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Big Brother 18: Day 76 Recap


It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll learn our final nominees for the week, which also means that we’ll start to see some campaigning, as well as some possible plans for next week since this week is on the home stretch.


10:00 AM BBT: Victor told Nicole that he thinks that James, Michelle, and Natalie know that something is up. Nicole agree, saying that if she wanted Paul gone, she would have put Victor up next to him. Paul joined them, saying that he thinks James thinks something is up because last night he said that it wouldn’t make sense for him to wash his sheets now if he gets taken out during the double eviction. Paul told them that he’ll tell James and Natalie after Michelle is evicted that they’re going up if they don’t win HOH, that way there is more pressure on them.

11:05 AM BBT: Nicole decided to not use the POV. Full details here.

11:10 AM BBT: Michelle told James and Natalie that either her or Paul will not be winning the game. James told her that hopefully it’s Paul who doesn’t win. James added that Nicole isn’t going to lie to him, so when he asks who her target is, she would likely tell her. Michelle told them that if she’s the target, than so be it, but said that Paul is fake. James told her that he’s just playing the game, but Michelle said that she doesn’t care.

11:15 AM BBT: Nicole told Victor that everything is going good so far. Nicole asked him if he was scared about her putting him up. Victor said that he wasn’t. Nicole told Victor that she trusts him, to which Victor told her that the trust was mutual. Paul joined them, telling Nicole and Victor that his trust is with them.

1:00 PM BBT: Corey asked Nicole if he should still use the bribe on Victor to get him to vote out Michelle since it seems like there is no way that he’d vote Paul out. Nicole told him that Victor is too loyal to vote Paul out, so she said that he doesn’t need to use it. Corey and Nicole began talking about the possibility of James and Natalie coming after them. Corey questioned why they’d be targeted over the best player in the house, which is Victor. Nicole told him that everyone is going to vote for Victor if he makes it to the end. Corey told her that he disagrees, saying that getting three chances to play isn’t fair and the fact that he’s been evicted so many times obviously means that he wasn’t playing a good game.

1:20 PM BBT: Paul asked James if he thought this Thursday would be a double eviction. James told him that he’s 99.99999% sure that it’s going to be a double.

2:25 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that he could bribe James to throw the upcoming HOH competition and tell him that they’re letting Victor take out Natalie. Nicole told him that James wouldn’t be okay with letting Natalie go, so she said that they can just let James go instead. Nicole added that she rather be loyal to Paul and Victor than to her four person alliance with James and Natalie. When Corey refuted, Nicole told him that sticking with James and Natalie would blow up in their face because of James’ mouth.

3:15 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she doesn’t want to help Paul and Victor study the days because that competition won’t be happening until they get the final four, which by that point they’d be enemies since they’re going to turn on each other. Corey told Nicole that she made it pretty obvious that she didn’t want to study with Paul and Victor. Nicole asked if he thinks those two are going to come after them now. Corey said no, that she’s just being super paranoid.

5:55 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that if something goes really bad and she thinks they need Paul out, she’s going to ask him to change his vote. Corey asked her if she thinks they need Paul out. Nicole said no, just that they never know what’s going to happen in the Big Brother house. Corey told her that he thinks that James is too smart to take the bribe to throw the next HOH, but said that he could phrase it is he has to give it to someone, so if James is willing to throw it for the money, he’ll do that. Nicole told him that they should want Natalie to drop, as they’re not the ones who should be afraid of James, it’s Paul and Victor who should.

Corey told Nicole that it’s weird that James hasn’t been coming up to talk to them. Nicole agreed, stating that it’s as if he doesn’t want to get close to them. Corey told her that it would be strategically dumb for James to put them up. Nicole told him that it would be dumb for them to put James up, but they would if that is how James is thinking. Corey and Nicole agreed that if Corey was sitting on the block next to Natalie, Paul and Victor would vote Natalie out to break up that duo.

7:10 PM BBT: James asked Michelle who would be the best person to take out. Michelle told him that she thinks it would be Nicole since she is the brains of the Nicorey operation. Michelle added that once Nicole is gone, he won’t be with Victor since he never really liked him. James told her that they’re going to have to take out Victor once Nicole is gone. Michelle went on to compare Nicole to Derrick by saying that Derrick never got nominated by not ruffling any feathers, which is exactly what Nicole has done. James asked her who they would take out if Nicole wasn’t on the block. Michelle told him that it should be Victor since she said that she feels like they’d be kicking themselves if they don’t get Victor out soon.

James told Michelle to just keep studying her days for an upcoming double eviction. Michelle questioned if Paul were to stay since that would suck for him and Natalie. James told her that Paul isn’t staying and that it’s just her block paranoia that is getting to her. Michelle pointed out how Victor has been distancing himself from the three of them. James told her that it’s only because he’s hanging out with Corey and Nicole while they’re not.

8:30 PM BBT: Nicole started to get emotional with Corey about being overwhelmed and worrying about if he’s mad at her or not. Nicole told him that she likes Paul and Victor, she said that she just can’t hangout with them all the time. Nicole added that she feels bad if Paul and Victor feel like she didn’t want to study with them, saying that she fears she might go up for it. Nicole told Corey that Michelle is going to try to take her down with her. Corey told her that nobody is going to care about what Michelle says as she’s leaving. Nicole told him that everyone has been coming after her since day one and said that she has been playing so hard, so she doesn’t want to give the jury members the satisfaction of seeing her walking through those doors.

Nicole told Corey that she’s worried that Victor wouldn’t vote Michelle out. Corey asked her if she wants him to bribe Victor to vote Michelle out so that she doesn’t have to stress about it. Nicole told him not to.

11:30 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that Nicole has been downplaying her knowledge when it comes to knowing what happened on what day. Natalie told her that she knows, that she’s been saying that Nicole has just been throwing competitions until now. Natalie told Michelle that she feels like and is hoping that she’s safe this week, but said that you can never know. Michelle told her that she would nominate Corey and Nicole, then backdoor Victor if Nicole were to pull herself off. Natalie told her that if Victor won the veto in that scenario and then used it, either her or James would have to go up.

11:45 PM BBT: James told Michelle that if she was going home, Nicole would have told him. James explained that Nicole told him before nominations that Paul was the target this week.

12:50 AM BBT: Natalie asked James and Michelle if Nicole was needing to go first or Victor. Michelle told her that she thinks it should be Nicole. Natalie agreed, saying that she is a threat who has proven that she can win both mental and physical competitions. James told them that the one person who they don’t have to be worried about is Corey. James and Michelle both agreed that if they were to win HOH, they’d nominate Nicole alongside Victor. James added that if they win this next HOH, they’re guaranteeing one of themselves a spot in final two.

1:20 AM BBT: Paul promised Nicole that he’d put up James and Natalie if he were to stay and win this next HOH.

2:55 AM BBT: Michelle told Paul and Victor that the decision this week could hinge on Corey’s vote and said that she just wants to know if she needs to dress up on Thursday.

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