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Big Brother 18: Day 77 Recap


It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house, which is without a doubt the slowest day of the week, as most of the houseguests sleep in and enjoy the backyard while they have it before being locked down Wednesday morning. However, we will have some infrequent game talk from time to time.


3:00 PM BBT: Victor talking to the live feeders, saying that if he wins HOH he’s going to nominate James and Natalie with the intention of sending James home as revenge for voting him out the previous week.

3:55 PM BBT: Natalie was going over scenarios with James, all of them under the premise that Michelle is staying this week. Natalie questioned how Corey and Nicole would vote if she ended up on the block next to Victor. James told her that Corey and Nicole would definitely vote Victor out. Natalie told James that if they somehow both ended up on the block, she’d sacrifice herself for him to stay in the house.

6:40 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that based off his conversation with Michelle yesterday, she doesn’t have any clue about what’s going on. Victor told him that it’s clear that James and Natalie are going to vote to keep Michelle, saying that he’d look down on James if he voted Michelle out at this point for going against an ally. Victor added that Natalie gives sympathy votes to people so that they’d vote for her if she made final two.

Paul told Victor that what he hopes isn’t happening is that it’s everyone in the house vs the two of them while they’re just oblivious to it. Victor told him that based on what he’s been hearing, that would be almost impossible. Victor explained that it wouldn’t make any sense for Corey and Nicole to take him out whenever they know the two of them are after James and Natalie.

7:20 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Wednesday night he’s going to ask Corey and Nicole if Paul is still the target. James added that he better be told that he is.

8:35 PM BBT: Paul told Corey and Nicole that he’s going to tell James and Natalie that if they don’t beat him in this upcoming HOH, he’s going to put them up. Nicole told them that she thinks that James and Natalie aren’t talking to her or Corey so that they can just say that they thought voting Paul out was the plan. Nicole asked Victor who he thought James and Natalie are voting out. Victor said he thinks they’re going to be voting to keep Michelle.

9:05 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that he feels confident that he’s staying now. Victor told him that he’s been saying this and said that he trusts Corey and Nicole with his Big Brother life.

9:25 PM BBT: Michele asked Natalie if she thinks that Corey or Nicole would have told Victor anything. Natalie told her that Victor said that he didn’t know anything. Michelle said that she hopes that Nicole tells James, to which Natalie reassured her that Nicole would. Natalie explained to Michelle that getting her out this week would just be a waste of an HOH. Michelle told her that Paul is saying that he doesn’t know anything either and is treating it as if he’s going home. Michelle told Natalie that if Corey votes her out, Nicole will be the deciding vote. Natalie told her that Corey isn’t going to vote her out.

9:30 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s getting close to blowing up Michelle’s spot for trying to put it in people’s heads that she has final two deals with a lot of different people. Corey told her that nobody cares what Michelle says. Corey changed the subject, saying that he doesn’t know where James’ head is at, adding that ever since he dropped out of the HOH competition, he’s been a different person. Nicole agreed, saying that James has been acting timid.

Nicole questioned Corey if they even have the option to work with James anymore, stating that she thinks that James would put them up. Nicole told him that she thinks that James and Paul might be working together since Paul seems to think that James wouldn’t vote him out. Corey told her that he doesn’t know why James would work with Paul and Victor. Corey added that if James and Natalie do end up winning HOH, she hopes that they go after Paul and Victor instead of the two of them. Corey told Nicole that he thinks she’d feel better if they just had a conversation with James about it. Nicole told him that it could blow up in their face if James were to tell Paul and Victor about it.

10:00 PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that Corey and Nicole might be getting annoyed with how touchy touchy Victor has been getting with Nicole. Natalie told them that she thinks they’re using it to their advantage just in case Victor were to win HOH.

10:00 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that he’s going to win the game with all 9 jury votes. Corey told her that he knows she has something up her sleeve, such as throwing him under the bus in her jury speech. Corey added that he’ll start telling people that if she doesn’t go up on the block, Nicole would use that in her final two speech.

Corey told Nicole that he hates that Natalie thinks she has played a good game. Nicole agreed, saying that Natalie hasn’t done anything the whole game and is just coasting to the final three. Corey and Nicole both agreed that they rather send Natalie home over James. Nicole told him that if James doesn’t ask her about the vote before the eviction, she’s just not going to tell him.

10:05 PM BBT: Michelle told James that if Corey votes her out, Nicole will be the deciding factor. James told her that he’d like that since it would be putting Nicole on the spot.

10:35 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that they should study for the upcoming HOH. Paul told him that they should study with Corey and Nicole. Victor told him that every time they try, Corey and Nicole just keep saying that they’ll do it later.

11:00 PM BBT: Michelle told James and Natalie that maybe she is the target. Natalie told her that Nicole knows that taking her out would be a very bad move. Michelle told them that it’s possible that Nicole thinks she’d (Michelle) win the double eviction HOH. Michelle added that she doesn’t like the way that Nicole is playing the game. James told her that it’s strategy, but Michelle said that she doesn’t care. James told them that if Paul knew he wasn’t going home, he’d be hanging out with Corey, Nicole, and Victor all the time. Michelle said that she already thought they are. James said that they aren’t, that Victor is giving him a taste of his own medicine from what Paul did to him last week.

11:45 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Corey and Victor are in the kitchen studying. James told her and Michelle that he knows that when people study together, it means that they’re working together. James told them that he wants to go sit out there just so that Corey and Victor know that he knows what they’re up to. Michelle and Natalie both asked James to not accept any bribe that he’s offered to throw this next HOH.

1:45 AM BBT: Michelle and Natalie asked Paul if he’s been campaigning. Paul told them that there is nothing to talk about and said that he wouldn’t even know what to say. Michelle asked if he’s made up with Nicole after their fight last week. Paul told her that he hasn’t talked about it with Nicole, but said that he does try to be friendly.

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