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Big Brother 18: Day 91 Recap


The feeds finally returned tonight after more than 24 hours of being down, which means that we’re to find out who was nominated, who won the veto, and which houseguest will be casting the sole vote to evict come tomorrow’s live eviction. We’ll also see new final two deals be made as each houseguest likely to be in the final three tries to cover all of their bases.


9:00 PM BBT: Feeds return. We learn who was nominated and who won the POV.

9:05 PM BBT: Nicole asked Corey if they should ask James who he’s going to be voting out tomorrow. Corey said that he’d like to know who is going beforehand. Corey added that he thinks he’s going to be the one that James votes out. Nicole said that she doesn’t think that there is anything that they could do or say to affect the outcome of this week.

9:10 PM BBT: Corey asked James if he were to decide to night on who he was going to vote out, would he tell them. James told them that Paul is wanting to talk to them one more time before Paul gives James the ultimatum on who Paul wants James to vote out.  James explained that Paul threw him a lifeline by planning on not using the veto this week, so he said that he has to repay Paul. Nicole asked James if they came up with which one of them they wanted to stay, that is what he’d do. James said he that he would, stating that it would make it easier on him too.

9:25 PM BBT: Nicole asked Corey if she should just tell James to vote her out. Corey said that he doesn’t want her to do that. Corey added that he knew that James was going to ask them to decide for him. Nicole said that it was disgusting and like the Hunger Games, making them slit the other’s throat. Corey told her that it sounds like James is making a deal with Paul to vote him out. Nicole agreed, stating that Paul definitely wants Corey out over her.  Nicole explained that neither of them would take Paul to the final two, but Corey is more threatening. Nicole told him that she thinks that James gave them a round about answer by saying that if Paul doesn’t use the veto, he’s going to do what Paul wants, which is evicting Corey.

9:30 PM BBT: Corey asked James if he was leaning a certain way. James told them that Paul is leaning towards evicting Corey. Corey asked if that meant that James was going to vote him out. James explained that if that is what Paul wants, that is what he’s going to have to do. Nicole asked James what happens if she asks him to vote her out over Corey even though that isn’t what Paul wants. James said that he’d ask Paul if he could.

9:35 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that if he thinks that he has a better shot at winning the money, she’d want him to stay. Corey told her that it’s fine, that she’s going to make the final three and should be excited. Nicole told him that James just said that they could decide who’s going to go home just to make them feel like crap in hopes that Corey would volunteer.

9:45 PM BBT: James told Paul that Corey and Nicole are pressing him about which one of them he’s going to vote out tomorrow. James explained that he told Corey and Nicole that he’s going to do what Paul wants since Paul is the one who is saving him this week by not using the veto. Paul told James that he could tell them who’s going home if he wanted, but said that he wouldn’t if he were James. James told Paul asking if he’d vote out who they decided. Paul told him that Corey and Nicole are testing him to see if he he’d say that he’s going against what Paul wants so that they could come tell Paul about it.

James told Paul that he doesn’t want Paul to take all the heat since they’re both in agreement that it’s strategically smartest to vote Corey out. Paul told him that they can both beat Nicole and would look like idiots if they didn’t take Corey out. Paul went on to tell James that if he’s asked again, he should tell Corey and Nicole to come talk to him.

10:00 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that he planted the seed in James’ head to save her and evict Corey, stating that he’s the one who is saving her butt. Paul explained that getting Corey out is just what he’s going to have to do, otherwise he said that he’d look like an idiot. Nicole told Paul about James saying that it was Paul’s decision. Paul told her that James is trying to make it seem like he’s the nice guy and Paul is the one doing the wrong by being the one to send Corey out.

Paul told Nicole that he planted the seed and saved her life, but said that he’s going to need her help to seal the deal by making sure that Corey doesn’t sweet talk James. Paul added that he’s giving her his word that he’d take her to the final two. They both shook on taking each other over James. Paul went on to tell Nicole that he could take James to the final two and win easily, but said that James doesn’t deserve final two like she does. Nicole told him that she lives for Big Brother and is about to make final three. Paul told her that she’ll make final two if she commits to his plan to take each other to final two. Nicole agreed, stating that they have to get to final two and cut James.

10:20 PM BBT: Paul told Corey that he loves him and Nicole, stating that they’re both equally good competitors, but said that Corey is more competitive. Paul explained that it would be just like Corey said earlier in the season when he said that he’d be an idiot to not take Nicole. Corey told him that he totally gets it and said that he’s thankful for Paul talking to him.

10:40 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole to act like she’s pissed at him once Corey is evicted so that James doesn’t think that they’re working together.

10:45 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Paul is wanting to work with her and asked if it would be smart for her to take Paul to the final two. Corey said no, that she should be taking James. Nicole agreed, stating that the jury couldn’t hold the fact that she’s a returnee against her if she’s sitting next to another returnee. Corey asked who she’d vote for in jury if it was James and Paul in the final two. Nicole said Paul because he’s been playing a good game.

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    The snake makes good her pre show deal. Hope she looses…BIG

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