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Big Brother 18: Final Four HOH Competition Results

We’re down to the final four, which means that whoever does end up this week will be obtaining no power other than being safe for the week, as the veto winner is the one controls everything.


If Nicole wants to keep her streak of going not being nominated going, she’ll have no choice but to win this competition, otherwise she’s likely to be put up by both James and Paul. Going into this HOH, James and Paul seemed to be in agreement together, as they both knew that Corey and Nicole were never take either of them to the final two if they were left in the house together.

This HOH was taped Monday night after the eviction was taped earlier that evening. The reason it was taped is so that the amount of houseguests remaining could finally catch up to the amount of days remaining until the finale. The winner of this week’s HOH won’t have any power to determining which nominee will go home, but they will obtain the power to ensure their spot in the final four.


Big Brother 18 Final Four HOH Competition –

  • Round 1: All three get a point
  • Round 2: Paul and Nicole both get a point
  • Round 3: Nicole gets a point. Nicole in the lead 3-2-1
  • Round 4: All three get a point
  • Round 5: Paul and Nicole both get a point. Nicole in the lead 5-4-2
  • Round 6: Paul gets a point. Nicole and Paul are tied with 5 points
  • Round 7: Everyone gets a point, but James is eliminated
  • Paul wins the tie-breaker to become HOH

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