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Big Brother 18: Day 94 Recap


Today’s feeds will be more of the same, something that we’ll be seeing every day of this last week. More campaigning to each of the houseguests left to take them to the final two and for some potential sabotage as the houseguests try to study for the upcoming final competitions.


11:30 AM BBT: James told Paul that he thinks that the upcoming competition could be a crossword puzzle that involved the houseguests’, then told Paul that he doesn’t know how to spell Zakiyah’s name. Paul tried sabotaging James, saying that it was spelled ‘Zakia’, but then James found something with Zakiyah’s name on it, which Paul just said that he didn’t know that her name was the long. Paul also told him that you spell Jozea’s name ‘Jose’.

11:45 AM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James is studying names and is looking for people’s name tags so that he knows how to spell them properly. Nicole told him that they’re not going to be expected to know how to spell names. Paul told her that James doesn’t know how to spell anyone’s names and is trying to kiss Paul’s butt, saying that Paul has to win the third round. Nicole said that once she wins the second round, she’s going to tell James that she’s not taking him to the final two.

5:15 PM BBT: While alone, Nicole said that she’s happy that she doesn’t have to face Paul in the second round since she said that she views Paul as the smartest one in the house.

1:45 AM BBT: Nicole won Round Two. Full details here

2:00 AM BBT: Nicole told Paul that James is scared now because he’ll have to be real nice and can’t be cocky anymore. Paul said that he’s proud of Nicole and said that they’ve won the game. Nicole said that she knows, that they’ll get to just chill this week. Paul said that James isn’t going to give them anytime alone, so he said that he wants her to just know that there is nothing that James could say to sway him from taking her to the final two. Nicole said that she knows and said that she feels the same. Nicole added that she’s going to see if James will kiss her butt, but said that she isn’t going to fall for any of it.

3:05 AM BBT: James asked Paul if he ever thinks that they should have taken out Nicole instead of Corey last week. Paul said no because Corey would have destroyed these final competitions. Paul told James that he has nothing to worry about because Paul said that he can beat Nicole in the final competition.

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