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Big Brother 18: Day 86 Recap


It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re not only going to finally be down to the final five, but we’ll also have a new person in power that’ll be guaranteed final four. We’ll also get to see if Corey and Nicole are still planning on working with James moving forward over Paul and Victor.


3:05 PM BBT: James told Natalie that he was going to throw this HOH so that he’d be able to play in the final four HOH. James explained that Corey and Nicole would face off against Paul and Victor, and vice versa. James said that once she’s gone, he won’t be as much as a threat anymore since he’s on his own.

6:40 PM BBT: Natalie is evicted. Full details here

8:05 PM BBT: Corey is the new HOH. Full details here

9:05 PM BBT: Victor told Corey that they’ll be good to go once they’re able to win the veto.

10:55 PM BBT: Paul asked Nicole if she’s going to use him as a pawn. Nicole told him that she hasn’t thought about it. Paul told he that he’s fine with being a pawn if that is what she wants. Paul added that Victor could be a pawn this week since Paul said that he was the pawn last time, but said that he’s willing to do it if he has to.

11:45 PM BBT: Nicole asked Corey what his excuse to target Paul and Victor this week would be. Corey told her that he doesn’t want it to be 2 on 2 because that would end up making it 2 on 1 in the upcoming final four HOH. Corey added that their odds of making final three go up with James in the house and added that they can tell Victor that he lied to them and got their their best friend, Paulie, evicted. Nicole told Corey that he’d have to talk to James and make sure that James wouldn’t take one of them off the block. Nicole added that Natalie might have left Natalie with some sort of agenda to come after the two of them. Nicole told Corey that if Victor goes this week, they have a really good chance at one of them winning.

Nicole told Corey that if James were to pull one of the nominees down, she’d go home. Corey told her that James will want to work with the two of them because he knows that they’d each take him to the final two if the other were to leave. Nicole told him that Paul and Victor are going to be pissed and will tell James about their final four, so she said that he has to tell James about it first. Corey said that he hopes that James comes to talk them and says that Paul and Victor are trying to make deals with him. Corey added that they need to tell James that when the bullhorn message happened, Paul and Victor were freaking out and wanting to vote him out. Corey went on to say that putting James up isn’t even really an option as this point, stating that it would be like him putting her up. Nicole said that she doesn’t want James to go, but said it was be the easy option to put him up. Corey asked her for reasons to put James up, stating that if she wants that, he’ll do it. Nicole told him that way everyone isn’t angry. Corey told her that anyone else in his shoes would put Paul up with Victor. Nicole asked if his target was Victor, to which Corey confirmed.

12:35 AM BBT: Paul asked Corey if the plan was to evict James. Corey said that it was. Paul told him that both him and Victor are confident and both don’t care about being the pawn this week.

12:45 AM BBT: Paul asked Victor if he thinks that Corey and Nicole are going to screw them over right now. Victor told them that Corey and Nicole wouldn’t if they’re true to their word. Paul told him that Corey should be thinking that James would get rid of him in order to split up the last showmance if he were to stay. Paul added that he can and can’t see Corey screwing them. Victor told him that he doesn’t think Corey and Nicole would.

12:50 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole that Paul told him that James has given up and isn’t going to campaign, but Corey said that he thinks that Paul is just saying that to try to deflect from what is likely to happen tomorrow. Nicole told him that James is in such a good spot since he is virtually guaranteed a spot in the final three at this point. Nicole told Corey that they could tell Paul and Victor that they’re putting the two of them up because they want to ensure that she doesn’t go up by one of them taking the other down.

Nicole told Corey that they could get Paul or Victor out without making the week uncomfortable by putting James up with one of them. Nicole explained that the worst case scenario would be that James went home. Corey told her that they have to toughen up and shouldn’t care since there is so few days left. Corey told her that they’re beating around the bush when they should go at this head-on by putting Paul and Victor up together. Nicole told him that she just doesn’t know if James is secretly working with Paul and Victor since his girlfriend was after her. Corey told her that him and James are on the same page right now and said that James would be dumb as rocks to think that he’d ever put him up. Nicole told her that she just wants the final three to be them two and James. Corey told her that Paul and Victor have to go up and that James isn’t going to win crap.

Nicole told Corey that Natalie could have told James to get the two of them out. Nicole explained that James could be bitter that they took Natalie out, then try to get her out as a way of revenge of getting his girl out. Nicole went on to stay that it was sketchy how badly James wanted Michelle to stay when he knew that Michelle was after them. Corey told her that it was smart for James to want Michelle to stay. Nicole went on to say that she just doesn’t think that James is on their side as much as Corey thinks that he is.

1:35 AM BBT: Corey asked James what he thinks that they have planned. James told him that he believes they’re going to take a swing at big fish this week. Nicole asked James to just not use the veto on either Paul or Victor. James told her that he 100% wouldn’t and said that Victor doesn’t expect them to take a swing at him since they know James is alone. Nicole told James that they want Victor out and asked if they agreed that was the best decision. James agreed. Corey and Nicole told James that Paul and Victor will likely tell him after the nomination ceremony that the four of them had a deal. James told them that he doesn’t care about that. Corey told James that they could roll together to the final three. James told him that it sounds good to him.

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