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Big Brother 18: Day 92 Recap


It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, but it’s not like any other eviction day. There won’t be anyone knew in power since we’ll be down to the final three, but we will have the first round of the three round HOH competition to decide which houseguest will get to take their houseguest of choice to the final two.


5:50 PM BBT: Corey is evicted. Full details here

6:25 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James said that he hopes that Paul and Nicole are facing off against each other in the third round since Paul would have a better shot at beating Nicole. Paul explained that if Nicole were to win this upcoming HOH, James would throw the second round to him.

7:00 PM BBT: James told Paul that Paul did what he had to do and James did his part, but said that now they just have to finish Nicole off since she’s the only person standing in their way of the money. Paul asked if he thinks that they should strategize about who should win what competition, but James told him that they just need to win. James added that they can’t sleep on Nicole and have to have the mindset that Corey is still in the house. Paul told James that Nicole isn’t stupid and will try to scheme. James told him that they’re locked in and said that he wouldn’t screw Paul over.

10:40 PM BBT: Paul won Round 1 of the final HOH competition. Full details here

10:50 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that James is claiming that he threw it to him, but said that he doesn’t believe that. Paul told her that they won because she’s going to beat James in the round two since it’s a mental competition. Nicole said that she thinks that James wants them two to battle it out in the final round, but then both take him if either were to win. Paul said that there is no way that James would take him and said that she knows that Paul will take her since she told him about what James has been saying.

11:20 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that he hopes she see that he’s being genuine and wanting to team up with her. Paul added that James would beat her in the final two since he hasn’t had to win anything and get any blood on his hands. Nicole said that James thinks he’s being taken to the final two no matter what and it really frustrates her. Nicole and Paul both agree that James doesn’t deserve final two. Nicole said that James plays dirty by making people stand on a wall for five hours, swears to God that he won’t put them up, then puts them up. Paul said that all James has done is get away with being sneaky and slipping through the cracks, which Paul said wasn’t impressive. Paul told Nicole that he rather lose to her than lose to James. Nicole agreed, stating that she’d be pissed just at handing James the $50,000, let alone the possibility of James actually beating her.

Paul told Nicole that James has Bridgette, Michelle, and Natalie’s vote while they can only bank on Victor’s vote for Paul and Corey’s vote for Nicole.

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