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Big Brother 18: Day 98 Recap


It’s the last full day of Big Brother 18 before the feeds go down tomorrow before the finale that’ll be happening later that night. The last night before the winning of Big Brother 18 is crowned and the season finally comes to an end. All the crazy events of the summer are finally coming to an end, with just one more full day of it all left.


11:05 AM BBT: Paul went over his speech again.

4:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that the youngest usually wins the season and points out that he was the youngest houseguest of them all. Nicole said that the jury is going to vote however they’re going to vote, but said that she just doesn’t want them to not like her. Paul told her to not worry about that because he said that they have no reason to not like her. Nicole went on to say that she thinks that the vote will be 6-3 for Paul to win if it’s her up against him. Paul asked her if she was on drugs, saying that he thinks it’ll be 5-4 and it could be either of them. Paul added that he thinks that she’s giving him too much credit in regard to how much the jurors like him. Nicole said that it’s not about the jurors liking him, it’s about being more satisfied with giving the money to him over her. Nicole added that if the jurors were objective, she’d give Paul a run for his money.

5:35 PM BBT: While alone, Nicole questioned as to who she should take to the final two. Nicole said that Corey would take James, then said that if she took James she’d have Corey, Paulie, and Victor’s jury votes for sure. Nicole said that her heart wants to take Paul, but her head is telling her to take James. Nicole added that usually when she goes with her heart, it ends up being broken. Nicole went on to say that she doesn’t stand a chance against Paul and that even she’d vote for Paul to win the game if he made it to the final two. Nicole said that she doesn’t think that Paul would take her either, so she said that she doesn’t know why she’s feeling guilty.

6:55 PM BBT: Nicole counts the votes and begins going over her speech again.

8:45 PM BBT: Nicole and Paul both say that they’re confused by James’ behavior the last couple days. Paul said that he thinks that James’ jury vote will be fair, stating that he hasn’t tried to entice him or do anything else with James this week. Nicole said that she hadn’t do any of that neither. Paul told her that all he has is to be himself and said that he’s not going to crap on her tomorrow in his speech, but said that she can crap on him if she wants. Nicole said that isn’t something that she’s going to do.

Nicole and Paul then began to discuss James’ game. Nicole told Paul that Corey was closer to James than he was to Paulie, stating that James likely only evicted Corey because it’s what Natalie wanted, then said that getting Corey out wasn’t even the best game move for James. Nicole told Paul that it’s crazy to her that he’s so deadset on taking her to the final two even though she said that Paul has a better shot at winning against James. Paul said that if he tried to screw her last minute, he would lose since he wouldn’t have her vote and said that he just wants to take her over James. Nicole said that she wants to take him too, stating that she’s just wanting to make sure that he isn’t BSing and this is why James has been acting so weird. Paul said that he’d be personally hurt by her screwing him over by taking James and said that if she did that, she’d likely never hear from him again. Paul added that he rather lose to her than lose to James.

Nicole asked Paul how she could live with herself if she were to get first against James, but ended up getting second for taking him. Paul told her that he could say that same about taking her. Paul added that if she were to get second against James while she would have gotten first against him, she’d be “What if?”ing even harder than before. Paul asked Nicole what her arguments to win over James are. Nicole said that she doesn’t think that she could win over James. Paul said that if that is the case, what is their issue. Paul went on to say that all James has done is make his life harder in this game, which Paul said means that he’d be happy to lose to Nicole in the final two since it would still be a “screw you” to James. Nicole said that she doesn’t have any reason to take James to the final two.

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