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Big Brother 18: Final Four POV Results

This week’s veto competition is without a doubt the most important of the season, as the veto winner will be the one casting the sole vote to evict, controlling who goes to the final three.

Paul winning the HOH ensured that he’ll be in the final three. Since he won the HOH he wouldn’t be able to cast the sole vote to evict if he were to win the veto, but he would be able to control which houseguest got the ability to cast that sole vote. Before this week started, Paul and James made a deal to work together, since they’re the only non-couple left in the house, which Paul will likely honor.

If Corey or Nicole were to win the veto, they’d use it on themselves, then use their sole vote to evict to get James out of the house. While the veto ceremony won’t be until tomorrow’s live show, it will be clear what the winner will do with it much before than.


Big Brother 18 Final Four Power of Veto Competition Results –

  • Paul


This means that Paul controls who will be nominated for eviction, however, he doesn’t control who James votes to evict. He can give James an ultimatum, but it’ll still come down to what James decides to do.

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