start off the season and a new twist at every corner, it’s hard to imagine getting down to the Final 6, soon to be Final 5.

I could not have picked a better group of people to have aligned myself with at this juncture, and I wish we would have done it sooner, but the dynamics of the house and the game did not make that possible.

Paul has always and will always be my ride-or-die.

As of late, we have been spending just about every second of the day together, due to the fact that the other four houseguests are couples. It’s pretty funny, to be honest.

We bicker more than the other couples, but never get mad at each other.

What I also find super interesting is that we only want friendship—as Paul would say—from each other and that alone has kept us loyal to one another. I think that’s what has brought us so far in this game.

I don’t need to cuddle Paul or whisper sweet nothings in his ears for him to be loyal to me, which would be super creepy.

I just need to be an honest and loyal friend. Having said that, to Paul’s family, I’m sorry you have to deal with him every day.

I have to tell him to do the dishes and it’s always an argument.

He leaves his clothes thrown on the floor in my room and thinks that’s okay. I cannot do anything in this house without Paul having to chime in on how I’m doing it wrong.

Needless to say, he’s like a little annoying brother, but I love him to death. I cannot not wait to meet his mom, dad, and sister.

Nicole, Nicole, Nicole: I cannot say how much I adore this girl.

She is so sweet and so innocent, it’s hard not to mess with her every waking hour of the day. She is hilarious without even trying.

You push her buttons enough and she turns on the sass with her head bob and all. Please, nobody throw a head of lettuce at her. I’ve made that joke so much, she is nervous someone will toss one at her.

I really want to go to Ubly, Michigan, meet her family and all 800 residents.

Her mom and dad look like they never age and, from what I understand, I would get along really well with them and her brother.

Watch out, Ubly, I’ll be heading that way soon enough.

Last but not least, Corey.

I am seriously excited to drive to Dallas and head to the Trophy Room. The stories he has told me about nights in Dallas have got me excited to make that trip.

Dillon and Charlie seem like a blast and their house is always full of people and something to do. For those of you who are wondering what type of guy Corey is, the dude is super chill. I cannot describe him any better.

If you want to play pool, he’ll play. If you want to eat, he’ll cook. If you want to chill, he’ll chill.

He is just a down to earth guy and very mellow. Every once in awhile, he’ll get a burst of energy and do something out of character, which is pretty funny to see, but overall very chill.

As always, I’m missing home.

New Orleans, I cannot wait to come back to you. I miss those late nights in the city with the boys partying until early morning.

LSU, you better believe I’m coming to you. I miss tailgating and the sound of Death Valley on game day.

Most of all, I miss my family. It’s been about three months since I’ve had a conversation with them.

Seeing the video message from my parents last Thursday was bittersweet. I loved seeing them, but it reminded me how much I miss them.

I just need to stay focused with my eye on the target, as my father would say.

We are in the home stretch in this game and this house is really empty. I can almost taste the $500k. At this point, there is no room for error.

Y mi gente de Puerto Rico y Latinos del mundo, te quiero y sigo representando, translated to: And my people from Puerto Rico and Latinos around the world, I love you and I’ll keep representing Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

I cannot wait to visit my hometown and see my grandmas. It has been about two years now and I miss you more then ever.

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