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Big Brother 18: Day 69 Recap


It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’ll have our final nominees for the week have see which two houseguests could be sent packing. However, what none of the houseguests have been prepping for is the jury revival competition, as James has shut down anyone’s thought of that being a possibility. Maybe we’ll see James finally be convinced of it later today by either Paul or Michelle.


10:00 AM BBT: Paul started talking to the viewers at home. He said that he’s pretty sure that they’re trying to get him or Victor out this week, adding that he wouldn’t be surprised if they send Victor to jury. Paul said that he doesn’t think Michelle is the brightest bulb and will likely replace him with Nicole. Paul added that he needs a care package as he’s sure that James and Natalie have started to make deals with Corey and Nicole.

10:05 AM BBT: Paul questioned James as to what Michelle will do, saying that Michelle made it clear that she wanted Nicole out. James told him that he thinks Michelle will put Corey up because that is what everyone else wanted. Paul told him that the last care package will be the mother of all care packages and if Corey is left in the house, all of Nicole’s fans are going to send it to him.

10:10 AM BBT: Michelle asked James to swear that he doesn’t have anything going with Nicole. James told her that he swear her doesn’t, saying that Nicole didn’t ask for any kind of final four deal. Michelle told him that she just really wants Nicole out because she doesn’t want to just let her slide by, but said that she’s willing to wait this week.

11:30 AM BBT: Paul used the veto on himself. Corey went up as the replacement nominee. Full details here.

11:30 AM BBT: Natalie tells Michelle that if they want to make it far, they have to keep Nicole for a while and get out people like Paul, Victor, and Corey. Natalie explained that neither Corey and Nicole have been doing anything other than relaxing. Michelle told her that she wants Paul to go before Corey. Natalie told her that it’s the perfect situation for them if they can get Corey and Paul nominated next week. Natalie added that Victor has the eight competition wins and once you get to this point in the game, you can win your way to the finals. Natalie went on to tell Michelle that they have a better chance of winning with Corey and Nicole still in the house.

11:35 AM BBT: Paul told Victor that he doesn’t trust James at all. Victor told him that he’s going to have a straight forward conversation with James about it on Wednesday or Thursday. Paul told him that he believes that James has been the one instigating the target on their backs.

12:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that she wasn’t the reason he was called a liar and a manipulator by Natalie when he was put up. Paul asked her when she was told that he was coming after her. Nicole said that it was about a week ago. Paul asked if Paulie was one of the people who told her, to which Nicole confirmed. Nicole added that Paulie might have been trying to plant seeds. Nicole told Paul that she’s sure Corey is gong home, as they’ve all made it obvious how they all hangout together except for Corey and her. Paul told Nicole that he only called her out because of what he was told by everyone else.

12:30 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that Paul is downstairs talking to Corey and Nicole. Michelle added that Paul was probably the one who told Nicole that she wanted to put her up. Natalie said that Paul is a sh-t stain for talking to Corey and Nicole. Michelle told her that she just feels bad for Victor because he said that he was scared and thanked her for putting Corey up. Natalie told her that she can’t manipulate James, but could lay out to him what they want if they wanted to get Corey out since it is their HOH.

2:55 PM BBT: Victor told Michelle that Corey and Nicole are only good at telling lies and deceiving. Paul told her that if they end up getting boned, there is a 50/50 chance of them winning the care package. Victor told Michelle that if he gets taken out, she’ll only have one person playing for her in the HOH.

3:00 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Paul and Victor ruined her HOH week by playing so hard. Natalie added that Paul just needs to sit down and shut up because of how annoying he is. Natalie went on to tell James that they need to blindside both Paul and Victor. James told Natalie that if he wins HOH, Corey is going to have to go up as a pawn next to Paul. Natalie told him that is what she wants, explaining that the two of them and Michelle are a team of three, Corey and Nicole are a team of two, and Paul is a team of one. Natalie began saying that she thinks there is more to Paul, as his family is really well off and he hangs out with celebrities.

3:35 PM BBT: Michelle came upstairs and started crying to James and Natalie. Michelle told them that she’s scared about next week because if she loses the veto to Paul next week if Corey or Nicole are HOH, she’s going home. Natalie and James told her that they weren’t going to let that happen. Michelle said that she feels like it’s the two couples and she’s the odd one out. Natalie told her that it’s not two couples, that the three of them in the room now are a threesome.

3:45 PM BBT: Michelle asked Nicole why she thought that she was going up. Nicole told her that she felt like Michelle doesn’t like her, so she said that she thought it was going to be a personal reason she went up. Michelle told Nicole that she did want to put her up because she figured that Nicole would be more likely to nominate her than Corey would, but said that Paul got into her ear all week about putting up Corey, so she did. Michelle began to get emotional, telling Nicole that she didn’t want her to think that she doesn’t like her.

4:05 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Victor knows his only hope is through her. Natalie said that she knows, saying that it would be through her heart. James asked if she figured Victor would repay the favor next week if they were to save him. Natalie told him that they’d have to tell Victor that Paul has to go next. James told her that Victor wouldn’t take Paul out .

4:20 PM BBT: Nicole asked Michelle who wanted her and Corey out. Michelle told her that it was literally all five that were left in the house who wanted to make it to final five together. Nicole told Michelle that if she does win, she won’t be her target. Nicole added that even if Victor is still in the house and she wins, she’ll put both Paul and Victor both up.

4:30 PM BBT: Nicole told Victor that she’s going to vote to keep Corey. Victor told her that he expected that.

4:45 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Michelle doesn’t want a final five with James, Natalie, Paul, and Victor since Michelle said that she wants Paul out before anyone else. Nicole went on to say that the only people she’d be satisfied to see win would be him or James. Nicole said that James is playing Derrick’s game, even having Natalie like Derrick had Victoria.

4:55 PM BBT: Michelle asked Natalie who she figured Paul would put up if he won HOH. Natalie told her that Paul isn’t going to waste it by putting the two of them up. Natalie added that Paul is going to play strategically, which means he’s likely to put up the guys.

5:10 PM BBT: Nicole told James that Michelle told her that him and Natalie had a final five with Paul, Victor, and Michelle. James told her that they didn’t have a final five.

5:15 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that if the final four is them two with James and Natalie, Nicole said that them two are mentally stronger, but said that James and Natalie are stronger when it comes to endurance.

6:40 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that James talks to Natalie and tells her everything she needs to hear, who then goes and talks to Michelle about it. Victor told him that Michelle isn’t stupid and knows that if he goes this week, she’s screwed. Victor added that if anything, Michelle would come to tell him if anything was fishy or just shut it down to Natalie outright. Paul told Victor that it bugs him out calm Corey and Nicole are.

Victor told Paul that whatever James does, he’ll be taking out a big target, all the while they’ve been working with James longer than Corey has been. Paul told him that he doesn’t know what deals that Corey has been making. Victor told him that James also has a deal with them. Paul told him that James might think it would be easier to beat Corey and Nicole than it would be to beat the two of them. Victor told him that if James is thinking logically, he would think that the two of them could take Nicole out for him, then James and Natalie could both play in the following HOH to take a shot at them two. Paul questioned why Nicole thought she was going up. Victor told him that it was a 50/50 chance or someone told her. Victor added that James jumped in when Michelle went to ask Nicole out it, possibly making sure that Nicole didn’t say it was him who leaked.

11:15 PM BBT: James told Michelle and Natalie that he’ll tell Paul after the eviction that he had to vote out Victor since Paul was playing both sides, making Victor collateral damage since Paul saved himself. Michelle told them that once Victor is gone, she doesn’t want anything to do with Paul. James told them that he’ll tell Victor that he’s leaving on Wednesday. Michelle told them that if she wins HOH, she’d want to take Nicole out. Natalie and James told her that is fine and they’d help get Nicole out. James added that he could put Nicole and Paul up next week if he were to win instead of Corey and Paul.

12:45 AM BBT: Paul tells Victor about how annoyed he is with Michelle, continuing to air out his grievances for ten minutes.

3:45 AM BBT: Paul told the live feeders who he’ll target and what his plan moving forward will be. Full recap can be found by clicking here.

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