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Big Brother 18: Day 67 Recap


It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, which means that there will be plenty of planning and studying for today’s competition. Paul has been up all night studying the BB Storm Watch, so he’s sure to help everyone else out that isn’t Corey or Nicole. We’ll find out today if the new plan to backdoor Corey will be doable, or if they’re going to have to bite the bullet and send Paul or Victor home.

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7:55 AM BBT: James and Victor are made have-nots.

9:10 AM BBT: James and Corey are picked to play in the veto alongside Natalie, Michelle, Paul, and Victor.

9:15 AM BBT: Natalie told Paul that she’s really sorry for putting him up. Paul told her that it’s fine and now they have 5 to 1 odds of winning the veto and being able to backdoor Corey.

9:15 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she must do a lot of stuff wrong to end up in this situation two seasons in a row. Corey asked what she meant. Nicole told her that she’s left out of the big group that is upstairs right now. Corey told her not to worry because he and James has her back, but Nicole told him that James won’t even look her in the eye. Nicole explained that she’s going to end up going home this week. Corey told her that he can’t imagine that happening. Nicole asked Corey if he was going to try to win. Corey told her that he’s going to lose because he doesn’t know any of it.

9:20 AM BBT: James, Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor are upstairs studying together.

9:45 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Michelle might want him to go. Corey told her that him and James don’t care about what Michelle wants. Nicole questioned what would happen if James was fed crap by Michelle, Paul, and Victor. Corey told her that they have nothing to worry about because Corey said that she could kill a puppy and James still wouldn’t vote her out.

12:15 PM BBT: Natalie told James that all she wants is for Victor to win the veto, and if she doesn’t, she really doesn’t care what happens. James told her that in the back of his head, he’s been thinking of sending Paul home still. Natalie told him that she’s still wanting Corey out. Natalie added that the way Paul is behaving is not okay, citing that Paul was telling her to use the veto on him as if he had control over her. James told Natalie that what Corey did pisses him off too, but Corey has never schemed against him. Natalie pointed out that if Paul stays, he’s going to control Victor. James told her that is why getting Paul out is a good game move. Natalie said that Corey isn’t a social threat, while Paul was able to control the entire room last night.

James told Natalie that if everyone is telling her to get rid of Corey, he’ll stand behind her to get rid of Corey. Natalie told him that if they take out one of Corey and Nicole when she promised she wouldn’t, they’re going to be after her. James told her that Victor wouldn’t come after them even after Paul left cause he’ll know that Corey and Nicole still want him out. James told her that in his opinion, Paul or Victor have to go, but said he’ll vote Corey out if that is what she wants. Natalie told James that Paul wanting to get pulled down so badly and trying to force her to use the veto on him makes her want to leave Paul nominated. James told her again that he’d feel better if Paul or Victor were gone. Natalie agreed, saying that it weakens that group. James told her to go with her gut. Natalie told him that her gut says to take out Paul, then Corey next week. James told Natalie that he thinks this is the right move because Corey and Nicole want to work with them very badly.

7:05 PM BBT: Paul won the POV. Full details here

7:05 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she thinks that James would be silly to vote her out over Victor. Corey told her that she’s right and that is why this is perfect, saying that he was actually hoping that Paul would win the veto so that they could get Victor out.

7:05 PM BBT: Paul told Natalie that this gives them the perfect opportunity to correct the mistake they made by putting him up with Victor. Natalie agreed, saying that this is the perfect backdoor opportunity.  Victor joined them, telling James that he’s the man in the middle this week who controls who goes home. Victor told him that Corey and Nicole are likely going to try to sway his opinion this week, so Victor told him to be wary.

7:15 PM BBT: James asked Natalie if she thinks he should tell Michelle about him wanting to vote Victor out since it is best for their game. Natalie told him that he could feel her out to see where Michelle was on it. James told her that taking out Victor is the right thing to do for their game since they might not get this opportunity again. James added that if they get Victor out, Paul isn’t going to work with Corey and Nicole. Natalie told him that she’s willing to do whatever he wants.

7:20 PM BBT: Paul told James and Natalie that if Corey and Nicole say anything that causes doubt in him or Victor, they should come to them about it so that they could defend themselves by confirming or denying whatever they were accused of. Michelle joined, telling them that she really wants Nicole out, but questioned if they’d vote her out. James told Michelle that she should put Nicole up if that is what she wants and said that he will vote her out. Paul told her that if they get Nicole out, they’re leaving Corey open to receiving the next care package.

7:25 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that they have to win HOH next week so that they can take a shot at James. Paul added that they’d nominate Natalie alongside him.

7:40 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Michelle knows that she can trust them, so if she wants Nicole out, it’s her HOH. Natalie added that even with Nicole out, Corey is still going to work with them because of James. James asked her if she’s wanting Nicole out now. Natalie said that she doesn’t want to take Nicole out because it’s pointless. James agreed, saying that Michelle is wanting Nicole out for personal reasons and said that they’re at the final seven now, which means that they have to do what is best for them, not what the HOH wants. Natalie told him that it’s now or never if they want Victor out. James told her that Victor is a huge threat and he’ll (James) be the controlling vote this week. Natalie told him that if they take Corey out, Paul and Victor would be running the house. Natalie added that she needs to have a serious talk with Michelle about it all. James told Natalie that she’s going to make a final four with Corey and Nicole. James added that he’d nominate Corey and Paul next week if he were to win HOH.

8:10 PM BBT: Michelle told Paul and Victor that for her game, Nicole is more dangerous since she said that she doesn’t think Corey would put her up. Paul and Victor told her that leaving Corey in leaves the chance that he’ll get the care package while even if Nicole were to win HOH, the care package would likely be something that could negate nay of Nicole’s plans.

8:45 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey, James, and Natalie that she’d never put any of them up. Corey said that same, saying that they could make this final four happen. Nicole told them that she’ll gladly volunteer to go up if Paul manages to win HOH next week so that they’d be protected.

8:55 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Corey and Nicole seemed genuine, using Nicole volunteering to go up if Paul wins HOH as proof of that. Natalie told him that she rather work with him, Michelle, Corey, and Nicole. James agreed. James told her that he’s not putting 1000% of his trust in Corey and Nicole, though. Natalie told him that it’s a risk they’re having to take. Natalie asked who James thought Paul would put up next week. James told her that he’d put up Corey and Nicole, leaving him (James) as the replacement nominee. Natalie told him that Michelle is going to be pissed. James told her that he’ll just say it was a game move and Michelle will end up thanking him for it in the end.

9:35 PM BBT: James told Paul that it’s going to be a slam dunk week since Corey or Nicole will go up, then they’ll vote either one of them out.

10:00 PM BBT: James asked Michelle if she has any idea as to who she’s going to choose as the replacement nominee. Michelle told him that she’s going to nominate Corey since that is what they want. Michelle explained that she’s doing this for them since Nicole is a bigger threat to her game. James and Paul told her that it’s her HOH and she can nominate who she wants.

  • Lisa Kay

    The best decision if neither Paul or Victor wins the veto, is to send Paul out, while they have the chance because that chance may never come again. Paul and Victor together are to much of a threat.

    • Justine Fourie

      I know, I just wish Paul/Victor leaving didn’t have to include Nicole and Corey being safe another week.

      • Lisa Kay

        I don’t like the way Paul was at the beginning when he would run and tell people everything and he don’t need the money. I’m sorry, but I want someone who needs it, to win. Paul, Paulie, Corey, Nicole and Victor don’t “need” money (as much) as the others do. Ism about Michelle but I don’t like her so I’m just hoping she gets cut before final 4.. Also Victor is to much of a threat to keep. I don’t like Corey or Nicole either. I never liked Michelle. Now, Natalie is getting on my nerves by watching the feeds. This season sucks! I’ve been thinking I hope Momma Day comes back and she gets with James instead of Michelle and they battle for 1st and 2nd place. I’m guessing Day would get first, but I like James better than her, for some reason, I guess its cause he’s from the south like I am.

        • Justine Fourie

          I’m not against any particular form of strategy if it gets that person to the end, unless they coasted. The fact that people trusted him enough to say everything in front of him is an accomplishment (taken back a little because this cast talks a lot, to everyone). I am not a fan of, he/she should not win because they don’t need the money. If they really needed to money you don’t go on a reality tv show for a 1 in 16 chance at half a million dollars. Their stipend isn’t worth it either. Michelle is probably going to be dragged to F3. Victor is a threat, I understand why they are evicting him, I’m just not happy Nicole and Corey are staying another week, that’s all. I hope Bridgette returns.

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