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Big Brother 18: Day 87 Recap


It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that alliance members will be turning on each other. Corey currently plans to put up the two people who he had previously been working with, which actually gives us some chance for some good feeds.


10:20 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s pretty sure that Paul and Victor would make the same move by putting the two of them up if they won HOH too. Nicole added that it was sketchy how much Victor was encouraging Paul to try to win last night. Corey said that he could tell Paul and Victor that if he didn’t nominate the two of them, one could pull the other off, which would mean that Nicole would have to go up. Corey added that Paul and Victor said it themselves that anyone sitting next to them in the final two would lose and that James has kept him in the house.

11:50 AM BBT: Paul asked Corey and Nicole about what James told them. Corey told him that James just talked about Natalie and sounded like he was checked out and doesn’t care anymore.

12:10 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she thinks that Paul and Victor know what is coming since they didn’t even ask who he’s putting up.

12:10 PM BBT: Victor tells Paul that he thinks that Corey is going to put James up, hope that James wins the veto, because then Nicole would have no choice but to send one of them home. Paul told him that if one wins veto and takes the other off, they could send Nicole home if they’re up to anything shady.

12:20 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that they’re going to have to either betray James or Paul and Victor. Nicole told him that James has betrayed them in the past. Nicole said that she doesn’t want James to go up, but is just stating that James isn’t innocent. Corey asked her why she’s trying to make him feel guilty if she doesn’t want James to go up. Nicole told him that she’s the one who is feeling guilty.

12:35 PM BBT: While alone in the HOH room, Nicole said that she doesn’t want James to go home because he’s one of her favorite people on the planet. Nicole said that James did betray them on double eviction night and hurt her feelings since he didn’t care if her or Corey went home. Nicole went on to say that they’re down to the final five and have no choice but to make big moves. Nicole finally said that Paul and Victor getting rid of Natalie wasn’t smart at all since Natalie was on their side.

2:10 PM BBT: James decided to talk to the viewers at home. James said that he likely won’t be going up this week, with Paul and Victor as the nominees. He said that he’s 99% positive that even if one were to win the veto, the other would still go to jury. James said that his strategy all season long was to lay low and throw competitions. James explained that Victor didn’t bother with throwing competitions, stating that is why Victor has been evicted twice and is the target once again this week.

3:05 PM BBT: Paul asked Corey if he knew if he was going to use him or Victor as a pawn up next to James. Corey said that he didn’t know.  Paul told him that it doesn’t matter and if Victor will be upset about going up, he’d be willing to be the pawn in Victor’s place.

4:00 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that it’ll be good if both of them end up off the block and they’re able to rattle Nicole’s cage while she’s on the block. Paul told him that they need to do some digging to see if Corey and Nicole tried to go behind their back. Paul explained that he rather go against James in a mental competition than against Nicole. Victor agreed, but said that he doesn’t think that Corey and Nicole are being sneaky sense he said that it wouldn’t make sense. Victor added that they can crap on Corey and Nicole so hard, stating that they wouldn’t want that going into the next HOH while Corey had to sit out.

Victor told Paul that if they get screwed over, he knows it’s part of the game but will still call Corey and Nicole out. Victor added that he does think that their alliance with Corey and Nicole is more than just game, it’s real friendship. Paul said that he hopes so, but said that Nicole put Donny on the block when they were really close too. Victor told him that the two of them will be stirring the pot the entire week if it does happen. Paul told him that the two of them could both go up and Corey would tell them that he didn’t want to chance Nicole going up if one of them pulled the other off. Victor said that he’s not even going to entertain that conversation. Victor added that if they tried to explain why they did it afterwards, he wouldn’t entertain that conversation either.

4:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that what he’s doing is a good move and she’s proud of him. Nicole added that Victor is in a really bad mood today, which makes it not such a good day to put him up. Corey told her that he’d love for Victor to punch him. Corey asked Nicole if she feels like she owes Paul and Victor anything. Nicole said that she doesn’t, but said that it’s the first time where she feels like she is stabbing someone in the back this year.

5:55 PM BBT: Corey nominated Paul and Victor. Full details here

6:00 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that he’s not going to be as friendly anymore. Paul said that he’s just not going to be as friendly to James. Paul told him that they were put up because Corey and Nicole are scared and know that they’re the best players. Victor told him that whichever one of them stays will have to work with James. Paul told him that James got the last word in with Corey and Nicole, which is why they’re nominated. Victor said that if it’s the two of them left on the block on Thursday, he’s likely the one who is going home.

Paul told Victor that it’s James who he has lost respect for. Victor questioned why, stating that James is all by himself and said that Paul would have done the same if his ride or die had just been evicted. Paul said that he thought this was inevitable, but Victor disagreed, saying that he wouldn’t of put Corey and Nicole up had he won. Victor told Paul that if he stays, he’s going to team up with James to take out Corey and Nicole. Paul said that he’s still going to try to turn Corey and Nicole against James this week by saying they don’t know how good he is in competitions.

6:00 PM BBT: James thanked Corey and Nicole for not putting him up and wanting to work with him. Corey told him that they can all make it to final three together. Nicole warned James that Paul and Victor are going to try to pull him in to work with whichever one of them stays. Corey told them that if they send Victor out and there is another jury revival, he’s going to be done. James and Nicole both agreed.

6:40 PM BBT: Paul told Corey and Nicole that it’s just him coming to talk since Victor is too emotional and sad. Paul said that he wants to know if the situation is salvageable if him or Victor won the veto, stating that they know how him and Victor play, but don’t with James since he throws everything. Nicole told him that she feels like she’d have a better shot at beating James in the upcoming HOH vs him and Victor. Corey added that he didn’t want to do this, but said that $500,000 is on the line. Paul told him that he doesn’t need to be convinced and understands. Corey said that he cares about them, but said that they’re not good for his game. Corey explained that he’d be screwed if it was Paul and Victor vs just Nicole in the upcoming HOH. Paul asked if they’d be keeping the nominations the same if they were to win the veto, to which Corey confirmed.

7:05 PM BBT: Victor told Corey that he gets where he is coming from, but said that he would have put just one of them up with James. Corey told him that he’ll be a sitting duck in this upcoming HOH, stating that they say they wouldn’t have done the same, but the two situations are different. Victor said that he just thought that their final four alliance was real. Corey said that it was, stating that he didn’t put them up during his double eviction HOH. Victor told him that he’s been HOH three times and didn’t put them up once. Victor added that whoever is left in the house is certain to team up with James and do the same thing to them that they’re doing to him and Victor.

Victor told Corey and Nicole that if he’s the one that stays, he’s going to be relentless and ruthless, telling them that he wants them to know where he stands on that. Victor said that he wouldn’t have sent Nicole home. Corey said that he just didn’t want that to even be an option. Victor said that he probably should have sent one of them home instead of one from James and Natalie. Corey said that he just wants to win the $500,000. Corey added that he doesn’t have a target for this week. Victor said that he knows if he’s left on the block come Thursday, he’s the one who is going home.

7:15 PM BBT: Victor asked James if he’s ready to be his teammate if he were to stay. James agreed, stating that is all they’d have left. Victor said that he’d need to team up with him or Paul depending on who stayed since that would make it two vs two. Victor told James about the final four that they had with Corey and Nicole, adding that he can’t trust anyone now. James told him that if he went an entire season without being backstabbed, he wouldn’t of been playing Big Brother. Victor said he’d understand because stabbed in the back if he was doing that to other people, but said that he isn’t.

7:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s scared that Victor is going to be gunning after them like crazy now. Corey told her that Victor was going to do that anyways. Nicole said that she hopes that Victor goes this week since it would increase the odds of them winning veto next week. Nicole said that she felt like a jerkface for breaking the alliance, but Corey said that it’s a game and that he’d of been an idiot to not make the move that he did. Nicole said that she wants Victor gone even more now after talking to him. Corey said that they just need to contribute by winning the veto. Nicole said that James is going to throw the veto and will throw the upcoming HOH.

8:55 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that he told James that it looks like one of them will be teaming up with him and James agreed to it. Victor said that he’d take James to final two as a “screw you” to their final four alliance. Paul said that he doesn’t want to give James the satisfaction of making it to final two, to which Victor said that he’d do it out of spite. Paul told him that James screwed him over too, but Victor said that what Corey and Nicole did was worse because they put more trust in those two.

Paul and Victor both said that they’d vote for Corey to win over Nicole if those two made the final two. Victor said that he could beat anyone in the final two no matter who it was. Victor said that Corey saying “I didn’t want Nicole leaving on my HOH” is BS because the truth is that he just wanted one of the two of them out. Paul said that James had a big hand in it, to which Victor said that you can’t blame James because he was all alone. Victor asked if he expected James to just roll over and die, to which Paul said yes. Paul told Victor that the best “screw you” would be for one of them to win HOH next week and put up Nicole next to Corey.

Paul told Victor that Victor pulls himself off, he’s going to pull a Paulie and say that none of them are going to be able to get Victor out. Victor said that Corey and Nicole know that if he stays, he’s not doing anything for them anymore. Paul said that he could tell Nicorey that Victor would keep James safe as a “screw you” to them. Paul explained that in a last ditch effort, he’s going to have to act like he doesn’t care about Victor.

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