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Big Brother 18: Final Four Eviction Plans

Tonight’s eviction will take us down to the final three, marking in the beginning of the final week of Big Brother 18, telling us which three houseguests could be crowned the winner.


Paul managed to not only win the HOH, but also won the POV. That means that he’ll get the final say in the final two nominees for the week, which he’s made it clear that he plans on keeping the nominations the same, effectively leaving Corey and Nicole on the block together. This means that James will have the sole vote to evict.

James made it clear to Corey and Nicole that he’s going to do what Paul wants, since Paul is saving him this week by not using the veto. However, it’s likely that he’s only doing what Paul wants since that is what is best for his game also. Paul wants him to evict Corey, which is what James has plans to do.

James and Nicole have been working closely all summer long, which is why this is such a good move for James. Nicole plans on taking him to the final two and he likely plans on taking her to the final two, leaving Paul with the only option of winning out or being forced out in third place while both of the people he thought he was working with end up choosing each other over him.

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