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Big Brother 18: Final HOH Round 1 Results

The last week of Big Brother 18 is being kicked off with the first of three HOH competitions. The final HOH is unlike any of the previous HOHs this summer.


James, Nicole, and Paul will be competing to earn the ability to choose who they’re going to take to the final two. The winner of tonight’s HOH will get to sit out of the second round, while they wait for the winner in the third round. Whomever wins the third round is the one that gets to choose who they’re taking to the final two with them, with the odd man out being the final member of the jury.

We didn’t get to see the competition on the live feeds for the first time in a long time, but we do know that it was an endurance that involved holding onto either a rope or a ball like last season. It’s unclear why they decided to not show the competition on the feeds for the first time in many years.


Big Brother 18 Final HOH Round 1 Results –

  • Paul


This means that Paul will get to compete on finale night to be the one who gets to choose which houseguest they take to the final two. James and Nicole will be competing in round two on Saturday. The winner of that competition will be the one to face off against Paul on finale night. Winner gets final two and gets to choose which houseguest comes with them.

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