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Big Brother 18: Day 95 Recap


We’re less than five days now from finale, which means that the feeds will only continue to get more and more boring. The only thing that is going on is a lot of sleeping, playing cards, and general chat about things that aren’t game related. We will get some houseguests who managed to find some time alone to tell us what they’re really thinking and planning on day, just like Nicole did earlier this afternoon.


1:30 PM BBT: James told Nicole that it’s going to be pretty crazy is two vets were to make it to the final two. James added that everyone is going to think that they had a final two deal once she takes him if she were to win round three. Nicole agreed, saying that she feels good about Wednesday’s competition.

4:50 PM BBT: While alone, Nicole began talking about the jury votes and who she might take to the final two with her if she were to win the final competition. Nicole said that if she were to take James to the final two, she would have Corey’s vote, then would be counting on Paul, Victor, Zakiyah, and Paul’s vote. Nicole added that she wouldn’t have those votes if she were up against Paul. Nicole said that Natalie wouldn’t vote for her no matter what, so she said that Natalie is already a lost cause. Nicole said that she doesn’t want to take James to the final two because she said that she doesn’t think that he deserves the $50,000 and said that she would be livid if James were to win after doing nothing all season.

Nicole said that for he to win, Paul and Victor would have to not be bitter jurors, stating that she deserves to win over James, but said that it still won’t change the fact that Paul and Victor might not vote objectively.

7:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that she likes people who work hard, so when she sees someone who is just sitting back and cocky like James is, it hurts. Paul said that he often looks back on who hard Corey and Victor worked and they still weren’t able to be in the house with them right now. Paul added that both Corey and Victor deserve to be in the house over James. Paul went on to say that James is going to try to paint himself like Victoria from BB16 and say things like “Why wouldn’t you take me?”.

8:35 PM BBT: While alone, James said that he’s in a good position right now since both Nicole and Paul want to take him to the final two. James added that he thinks he has the jury votes to win, but said that he’s not sure. James said that he knows that Corey, Da’Vonne, Michelle, Natalie, and Nicole would all vote for him to win. James said that he doesn’t know if he’d have the votes if Paul were to get evicted because he said that he doesn’t know what votes Nicole might have.

11:40 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that he’s going to tell James straight up that he isn’t going to take him to the final two if he asks. Nicole said that James wouldn’t ever flat out ask either of them if they were planning on taking him. Paul told her that he thinks that she has a good shot at winning. Nicole said that she knows she doesn’t have a good shot at winning, stating that the jury could be bitter. Nicole went on to say that she’s stressed about the jury questions because she said that sometimes they can be personal attacks and knows that someone is going to say that Corey is the one that shielded her the entire time.

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