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Big Brother 18: Day 96 Recap


We’re getting down to crunch time, which means that there is almost no game talk left to be had, but only people going over their speeches as well as studying for whatever the final HOH competition will be on finale night. We’ll likely see some promises in passing, but none that mean more than the other since everyone will promise anything to everyone.


12:10 PM BBT: While alone, Nicole began going over jury questions that might be asked if she’s in the final two with both James or Paul. She said that James can’t use voting Corey out as a good thing that he did since Corey would have taken him to the final two and said that he voted Corey out because it was an emotional move that Natalie told him to do. Nicole said that she’ll say that she was very strategic in all of her moves, she convinced two people, Michelle and Natalie, to put up two of their alliance members instead of her and Corey.

12:40 PM BBT: James told Paul that Nicole is getting her speech ready for Wednesday and said that Nicole is assuming that he tried to throw the first round’s competition. Paul said that he wouldn’t throw a competition that would mean that he’d have to face Nicole in a mental competition next.

12:50 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James told him that she is studying hard and is freaking out. Paul said that James is abandoning ship with her and is trying to amp Paul up to beat Nicole in the final round. Nicole said that James is probably freaking out because she didn’t make him feel good about her taking him to the final two. Paul promised Nicole that she would be without a doubt the person that he’ll be taking to the final two. Nicole swore he’s the person that she’ll be taking to the final two too.

3:10 PM BBT: Paul began going over his speech that he’ll make once he’s in the final two. He said that he’d say that as a first time play, he can say that he worked his butt off to get where he is. Paul said that he’d say that from the second they saw him walk through the doors, they thought he was going to be the first one out since he was so loud and crazy. He said that he survived the block six times because of all of his secret manoeuvres. He said that he had zero held aside from Victor, stating that he didn’t even get a single care package, insinuating that Nicole got two if you include Corey’s. Paul said that after Victor was taken out, he had to win the HOH and split the last couple up, which is what he did. He said that he’ll say that since he won round one and round three of the final HOH competition, he gets to say that his seven competition wins is the most of the season. He finished his possible speech off by saying that he told them that he’ll break some rules, but the one rule he’d never break is ‘friendship’.

6:20 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that she’s a great competitor that didn’t have show that until the last few weeks, all the while Paul said that he was having to compete at full force almost the entire game.

8:10 PM BBT: Nicole began going over her speech again. She said that she got called a snake on day one and has been public enemy number one ever since. She began thinking about making a joke about being called a snake, starting out her speech by saying “Hey guysssss. This is an absolute dream come true”. She said that she had her ride or die with Corey since day one and accepted any alliance proposal that was given towards her because there was nothing else she could have done. She said that she could say that once she found out that someone was coming after her, she sent that person out the next week.

8:20 PM BBT: Paul began going over his speech. Paul said that he could say that he used his social skills to team up with the right people and always made sure that there was a bigger threat lined up ahead of him.

8:20 PM BBT: James tried asking Nicole if she’d take him to the final two if she were to final the final competition, but the subject was changed to votes. Nicole said that there is pros and cons to taking either both James or Paul, stating that she doesn’t know and that there is still a lot to think about. James told her that if she does come up with a decision, he’d like her to tell him so that he could be prepared for whatever is to come. Nicole said that she doubts she can even beat Paul in the final competition and said that she’d be surprised if she were to.

Nicole told James that she knows that he’ll have Michelle and Natalie’s vote 100%, adding that James also hasn’t gotten a lot of blood on his hands, while Nicole said that she’s drowning in blood. James said that he doesn’t know where Da’Vonne’s vote would be at, but Nicole told him that he’d have Da’Vonne’s vote too. James said that while he doesn’t have blood on his hands, Nicole is the one with more competition wins. Nicole told him that he could just say that he threw them.

Nicole told James that Corey had his back. James said that he knew that if Corey won the veto, he’d be the one going home, while Paul offered to save him. Nicole said that James and Paul teamed up, which she said means that her chances of making it to the final two are completely up to her. Nicole told James that he didn’t once throw her a lifeline and was completely okay with her being all by herself. Nicole added that she can tell how him and Paul are acting that they have a final two and was hoping that he won the second competition so that she’d be a sitting duck. James said that he wanted two vets to be in the end together and said that the two of them have played similar games.

8:55 PM BBT: To himself, James said that his conversation with Nicole didn’t do good and said that he didn’t want Nicole knowing that he’d have the jury votes to win if she were to take him.

9:00 PM BBT: Nicole told James that Natalie told him not to work with her and Corey, which Nicole said would be enough for him to not take her to the final two had he won the second and third competition. James said that wasn’t true, stating that Natalie saying that is what started another one of their fights.

9:30 PM BBT: James told Paul that he’s stressing out as much as him and Nicole are because he doesn’t have any control over what happens. James said that Paul could decide to just tell him to kiss his butt if he were to win round three.

10:15 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that he doesn’t want her thinking that he’s only taking her to the final because he thinks that he can beat her, stating that it’s because he feels like she deserves it over James. Nicole said that she feels the same, stating that she isn’t going to take someone to the final two who she feels like doesn’t deserve even $50,000.

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