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Big Brother 18: Day 74 Recap


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that someone’s fate could be fading or completely saved on today’s outcome. There is plenty of game talk to be had, so we’re likely in for another busy day, including some possible confrontations before the veto competition starts.


8:10 AM BBT: Corey and Victor become have-nots.

9:05 AM BBT: Corey, James, and Victor are picked to play in the veto alongside Nicole, Michelle, and Paul.

9:10 AM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that she knew she was the target because of Paul choosing Corey with houseguest’s choice and because Paul and Victor have been upstairs all week. Natalie told her that she doesn’t think she’s the target, stating that Corey and Nicole know that if they don’t take Paul or Victor out, they’d be handing them the prize money. Natalie told Michelle that if anything were to go amiss, Nicole would try to backdoor James. Michelle told her that Nicole would never do that to James. Natalie told her that Corey and Nicole just don’t want any blood on their hands and this way if Victor were to stay, he wouldn’t be pissed at them.

James joined them. Michelle told James that she knew she was the target and questioned if Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor were all working together to take the three of them out one-by-one. James told her that if that is the case, he’d be the first person they’d go after. Michelle pointed out how it’s sketchy that Paul and Victor have been hanging out upstairs so much. James told her that they hung out with Paul and Victor when they were HOH last week too. James explained that Corey and Nicole are just going to lead Paul and Victor to believe that they’re working with them when they’re actually not. James told them that he’s banking on winning America’s Favorite Player and said that he knows that he’s in the running for it.

10:00 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole, Paul, and Victor that if Michelle were to win the veto, he’d use his bribe to get her to keep the nominations the same. Paul told them that the perfect way to defend their game is for Victor to win the veto. Nicole agreed, saying that she’d throw it to Victor if she’s given the chance. Paul said that he’d do that too.

10:20 AM BBT: James told Natalie that he thinks that if Paul were to win the veto, Nicole would put up Victor, then ask them to vote him out. James added that he thinks that Corey would bribe Victor not to use the veto if he won it so that they could take Paul out. James told her that the worst case scenario would be for Paul to tell Corey and Nicole that the two of them couldn’t be trusted. Natalie told him that Corey and Nicole wouldn’t believe that. James told her that it’s possible for him to go up as the replacement nominee and go home this week.

12:25 PM BBT: Paul asked Victor if he feels good about Corey and Nicole. Victor said that he did. Paul told him that if he makes any backhanded comments about him towards Corey and Nicole, he should know that he’s doing it to protect them. Victor told him that he doesn’t feel like he needs to do that because Victor said that they really are good to go with Corey and Nicole. Paul told Victor that he’ll throw the veto to him if he’s given the chance. Victor told Paul that he wants to win this next HOH so that he gets the satisfaction of sending James home.

12:40 PM BBT: Corey told Paul and Victor that he’s just going to bribe someone to vote how he wants this week since he doesn’t think that anyone would drop out of the HOH competition for it.

2:00 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that Paul lied about being the one who didn’t fart upstairs, which Michelle said is just another one of Paul’s many lies. Michelle sarcastically told Natalie that Paul is God’s gift to earth and it’s Paul’s earth while they’re just living in it. Natalie told her that Paul wanted to sabotage Corey and Nicole last week, which she said isn’t fair and wishes that people would want to just win with pride. Michelle told her that Victor was evicted twice and is still in the house, which Michelle says isn’t fair.

4:20 PM BBT: Nicole won the POV. Full details here.

4:30 PM BBT: Nicole asked Victor if Paul was paranoid. Victor told her that it’s just normal block paranoia. Victor explained that Paul will likely talk to them a lot this week because he’s nervous, but says that he does trust them. Nicole told them that it’s 100% in her best interests to keep him and Paul in the house, so Nicole said that they don’t have anything to worry about. Nicole told them that she’ll keep the nominations the same and they’ll vote Michelle out.

4:40 PM BBT: Michelle told James and Natalie that she is just happy that Paul didn’t win the veto. James told them that he believes that Victor is on board with getting Paul out, which is why he’s been upstairs so much. James explained that Corey, Nicole, and Victor are all likely working together to get Paul out.

4:45 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that they could get anyone they want out this week. Corey told her that if Michelle is still in the house, she’s going to put the two of them up. Nicole told him that her parents are screaming at their TV for her to get Paul and Victor out. Corey told her that she can beat them in the future. Nicole told Corey that she wants to move forward working with Paul and Victor. Corey told her that they will be thankful.

5:25 PM BBT: James told Michelle that Nicole knows that she would put them up in a heartbeat, while Paul is just a question mark. Michelle told him that she wouldn’t go after Nicole until after Victor was gone. Natalie told Michelle that she needs to talk to Nicole and tell her that she’s not coming after her. Michelle asked them the percentage of the chances of her going home. James told her that it’s a toss up.

5:40 PM BBT: Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor go over ways that Corey could use his bribe. Victor suggested using it on eviction night to get Nicole to break the tie. Corey said that he might do that. Paul told Corey that this week they could either not show their cards and blindside Michelle or they could show their cards by taking Paul off and putting one of them up so that they’re rattled going into the HOH competition. Corey told Paul that he thinks blindsides are a good option.

5:50 PM BBT: James asked Nicole what she was going to do with the veto. Nicole told him that she’s probably not going to use it. James told her that he’s been wanting to come upstairs to hangout with them. Nicole told him that Paul and Victor keep coming upstairs like they did to Michelle and Natalie last week.

5:55 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Corey and Nicole are wanting Paul to go home this week.

5:55 PM BBT: Paul tells Nicole that he’s perfectly fine with staying on the block this week, but said that he has a pitch he’d like to make. He said that Nicole could use the veto on him, put Natalie up, then both Michelle and Natalie would be freaking out all week. Paul explained that him and Victor would take all the heat off of her and Corey, this way she wouldn’t have to show her cards on Thursday because it would be a 3-1 vote. Nicole told him that she just doesn’t want to have to put anyone else up. Paul told her that’s fine, it’s just that he’ll have to play a part and act bummed all week. Nicole told him that she feels bad because she’s loyal to him, but said that she can’t show her cards this early in the week.

Paul told Nicole that he hopes she trusts Victor and him as much as they trust her and Corey. Nicole said that she does, stating that she could guarantee that one of them goes home this week if she wanted to. Nicole added that Michelle has to go and she wants to keep both him and Victor in the house this week. Nicole told Paul that she’s wanting to work with the best and believes that the four of them are the best players in the game. Nicole told him that her head, heart, and gut tell her that she should be loyal to them and make it to the final four together.

6:10 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Nicole is going to lock the nominations in place by not using the veto. James added that Nicole said that she realizes that Paul and Victor have always been coming up to the HOH room. James told her that Nicole knows that she doesn’t have to worry about Michelle since she has, them two, Corey, and Victor on her side.

6:20 PM BBT: James told Michelle that Nicole is going to keep the nominations the same and they’re going to vote Paul out. Michelle told him that she doesn’t think that Paul is getting voted out. Michelle added that if James finds out that she’s going home, she doesn’t want him to vote for her so that he doesn’t end up with a target on his back.

6:25 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey, Paul, and Victor that she thinks that Michelle knows that she’s going home. Corey and Victor told her that they think she does too. Victor told them that it sucks that James has to go home next because he said that he’d love to send Natalie home, but understands that James has to go first.

7:40 PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that he’s starting to realize that Nicole is really good at competitions. Natalie told him that she’s been trying to tell him this since Nicole just hasn’t needed to win until recently. James told them that it was best that he threw the competition to Nicole since now they won’t be getting any blood on their hands. Michelle told them that she’s going to tell Nicole that she’ll throw the upcoming HOH and will be a pawn next to Victor, but in reality Michelle said that she’ll try to win and put both Nicole and Victor up.

Natalie told James and Michelle that Nicole is a bigger threat in competitions than Corey is. Michelle agreed, stating that Nicole hasn’t even been put on the block yet. James told them that Nicole won’t be competing in the next HOH, insinuating that they could take a shot if they wanted. Michelle told them that Nicole is thinking that be having Paul in the house, she’d be buying herself another week. Natalie told her that Nicole isn’t thinking that way.

8:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Paul is wanting her to put up Natalie, which Nicole says isn’t good for her game and that is making her wary of Paul. Corey asked who he’d put up if he were to win HOH. Nicole told him that he’d put up James and Natalie, then they’d send Natalie home. Corey told her that if they put up James and Natalie, Paul and Victor would control the vote. Corey told her that if James went, then he won and put up James and Victor, then Victor won POV, he’d have to put Nicole up.

Nicole told Corey that she thinks Paul and Victor are serious about their final four. Corey said that he’s hoping so. Both Corey and Nicole agreed that if they got down to the final five with Victor and Natalie nominated, it would be smartest to send Victor home at that point. Nicole told Corey that she’s keeping the nominations the same this week and will kick his butt if he doesn’t vote out Michelle. Corey told her that he’ll vote out whoever she wants him to. Nicole told him that she wants Michelle out. Nicole explained that Michelle has been after her for so long and said that if her and Natalie got her way last week, Corey would have been gone.

Nicole told Corey that if James really is out to get them, she’d be fine with sending him out this week. Corey told her that he doesn’t think that James is playing dirty yet. Nicole told him that Paul might put them up but they know for a fact that Michelle is putting them up, which is why she has to go. Corey agreed, stating that Michelle has already put him up. Nicole said that she doesn’t want to blindside James. Corey told her that they’ll tell James when James told them last week, which was right before. Corey added that he’s going to use the same card that James used which was “I have got to have my girl’s back. She wants Michelle gone”.

8:55 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle that one of them will likely be going home at the end of the week, to which Paul explained that if it’s his last week, he’d like to squash their beef and put it behind them as Paul said that he’d like to be friends with everyone outside of the house. Michelle told Paul that she knows that he told Nicole that she wanted her out. Paul told her that he didn’t, that Nicole knew because Michelle would say it in public often and called Nicole a snake in her speech. Paul told her that it’ll be one of their last weeks in the house so they should just enjoy it. Michelle told him that she feels like she is the one who is going home. Paul told her that he’s been public enemy number one since last week.

Michelle told Paul that she didn’t like how he called her a bully. Paul told her that she’s not a bully and he only said it in the heat of the moment because he knew it would hurt her feelings. Michelle told him that she shouldn’t have butted into his and James’ conversation to begin with.

10:50 PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that he believes that Paul knows that he is going home this week. Michelle asked James to tell her if he were to find out that she is actually the target. James told her that he would. Natalie told them that if Paul doesn’t go home this week, he’s going to win the game. James told them that he’s going to make sure that Nicole is on board this week and said that he knows the right things to say.

12:00 AM BBT: Michelle told James and Natalie that she’s worried about Corey, Nicole, Paul, and Victor teaming up to take the two of them out. Natalie told her that Paul and Victor could beat Corey and Nicole in every competition, saying she wouldn’t understand if Corey and Nicole were to keep those two in the house. Natalie added that she could see Nicole and Victor in the final two. Michelle said that is why she’d put those two on the block if she won. Michelle added that Victor is fake too and is learning from Paul’s game.

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