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Big Brother 18: Day 93 Recap


Today will only continue the promises made by everyone to everyone that they’re going to take them to the final two. We won’t know which are real unless they talk to the cameras while alone or during a DR session that we’ll have to wait until an episode to see. That being said, you should take all the game talk during this last week with a grain of salt.


3:45 PM BBT: Paul asked James how he was feeling about this upcoming competition. James said that he’s a little nervous, but said that hopefully he can beat her if it’s a mental one. Paul told him that if worst comes to worst, at least one of them will be competing against Nicole in the third round.

5:50 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James is hinting that he doesn’t want to win this next competition. Nicole said that James doesn’t give a crap anymore, adding that you can tell by James’ mood that he feels like he’s in the best spot in the entire house.

5:55 PM BBT: Paul told James that even if it’s him and Nicole in the third round, he’s pretty sure that he can beat her. James agreed, stating that he’s confident that Paul could beat her. Paul said that he doesn’t have Nicole’s jury vote, but said that he doesn’t care.

6:25 PM BBT: While alone, James told the people at home that he’s in a good spot since both Nicole and Paul want to take him to the final two. James explained that there is no way that Nicole would take Paul to the final two. James added that if Paul didn’t take him to the final two, it would be a blindside. James said that he’d have Bridgette, Corey, Da’Vonne, Michelle, and Natalie all voting for him.

6:45 PM BBT: While crying about missing Corey, Nicole said that she’s confused about who to take to the final two. Nicole said that James is driving her nuts since he is so cocky. Nicole explained that her and Paul worked hard to get to the final two, all while James has done nothing.

Paul joined Nicole in the lounge and told her to pull it together since James is going to throw this upcoming competition. Nicole said that she just hates that James is in such a good spot. Paul said that he doesn’t want any doubt in her mind that he wouldn’t take her if he wins round three. Nicole said that she doesn’t think that. Nicole said that James thinks he’s going to the final two for sure, which will make it the biggest blindside of the season for sure when neither of them take him. Paul told her that he hopes she isn’t getting annoyed by him constantly checking in with her about who he’s taking, but said that he just wants her to be sure that he’s taking her to the final two if he wins the third round. Nicole said that it’s not annoying, that she actually likes it. Paul told her that if she wins this upcoming competition, they won Big Brother.

9:05 PM BBT: Paul told James that Nicole isn’t going to be beating her in the third round if he does lose the second round. Paul added that Nicole might be bluffing about being so emotional over Corey, but said that he doesn’t think that Nicole was bluffing since she was crying in the safari room. James said that if Nicole says that she isn’t actually hurt, she’s lying.

11:00 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James is freaking out, which Paul said is good because it means that the more confident that Nicole is, the better. Paul added that if she wins round two, they have won the game and won’t have to worry for the rest of the week.

11:05 PM BBT: James told Paul that it’s going to suck coming in third place. Paul asked him what he was talking about, then James said that he wants to win round two so that he’s contributing something. Paul said that it doesn’t matter how they get there, as long as they do. James said that Paul is going to beat Nicole if it comes down to that, but said that he rather not put him in that position to have to send a juror out like that. Paul said that it doesn’t matter if James wins the second round or not because Paul said that he’s confident.

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