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Big Brother 18: Day 72 Recap


We’re in for a crazy  day in the Big Brother house as not only is it eviction day, but a juror will be returning to the house. We also have potential for a huge vote flip that could completely turn the house upside down if Paul and Victor are able to successfully pull it off.


1:15 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Nicole and Corey have become BFFs with Paul. Natalie added that if Paul wins, he’s going to put the two of them up. Natalie told him that Corey should be the one who goes. James told Natalie that he doesn’t think that Victor would put up Paul, which is what this hinges on. Natalie told him that Victor really was upset with Paul, which Natalie said meant that Victor actually would put Paul up. Natalie added that if Paul wins HOH, one of them are going to be the ones who go home. James told Natalie that she’s just assuming that Corey and Nicole are working with Paul 100%. Natalie told him that what she does know is that she hasn’t ever worked with Corey and Nicole. James told her that he has been since day one.

Natalie told James that it would be Corey, Nicole, and Paul working together, then the two of them and Michelle as the outsiders if they were to keep Corey. Natalie added that it’s so late in the game that Corey and Nicole wouldn’t hesitate to separate the two of them. James told Natalie that it’s Paul who is going to Corey and Nicole, not the opposite. Natalie asked if he really trusts Corey and Nicole, to which James confirmed that he does. Natalie told James once more that she believes they’d be safer if Victor stayed since he’d put Paul up. James told her that Victor wouldn’t do that, giving an example that he wouldn’t ever put her up and Corey would never put Nicole up in the same way that Victor would never put Paul up. Natalie told him that he’s right and that she trusts his judgement. James told her that even if Paul were to win, he will want James out, not Natalie. James went on to tell Natalie that Corey and Nicole really want the four of them to make it to the final four so that it would be all showmances.

1:45 PM BBT: Michelle told Nicole that Paul is playing them hard because just last week she said that Paul was talking crap about them. Michelle told Nicole about Paul saying Corey made a nasty comment regarding Natalie using James to get to the top.

1:55 PM BBT: Victor told James that he knows Paul is working with Corey and Nicole because Corey told Paul that James was getting paranoid about the three of them working together, then Paul relayed it back to Victor. James told him that he wasn’t paranoid about anything, that he was just trying to figure out the conversation that Paul had with Corey and Nicole. Victor told James that Paul is working with Corey and Nicole, because it wouldn’t make any sense if he didn’t try that angle. Victor explained that Corey and Nicole would be stupid to deny Paul’s help if he offered.

2:00 PM BBT: James told Nicole about Corey apparently telling Paul that he’s paranoid about the three of them working with Paul. Nicole told James that it isn’t true and that they’re just trying to get Victor to stay. James told her that he wants to call Paul out for it. Nicole told him that if they’re wanting to keep Victor, they should keep Victor because Nicole said that she’s sick and tired of them pretending like her and Corey are being sketchy. Nicole told him that her and Corey have never once said anything bad about him or thrown him under the bus. Nicole added that she wouldn’t be surprised if this was Paul and Victor’s plan to act like they aren’t friends.

2:05 PM BBT: James confronted Paul, resulting in a huge argument with James, Michelle, and Natalie all going after Paul. A complete recap can be found by clicking here.

2:35 PM BBT: After walking out on her argument with Paul, Natalie went to ask Nicole if Corey really said that nasty comment about her. Nicole told her that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Natalie went to take a shower and said that half a million dollars isn’t worth her feelings and said that she’s willing to walk out of the house right now.

2:40 PM BBT: Paul and Victor kicked off a fake fight in front of the entire house. A complete recap can be found by clicking here.

2:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Natalie that she doesn’t know why they’re worried about her teaming up with Paul when Nicole said that she wouldn’t do that. Nicole added that if James is mad for Paul saying they’re paranoid, it’s not that big of a deal.

3:05 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey about James and Natalie admitted that Natalie wants Victor to stay. Nicole added that it makes it easy for them as to who they’ll target next week. Corey told her that he might be going home now. Nicole told him that it shows so much that James is so eager to mend relationships with Paul. Nicole bluntly told Corey that James and Natalie don’t trust them. Nicole added that if Corey gets taken out, she’s just going to make bold moves since she isn’t going to be in the house much longer anyway. Nicole told Corey that this showed her that Paul has their back while James and Natalie don’t.

3:15 PM BBT: James, Michelle, and Natalie discussed flipping the vote to save Victor and evict Corey. A complete recap can be found by clicking here.

3:30 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that if they’re able to pull this off, they’re going to win the show. Paul added that they’ll put both James and Natalie up if they win the next HOH. Paul told Victor one last time before ending the conversation that everyone else is stupid to think that he’d ever abandon his homie Victor.

6:25 PM BBT: Victor is evicted. Full details here.

7:40 PM BBT: Victor wins the Battle Back competition. Full details here.

8:55 PM BBT: Nicole becomes the new HOH. Full details here.

9:05 PM BBT: Nicole asked Natalie if she’s mad at her for asking James to fall off. Natalie said that she isn’t, that Nicole needed this and that she’s proud of her. Natalie added that her winning is perfect.

9:10 PM BBT: Michelle told Victor that she feels like the two of them are going up, but said that she doesn’t care at this point because she only feared Paul winning HOH. Natalie joined them. Michelle told them that Paul apologized to Corey when he fell off, which is proof that they’re working together. Michelle added that she doesn’t think that Corey or Nicole are going to put Paul up.

9:10 PM BBT: Paul told Corey that he’s glad Nicole didn’t drop and said that everything they talked about beforehand still stands. Corey agreed.

9:25 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s not going to put up Paul, but said that she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Nicole added that James only made a deal with her because he was about to fall. Nicole explained that she doesn’t trust James because she knew that it was Deja Vu, she was Shelli from Big Brother 17 while James was trying to make a deal with her. Nicole told him that she shouldn’t of made a deal and just beat James because now it’s gonna be harder for her to go back on it. Nicole told Corey that she wants Michelle to go home this week.

9:40 PM BBT: James told Natalie that it wouldn’t make any sense for Corey and Nicole to come after them when they’ve done nothing but prove their loyalty to them time and time again. James told her that his main goal this week is to skim by, then go balls to the wall for the rest of the game. Natalie told James that it’ll suck if she gets taken out when he could have won. James told her that Nicole might just put Victor back up with Paul, this time making sure that Paul goes home. Natalie told James that Victor winked at Paul during the HOH competition, which Natalie said lets her know that Victor and Paul’s fight was faked. Natalie added that she still feels like Victor trusts her though. James told her that if they can get Paul out this week, he believes Victor would take a shot at Corey and Nicole the following week.

Natalie told James that she thinks they can trust Corey and Nicole. James agreed, telling Natalie that they just can’t let Michelle get into their heads about it anymore.

9:40 PM BBT: Paul told Nicole that him and Victor have her back and will compete in the next HOH for her when she’s vulnerable.

10:10 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that they’re going to need him in the double eviction. Paul told Nicole and Corey that that him and Victor are going to be loyal to them because James and Natalie completely burned the bridge between them down.

10:30 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that they’re going to be good to go this week. Victor told him that it’ll probably be Michelle and Natalie who end up nominated. Victor and Paul both asked for America to send them the final care package.

10:40 PM BBT: Nicole told Victor that the only thing she’s worried about is that he told Corey that he was safe, then put him up. Victor told her that he only did that because of what Paulie was telling him. Victor added that Corey was never the target and said that he would have let Corey keep the veto had Paulie not taken it. Paul and Victor began telling Nicole about Michelle and Natalie coming to them after nominating them, crying and saying that it was a mistake.

10:55 PM BBT: Natalie told James that it’s a blessing in disguise that he voted Victor out since otherwise it would have been Paulie who returned. Natalie added that it would be a waste for Corey and Nicole to take out Michelle this week.

11:00 PM BBT: Paul told the viewers at home that he doesn’t know if he fully trusts Corey and Nicole, but said that he knows that the odds are likely that Victor or him will end up with the care package. Paul added that if he ends up getting the care package and it’s one with real power, he’ll use it to take a shot at James and Natalie. Paul explained that James and Natalie needed to be split up because they’re too powerful, as they control Michelle’s vote, which gives them three votes. Paul said that him and Victor aren’t going after Corey and Nicole right now because that would be the worst move that the two of them could make.

11:10 PM BBT: Victor told Paul about Da’Vonne and Paulie both saying that they wanted James out. Paul told him that is something they need to tell Corey and Nicole about since appeasing the jurors is a good move.

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11:30 PM BBT: Victor told Corey and Nicole about the jurors telling him that they wanted James out of the house.

11:50 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that everyone thinks he’s her target, so she said that she’s going to keep playing that up.

2:20 AM BBT: Paul suggested to Nicole that she put up James and Natalie with James as the main target. Paul explained to her and Corey that he promises to them that he hasn’t done anything sketchy against them while James and Natalie were considering the two of them as targets last week. Victor told them that James goes back on his word so much in the game, so now it’s James’ turn for that treatment.

3:15 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole that if she needs a reason to put James up, a few would be that James lied to people’s face when putting certain people on the block, James went against what they wanted by sending Zakiyah home, he went against what they wanted by sending Paulie home, and Corey said that James has put them in so many hard situations such as turning them against Paul and Victor. Corey added that they could tell James that he’s been playing both sides of the house in the same way that Paulie did. Nicole told him that her morals are kicking and it’ll be very hard for her to do that. Corey asked her what Paul and Victor have ever done to them and if she’d feel good about putting them up. Nicole agreed, saying that they might as well team up with the best people in the house. Nicole added that she doesn’t trust James and Natalie moving forward, stating that James almost didn’t vote to keep Corey. Corey told her that there is a bunch of reasons to put James up, adding that they can just tell James that he’s not the target.

Nicole asked what if she just put Michelle up. Corey told her that they have to put up the other two best, which is James and Natalie. Nicole told him that she doesn’t want to put Natalie up, that she rather just put up James and Michelle. Corey asked if she’s wanting to get Michelle out. Nicole told her that they could just use that as an excuse while she’s actually good with getting James out. Nicole added that it would be good to send Michelle home because it would leave James in the game for Paul to go after and someone in the game to go after Paul. Nicole told him that she wants to keep her word to both Paul and Victor, along with James and Natalie. Nicole told him that Michelle wants to go home, stating that Michelle said that she’s envious of the people in the jury house, so Nicole said they should do Michelle a favor. Nicole explained to Corey that she worries if they were to take out James, Paul and Victor would take a shot at the two of them in the double. Corey told her that Paul has their backs.

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