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Big Brother 18: Day 70 Recap


Following in the tradition of previous Tuesdays in the Big Brother house, the houseguests will spend most of their day catching up on lost sleep for the majority of the day, only talking minuscule amounts of game talk sporadically throughout the day and during the night time.


4:05 PM BBT: Nicole told James that she accidentally slipped up in front of Victor by talking as if she knows Corey will be in the house next week. James told her that it’s fine because he believes Victor knows that he’s going anyway. James added that it’s just better for everyone’s game for Victor to go this week, stating that if Paul doesn’t win the HOH next week, he’ll be gone too. Nicole told him that it also comes down to the veto and care package, which Nicole says that she hopes Paul gets neither. Nicole told James that it makes nervous that Paul would lie about french fries, which she says just shows how easily Paul is able to lie. James told her that if Paul drops out of the next HOH competition, he’ll have no problem with throwing it to her or Corey.

6:50 PM BBT: Paul asked Victor if he had talked to James yet. Victor told him that he was just going to relax today and go back to talking game tomorrow. Victor explained that he doesn’t feel like he has much else to say other than reiterating that they should stay loyal to their final five. Paul told Victor that when he does talk to James, he should do it in front of Michelle and Natalie so that James couldn’t go back on whatever he said with people knowing about it. Paul told Victor that he thinks that Natalie is using James because of the way she stays hot and cold with James, lures him in, then gets James to do whatever she wants.

Paul told Victor that if they’re both still in the house next week, they should split up, Paul saying that he’d link up with Nicole while Victor could link up with Michelle, ultimately trying to get both sides of the house to put up James and Natalie. Paul said that if Victor does leave, he’ll try to get close with Corey and Nicole since at that point it would be Corey, Nicole, and Paul vs James, Michelle, and Natalie. Victor told Paul to be wary of Nicole since she is the type of person to say they’re working together, but be whispering it all to James behind closed doors. They began talking about who they’d take to the final two if the other wasn’t in the house. Victor told Paul that he thinks the only person Paul would have trouble beating is James.

9:25 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that she hopes James tells Victor that he’s going home tomorrow because she said that she doesn’t want it to be a blindside. Michelle added that a worst case scenario for next week would be for Corey or Nicole to win HOH and then Paul gets the care package. Natalie told her that James just needs to win.

9:35 PM BBT: Natalie asked James if he was a saboteur. When James denied it, she asked if it was in his contract that he couldn’t say. James told her that he cannot confirm nor deny.

10:15 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that Paul would likely put Corey and Nicole up, but said that if he does end up putting James and Corey up, the two of them control the vote to keep James safe. Michelle told Natalie that she’s scared that Paul is going to slip through the cracks and skate on by. Natalie told her that Paul was supposed to be the one going home this week. Natalie added that Paul’s neighbors are celebrities and said she feels like Paul lives in a mansion. ¬†Michelle said that Paul has gotten everything he wants his entire life and traveled the world using mommy and daddy’s credit card. Natalie said that she hopes someone who is deserving of the money wins. Michelle said that she doesn’t think Paul deserves it.

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11:20 PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that he thinks that Victor has a gut feeling that he’s going home, but he’s being hopeful in his mind. Michelle told them that it seems like Paul has been buddy buddy with Corey and Nicole. James told them that Paul is already moving on, planning his next move to try to stay one step ahead. Michelle said that scares her, but James told her that he knows every single move that Paul makes. Natalie told them that they’re the only two people she’s 100% loyal to and would never throw under the bus. Michelle told her that she feels the same way. James told them that they need to get into Paul’s head and make him think that if he wins HOH, he wouldn’t get the care package. James told the girls about Corey wanting him to let Nicole win HOH. Natalie told James that he needs to win it, otherwise her or Michelle might end up going home.

Michelle told James and Natalie that if Paul saves himself next week, they should get Nicole out since Corey would have a better shot at winning the HOH to take a shot at Paul. Michelle added that she didn’t know how Nicole found out that she wanted to put her up. Natalie told her that it was because of Paul. Michelle told them that she’s going to get Corey and Paul to drink her alcohol the night before the HOH competition.

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