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Big Brother 18: Day 89 Recap


We’re now just one day away from this week’s taped eviction that’ll take us down to the final four. Being that it’s the last day, we have one last ceremony to take care of, which is the veto ceremony to determine which two houseguests will be up for eviction come tomorrow. While it was obvious what was going to happen at today’s veto meeting, we also now know for sure which houseguest will be getting evicted tomorrow afternoon.


11:40 AM BBT: Nicole decided to not use the veto. Full details here

2:35 PM BBT: Paul and Victor started going over their speeches that they’ll make before the votes as cast. Paul said that he’ll begin his speech with the speech from this season that inspired him the most. “Victor, you are my soulmate. I came into this game not knowing anything”. Paul said that he’d also say that Nicole is a snake, but that isn’t news to any of them. Then say to Corey that unlike his best friend, he didn’t campaign against Victor. Paul said that he could also say “Nicole, you remind me of an animal, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’ll slither into my mind later”. Paul said that he could say to James “You claim this isn’t your first rodeo, but i’m pretty sure it will be your last cause Natalie took you for a hell of a ride”. 2

2:45 PM BBT: Nicole told James that she thinks that everyone in jury is going to be so mad about it being Victor who got evicted. James agreed, stating that now they’re going to have to vote for someone to win that they don’t like.

2:40 AM BBT: Paul told James that Corey has been preaching that they’d all be stupid to not take Nicole to the final two, but Paul said that he thinks that they’d be stupid to take Nicole to the final two. James agreed, stating that Nicole has never been nominated, something that neither of them have something that they’ve done that could top that. Paul told him that is why they have to win the upcoming HOH, that way they can take away the argument that Nicole hasn’t been nominated. James told them that neither Corey or Nicole would ever drag them to the final two since they’d only take each other. Paul said that he knows, stating that is the reason why he wouldn’t feel bad about cutting them.

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