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Big Brother 18: Fan Flies Drone Over Backyard

We’ve had plenty of weird events happen in the backyard, from banner planes with messages on them to people with a bullhorn shouting messages, but never something like we saw today.


Today’s backyard incident didn’t involve a legible message of any sorta, just an inflatable sex doll that was enough to get Michelle screaming and at first thinking that it was a full sized dead human. There was letters written on the doll, but they don’t seem to many anything, or at least they haven’t been explained yet by the person who flew the drone.

Thanks to Twitter, we have not only a picture of the drone in the air, but as well as a closeup of the actual doll that was flown. The picture of the doll is courtesy of Jokers and the picture of the drone in flight is courtesy of BigBroAlways on Twitter. The doll has “JUR8 BBS18 #1” written on it in big marker.

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