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Big Brother 18: Final HOH Round 2 Results

The second round of the final HOH competition came last night in the form of a surprise just before midnight after everyone had already headed to bed.


Being that Paul won round one, it would only be James and Nicole competing in the competition. The winner would move on to face Paul in round three on finale night. The loser of round two will completely be at the mercy of the two who do get to compete in the third round, as the winner of the first and second round will be the only two in contention to choose who they get to take to the final two if they win the third and final competition.

Being that this competition wasn’t on the live feeds either, we won’t know what the competition was until it’s aired during the finale episode.


Big Brother 18 Final HOH Round 2 Results –

  • Nicole


The is the result that the houseguests were expecting, including James. James believes that both Nicole and Paul will both taking him to the final two, giving him no reason to try to win either competition since he wouldn’t have to be the one evicting another juror. While we don’t know exactly what Nicole would do, it’s unlikely that Paul would take James if he were to win, since Paul was trying to sabotage James’ studying after all.

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