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Big Brother 18: Day 84 Recap


While the last two weeks have already been plenty slow, Tuesdays will still always be the slowest day in the Big Brother house. Today’s feeds will consist mostly of the houseguests relaxing with the occasional game talk about Thursday’s vote and what their plan going for next week is.


1:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s going home if he wins HOH, then Paul or Victor win the veto. Corey told her that they have no choice but to win out from here on out.

2:45 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor’s final four doesn’t hold any water since they’re going to have no choice but to back stab each other in the upcoming HOH. James told her that if it’s a 2-1 vote, it means he’s likely staying, but said that it could be either of them if it’s 3-0. James added that whoever stays this week will likely be going home the following week. Natalie said that is true unless they were to win the HOH or veto.

4:30 PM BBT: Natalie told James that she campaigned hard to keep him. James told her that he also went to Corey and told him to vote him out so that Natalie could stay. James told her that there might be a plan already in play that there is nothing they could do about to begin with. Natalie told James that he doesn’t need to pack because he knows that he’s staying. James asked why nobody has told him that he’s staying if that is true. Natalie explained that it would be like telling Corey that he’s staying over Nicole. James told Natalie that if she were to ask Victor who is going home, he might tell her.

6:25 PM BBT: Corey and Nicole discussed their ideal final three and who they’d want to evict next and at final four. Full recap can be found by clicking here.

11:50 PM BBT: James told Natalie that she talked to Paul and Victor, asking her if she’d want to know what they said. Natalie told him that she really doesn’t care to hear what was said because she said that she already knows that she’s going to jury. James told her that Victor said that all he can do is voice his opinion since the vote relies on Corey and Nicole. Natalie told him that means that she’s going to jury. James told her that he had her back. Natalie said that she knows he had her back, telling him that since she knows already, there is nothing else for them to talk about in regards to that.

Natalie told James that she’s happy for him, stating that it’s just a sucky situation since it means that she’s going to jury. Natalie told him that he can’t throw this upcoming HOH competition. James told her that he didn’t plan on it and said that he’ll try his best to win it. Natalie went on to say that she’s going to call everyone out on her way out the door if she were to get evicted.

12:20 AM BBT: Fan yells a message into the backyard with a bullhorn, causing a huge fight between James and Natalie, leading James and Natalie to finally hash it out some hours later. Full recap can be found by clicking here.

1:55 AM BBT: Victor told Paul that if he wins this upcoming HOH and they’re safe until final four, they should be guaranteed to win something, whether it be first, second, or America’s Favorite Player. Paul told him that their smartest move going forward would be for him to win HOH, James to win veto, then they get Corey out. Paul explained that the only way they can make a move against Corey is if there is no other option, otherwise Paul said that Nicole would be pissed at them. Paul explained that if James were to win veto and they sent Corey out, Nicole would be grateful that they chose to keep her and said that she’d blame James for Corey going home.

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