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Big Brother 18: Day 75 Recap


The veto meeting is only a day away, which means that today’s feeds will mainly focus on discussions on what should be done with the veto, as well as who they should vote out when Thursday rolls around. We’ll also see if Michelle is able to convince Nicole that she’s not coming after her, as well as if James and Natalie can get Corey and Nicole to rejoin their side.


12:15 PM BBT: Michelle asked Natalie if she thinks that she should tell Nicole that her target is Victor. Natalie told her that she should, but said only if she can do it nonchalantly. Michelle said that she’d tell Nicole that Victor is the biggest threat in the house. Natalie told her that she should talk to James beforehand on how to best approach it.

1:05 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey and Natalie that she thinks that America’s Favorite Player is going to come down to them two and James, but said that she thinks that James might already have it in the bag.

2:41 PM BBT: A fan flew a drone over the backyard. Full details here.

3:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Victor has started to talk to Michelle and hangout with James and Natalie as much as he does them. Nicole told him that she does want to keep the nominations the same though, but said that she doesn’t want to be blindsided. Nicole added that she thinks that Michelle might try to use whatever was on the drone to her advantage since she’ll use whatever she can to save herself.

3:30 PM BBT: Corey, Nicole, and Victor started speculating about what the message was. Nicole said that she’s trying to play the game without outside interference. After another 10 minutes of speculation, Nicole told them that she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore because they have each other and that’s who they’re going to be loyal to.

Nicole asked Victor to swear that he isn’t changing his vote. Victor said that if she keeps asking, he’s going to switch his vote, but then said that she just needs to trust them. Corey told her that he loves Paul, they’re in an alliance, so he’s not going to vote him out. Victor told Nicole that if she wants to feel safe with a third a vote, she could take Paul off, but Victor told him that he’s trying to tell her that they’re going to have the votes even if she weren’t to do that.

3:40 PM BBT: James told Michelle that they can’t be mad at Victor since they voted him out. Michelle said that she doesn’t care, to which James asked her if she’d want to stay with the people who voted her out. James told her that he doesn’t think that Paul will be staying this week anyway. Michelle asked if she shouldn’t make a pitch to Nicole. James told her that she can make a pitch, just not about scenarios since Nicole is smart and is already thinking about that.

Natalie told James and Michelle that if the doll had short dark hair, it could have been saying “Paul Thursday #1”, meaning that he should be the number one target.

4:05 PM BBT: Paul comes upstairs to tell Corey, Nicole, and Victor that Michelle was downstairs telling James and Natalie that the three of them were acting very sketchy about what the drone message had said. Nicole told Paul that Michelle is always saying her name and said that her name never stops coming out of Michelle’s mouth. Nicole added that Michelle needs to go.

4:20 PM BBT: Natalie told James that the doll had short dark hair like Victor does, whoever flew it waited until the two of them and Michelle were outside, and said that Victor knows that the three of them are working together, which Natalie says could be a sign.

4:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s worried about Victor and the fact that fans might not want them to send Michelle home. Corey told her that it would make no sense for Victor to turn against them and said that the fans want Michelle out too. Corey told Nicole that they need to get Michelle out because she’s done a bunch of stuff to her such as calling her out and calling her a snake.

4:30 PM BBT: Michelle was upset about people being loud in the house and said that she said that she can’t ever sleep in the house in front of people. James and Natalie told her that they understand it can be hard in the house, but told her that she needs to lay low this week, not make comments directed at people.

5:05 PM BBT: Michelle tells Natalie that Nicole always plays like some innocent nice girl when in reality she has never been friendly with Michelle since day one. Natalie told her to let her emotions out and said that she’ll always be here for her. Natalie added that James even told her that in his gut, he doesn’t feel like Michelle is going home. Natalie told her that if James thought that she was the target, he’d let her know so that she could campaign. Michelle told her that she just wants Paul and Victor to go home back-to-back, then Nicole follows afterwards.

5:25 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey about Paul and Victor hanging out in the kitchen with everyone, making Nicole question if they’re getting screwed this week. Nicole asked him if he trusts Victor. Corey said that he does, stating that Victor would be loyal to them since Natalie put him up and James voted him out. Nicole told Corey that getting Paul or Victor out this week wouldn’t be good for their game since Michelle, Natalie, and James would all put them up.

5:45 PM BBT: James and Natalie told Michelle that they need her in the house since she’s the brains behind their operation. Michelle told them that Nicole should backdoor Victor. Natalie told her that Paul is a bigger threat than Victor, then Natalie told Michelle to just focus on being nice to Nicole.

5:50 PM BBT: Natalie asked James if he thinks that Michelle should tell Nicole that Victor is her target. James said no, that she should just keep being nice to Nicole.

7:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that James told Paul that he’s going to like it in the jury house, so Nicole said that she doesn’t think that James, Michelle, and Natalie know that Michelle is leaving. Nicole questioned Corey about the possibility that James and Natalie have Victor on their side, which would make it four vs one in the upcoming HOH. Nicole added that she doesn’t think that Victor is smart enough to play them when James and Natalie were the ones who just voted him out. Corey told her that he could offer Victor the $5000 to vote out Michelle. Nicole told him that is a good idea because Victor needs the money and would be very grateful.

Nicole told Corey that if he did give Victor the $5,000 bribe, there is no way that Victor would put him up during the double eviction since he would feel too guilty. Corey and Nicole both agreed that the bribe would be enough to ensure that Victor voted to evict Natalie over either of them at the final five. Nicole told him that he needs to bribe Victor sooner rather than later so that it doesn’t seem like they don’t trust him.

8:15 PM BBT: James told Natalie that he’s hoping that the nominations are locked, they send Paul home, then one of them win the next HOH. James told her that his gut is telling him that if they don’t win this next HOH, they’re going to be the ones who go next. James added that he thinks that he’ll be the first to go in their trio with Michelle. Natalie told James that if Paul goes this week, they’ll have Michelle and Nicorey will have Victor. James told her that it sucks that Corey and Nicole wanted them to vote Victor out, they did, then that ended up driving Victor closer to Corey and Nicole.

10:20 PM BBT: Natalie told Michelle that Paul seemed sad and defeated. Michelle agreed, stating that she never thought she’d feel bad for Paul. Natalie told her that if Paul doesn’t go this week, it’s going to be the worst case scenario for everyone in the house except Paul and Victor.

11:20 PM BBT: Nicole asked Corey if keeping the nominations the same is the right thing to do. Corey told her that it was.

1:00 AM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie about Victor kissing Corey’s butt and said that if he wins HOH, he’s going to put those two guys up together. James told Michelle that after the nominations are locked, that is when they can start working Nicole since her power is over. James explained to them that Corey and Nicole are wanting to lock the nominations, split Paul and Victor up, that way it is 3 vs 3.

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