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Big Brother 18: Final Four Nomination Ceremony Results

This week’s nomination ceremony doesn’t hold much weight, as the veto winner will be the one making the final decision this week, however, there is a streak that could be coming to an end.


Nicole has managed to go more than 90 days without being nominated, but with Paul winning the HOH this week, that is likely to come to an end. While the nominations don’t mean anything this week, going unnominated was one of Nicole’s main arguments that she was to use if she made it to the final two.

It was planned going into this HOH competition that James and Paul would both try to win the HOH to take away Nicole’s argument that she wouldn’t be nominated, which is exactly what Paul ended up doing.


Big Brother 18 Final Four Nominations –

  • Paul nominated Corey and Nicole


Nicole’s streak of not being nominated is over, but she’ll still have the chance to not only save herself, but to save Corey too by winning the veto. If either Corey or Nicole were to win the veto, they’d obviously take out James, leaving Paul in the house with two couples, giving him no choice but to win the final three HOHs.

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