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Big Brother 18: Day 80 Recap


It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house, which means that another pair of nominees will hit the block, leaving plenty to be discussed both before and after the nominations are made. Most of the game talk will be about final five and final four plans, as Victor’s win virtually guarantees that the ‘Final 4’ alliance will be safe this week.


1:05 PM BBT: James and Natalie started talking to America. Natalie said that her and James are finally going up on the block together today. James said that it’s day 80 and he finally has a target on his back. James added that Natalie is going up on the block with him, but isn’t the target unless he manages to win the veto. Natalie interjected, saying that she’d be the target also if she were to win the veto and use it on James.

Natalie told James that they should have stayed working with Paul and Victor. James told her that they don’t know if Paul and Victor would have stayed loyal to them once Paulie returned since that would have happened if they evicted Corey over Victor. Natalie told him that Paul and Victor really trusted them, even wanting a final four, which makes their betrayal the ultimate betrayal. Natalie said that she hopes Paul and Victor make the final two since she said she doesn’t want to see Corey or Nicole there.

James told Natalie that he was blinded by the fact that he thought Corey and Nicole had been working with him since day one. Natalie told him that Nicole perfectly set them up to be the next targets. James told her that it was a good game move on Nicole’s part. Natalie told James that she’s going home if he pulls himself off the block, but said that she wouldn’t be mad if he did. Natalie added that if he does leave this week, she’s going to try to talk to people, they’re just going to disperse from the room, then she’ll be alone. Natalie told him that if she wins the veto, she’s going to want to use it on him. James told her that if she wins, she’s going to use the veto on herself.

3:20 PM BBT: James told Natalie that he has accepted his fate this week. Natalie told him that she’s proud of him because he’ll be going out with pride. James told her that it’s going to be a fun week since he’s going to go out like James should, which he said was pranking everyone.

5:55 PM BBT: Victor nominated James and Natalie. Full details here

5:55 PM BBT: Nicole expressed concern about whether or not Victor would keep the nominations the same if he won veto. Corey told her that he would and that they have nothing to worry about.

6:00 PM BBT: Natalie told Paul and Victor that they had her back and she backstabbed them, stating that she thought that Paul was coming after James. Paul told her that he wasn’t and Victor told her that it’s okay.

7:40 PM BBT: James told Natalie that if she stays, she needs to put up Corey and Nicole. Natalie told her that is what she planned on doing. Natalie told James that she knew this day would come and said that she should have parted ways with Corey and Nicole, letting James work with them while she worked with Paul and Victor. James told her that he would have followed her based on what she wanted to do. Natalie told him that he always defended Nicole, so she said that she knows that isn’t true.

James told Natalie that it was made clear that they’re coming after him, but said that if they can’t get him, she’s going to be become the next target this week. James told her that if he does go to jury this week, she has an actual show at winning since she won’t be seen as a threat anymore. James added that she’ll tell her to stick with Victor and Paul in front of Victor and Paul so that they know she was told to be loyal to them. Natalie told James that Paul and Victor have a final four with Corey and Nicole, asking where she would fit into that. Natalie answered her own question, saying that she’d be taken out after him. Natalie added that she wants him to gun for the veto and said that she can’t wait until Victor or Paul win the $500,000.

9:10 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she wants Natalie out because she always tries to make everyone seem like a bad person. Corey agreed, saying that he wants Natalie out over James too. Nicole told him that they have to win the veto.

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