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Big Brother 18: Final Five Fast Forward Week Explained

We’re less than two weeks away from the finale, but we still have five people left in the house. Since there isn’t going to be anymore double evictions, the “Fast Forward week” is to get the schedule back on track for the finale in just 13 days.


Two people will be evicted within the same week and only two days apart from each other. An eviction will be taped on Monday, then another live eviction will air on Wednesday. However, there is plenty that goes on in-between those two evictions, which is why we’re here to break it down for you.

The first HOH competition will be played tonight, Thursday night, after the live eviction. The nominations will be made Friday morning, followed by the veto competition on Saturday. Then finally on Sunday we’ll have the veto ceremony before the taped eviction on Monday.

The second HOH competition will be played Monday night after the eviction is taped, followed by nominations on Tuesday morning and the veto competition later in the evening on that same day. The veto ceremony will be live during Wednesday’s live eviction. The veto winner will be the houseguest who gets to cast the sole vote to evict, unless it’s the HOH who wins it, otherwise it’ll be the one houseguest who isn’t on the block.

Once this week is completed, we’ll be down to the final three and will be entering the last week of Big Brother 18, with a special episode that’ll be airing on Friday, which is likely to be the annual ‘memory lane’ episode where the final three look back at all the events that happened this summer. After the Friday episode, all we have left is Wednesday’s finale where the winner of Big Brother 18 will be crowned.

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