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Big Brother 18: Fan With Bullhorn Causes James & Natalie To Fight

Fans attempting to influence the game by getting information into the backyard via a bullhorn was a common occurrence last season, but this season it hasn’t happened at all, or at least until last night.


While James, Natalie, Paul, and Victor were outside in the backyard, a fan yelled “James and Nicole are in a pregame alliance”. This message was repeated five times before the feeds finally went down. While the feeds were down for nearly 20 minutes, we missed plenty of important things and were only able to learn about them via retells.

Directly after the message was relayed into the backyard, James and Natalie, who were already not on the best of terms because of minor arguments, broke into a full-blown argument because of James allegedly being in an alliance with Nicole from the start. We don’t know what Natalie said, but we know some of what James said because he talked about it was Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor afterwards.

James told them that he unloaded everything onto Natalie when they talked in private. James explained that he told Natalie that it was convenient things didn’t work out with Victor, flirted with Corey, then held information about Paulie flirting with her until she got mad at Paulie. James added that he told Natalie that now that they only have two days left, her true colors are finally coming out. James went on to tell Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor about his and Natalie’s previous fights. James told them that Natalie still holds him asking Nicole to cuddle on day 34 against him and holds him talking to Corey about partying in Dallas against him. James added that when Natalie got an idea that she was the one who is going home, she started to crap on him everyday.

Once James got done retelling some of his argument with Natalie to Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor, he waited about an hour before finally attempting to talk to Natalie, who was alone in the back bedroom with the covers over her face. While Natalie wasn’t acknowledging James’ presence,  James decided to talk anyway. He told her that he stills cares for her, doesn’t want her to be upset, and said that if she doesn’t want to be friends with him, he’d understand. After some inaudible crying, Natalie told him that there are no hard feelings.

Natalie told James that while she was in the diary room, she almost left the game and said that she has to make her final decision on whether she’s going to self evict or not tomorrow morning. James told her that if she knows she’s going home on Thursday, she shouldn’t just quit now and give up on everything because of him. Natalie started to snap back at James for saying that she threw him under the bus even though she campaigned for him and for saying that she had a fling with Paulie. James told her that he just got really upset when he said those things to her.

Natalie told James that she does want him to stay and will be happy for him once he does stay since she said that she genuinely cares about him. Natalie explained that she didn’t throw him under the bus and said that she literally campaigned to Paul and Victor to vote her out so that he could stay. James told her that Victor said that the way she phrased things made it seem like she was throwing him under the bus. Natalie told him that was never her intention, but apologized anyway and said that she looks forward to watching it back because she said that she’s confident that she didn’t throw him under the bus.

Once game talk was out of the way, James and Natalie discussed their relationship. James told Natalie that it seemed like she never wanted to talk about personal things with him and would always try to keep it about game. Natalie told him that it was because she was scared of getting hurt and scared of them leaving the house and her having to return to New York while he was in Texas. Natalie explained that she started to distance herself because she was liking him so much that she didn’t want it to just come back to hurt her after the show. James told her that he understands and said that he just didn’t know that she was distancing herself because he said that he’s never had a girl that he liked do that before.

James and Natalie continued to talk out their problems for more than a couple hours before finally heading to bed. Both said they were sorry numerous times throughout the conversation and seem to be on much better terms than when they started the day. James and Natalie’s fight seem to be the only thing that’ll come from the wall yeller, as the fight took hold of everyone’s focus and basically just wrote off the comments as people trying to get to them.

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