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Big Brother 18: Day 88 Recap


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll learn the fate of our nominees and if they’ll be the two up for eviction come Monday’s taped eviction. We’re also sure to here plenty of discussion as to which nominee they should get out after the veto competition has been played.


6:25 PM BBT: Nicole won the POV. Full details here.

9:15 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she doesn’t think that it was good that she won the veto by as wide of a margin as she did, stating that now she is a threat and thinks that she should have thrown it. Nicole added that now if she’s sitting next to James, she’s going to be the one who is sent home. Nicole asked Corey who he wanted to go home this week. Corey said that he doesn’t care, then told James that Nicole wants Paul to go home since she has a thing for Victor. Nicole said that she doesn’t have a thing for Victor, then asked James who he thought they could beat in the upcoming HOH. James said that Victor is almost a guaranteed to win the upcoming HOH if they don’t send him home. Nicole pointed out that Victor almost had the maximum amount of time allowed in today’s competition, performing almost the worst out of everyone. James said that he thinks that they’d have a better time and handling Paul.

Nicole asked James and Corey who they should be afraid of if the upcoming HOH is the days competition. Corey said that he thinks they should be afraid of Victor in that case too. Nicole said that it’s obvious that Victor is the biggest threat, but said that they have to think about the other option for at least two minutes. Nicole added that third time is a charm and Victor is expecting to go this week. Corey said that Victor is good in high pressure situations, which is what next week would be. Nicole said that she thinks that Paul is the smarter one of the two. Corey said that Victor is the one who studies the most. Nicole relented, saying that she’ll get Victor out and do what Corey wants. Nicole just added that she doesn’t want to sit next to Paul on the block since he can talk his way out of things. James agreed, stating that Paul will also have a lot of jury votes.

9:40 PM BBT: Paul asked Victor what he thought would go down. Victor said that the nominations will stay the same and he’ll be the one who goes home. Victor said that if he was one of them and they didn’t vote him (Victor) out, he’d say that they were stupid.

10:05 PM BBT: Paul told Corey, James, and Nicole that he only asks that they drop a hint as to which of them will be going unless their plan was to rattle one of them with at the eviction. Nicole said that wasn’t their plan. Paul went on to say that Victor said that they’d be stupid to keep him in the house. Nicole said that is what their thinking has been too. James told Paul that he thinks Paul will be okay.

10:15 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Paul is smart enough to sit next to James in the final two, as Victor would take her to the final two over James. Corey told her that if she wants to keep Victor, she should do it. Nicole said that she isn’t because it’s not best, but just says she knows that Paul wouldn’t take either of them to the final two. Nicole added that if Paul does win the HOH, either of them just need to win the HOH, then they’ll both be safe for the week. Nicole warned Corey that Paul is a good talked and is going to make James realize that the two of them are only going to take each other to the final two if they remained in the house until the final three. Corey told her that James knows taking Paul to the end would be dumb since Paul would win.

Nicole told Corey that she thinks that James wants to go home since she said that she believes he rather win America’s Favorite Player over making it to the final two. Corey told her that hopefully James or Paul can go next, then the two of them can take each other to the final two. Nicole said that she thinks she’ll leave if she’s sitting next to James on the block. Corey said that isn’t true because Paul wants to take her to the final two.

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