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Big Brother 18: Day 66 Recap


It’s going to be another crazy day in the Big Brother house, as we have both nominations and America’s 4th Care Package to look forward to. The co-HOH will be revealed, which gives the recipient the power to nominate one of the two nominees, effectively cutting the normal HOH’s power in half. We’ll get to see all the fallout and strategy to follow that once it is revealed and after the two separate nominations are made.


5:00 AM BBT: Nicole asked Natalie if the two of them, Corey, and James were going to work together moving forward. Natalie told her that she feels like they should. Nicole told her that she wouldn’t ever put her or James up and is willing to go to the final four with them two. Nicole told Natalie that she thinks that Michelle, Paul, and Victor have a final three deal. Nicole added that if she were to keep her and Corey this week, she’d have Corey, James, and Nicole all fighting for her while it would only be either Paul or Victor and Michelle fighting against them. Nicole pointed out again that strategically speaking, she’s not a threat to either of their games. Nicole told her that she knows.

5:05 AM BBT: Paul told Michelle that Natalie told him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about, but told her that who knows what Nicole could be upstairs telling Natalie.

5:10 AM BBT: James told Natalie that she’s going to have to decide on which side she’s going to want to roll with. Natalie told James that she made a promies with Victor and Paul when it came to getting Paulie out, but now that they’ve done that, Nicole and Corey both really want to work with the two of them. Natalie added that she knows Nicole has fought to have her put up as a pawn before, but said that Nicole is a genuine person who would keep her word. Natalie brought up why they turned on Paul to begin with, Paul telling Paulie that James and Natalie were coming after Nicorey. James told her that Paulie is not here to confirm or deny that was ever said and said that she doesn’t know if it’s credible or not since it’s from Paulie. Natalie questioned why Nicole would lie about such a thing.

5:15 AM BBT: Corey told Natalie that she knows where he and Nicole stand, saying that if she keeps them off, she’ll have him, Nicole, and James all protecting her going into next week. Corey told her that he’s wanting to see one of the guys go home, which he said would preferably by Victor. Corey explained that if they don’t get Victor out now, they should just be giving him the money. Natalie told him that if she put Victor up, he’d win veto, but Corey told her that it wouldn’t matter since Paul would just go home.

5:40 AM BBT: Victor told Paul that he feels like they’re about to get boned, but said that he thinks that the care package will throw a wrench in Natalie’s plans and said that he has a feeling that they’re going to win the veto.

5:45 AM BBT: Natalie told James that if she were to put up Paul and Victor, then one of them pulls themselves off, they could just use Michelle as a pawn since Natalie says that Michelle owes her. Natalie added that they could bring Michelle into the fold if they explained to her everything that Paul has done. Natalie told James that she’ll be taking out either Paul or Victor this week, but said that her target would be Paul. Natalie did say that if they win the veto, they should keep the nominations the same and take out Victor since he’s the better competitor. Natalie asked James who he’d put up. James told her that he’d put up Paul and Victor. Natalie told him that if she goes this route, she feels like she’ll have a better chance at beating Nicole in certain competitions. James agreed, saying that he’d be able to able to beat Corey in some of them too. Natalie told him that they’re going to just figure out who receives the care package, what’s inside, and then they’ll decide on who goes up.

10:35 AM BBT: Paul asked Natalie if everything was fine, to which Natalie said that it was. Paul tried telling her that he’s asking because Victor saw Corey upstairs, but Natalie shut him down, saying that of course people are going to come talk to the HOH.

10:40 AM BBT: Natalie told James about Paul questioning her. James told her that was sketchy. Natalie questioned how many more times is Paul going to ask her about what she’s going to do. James told her that if she wants to question Paul about why he eavesdropped on her conversation, James said that he’s willing to back her up. Natalie told him that she has to take into account that Corey and Nicole didn’t talk to her all season, that knows Corey and Nicole have talked behind her back, and Nicole not wanting to work with her while Paulie was in the house. Natalie added that she has Paul who is wanting a final four and now Nicole who is also wanting a final four.

10:45 AM BBT: Paul told Victor that they might be getting screwed because Natalie came into the room, got her things, then basically ran out. Victor told him that he’ll say that he knew Natalie couldn’t hold up her end of the bargain when it came to their deal to get Paulie out. Victor added that it would also be sketch if they were to get some sort of power from the care package, then James and Natalie wanted to try to come talk about. Victor explained that there shouldn’t be anything to talk about.

12:35 PM BBT: Natalie told James that she’s going to have a one on one with Michelle today to figure out where Michelle’s head is at. James told her that Michelle is going to want Corey and Nicole nominated. Natalie told him that she knows, but said that the smartest move for them would be to take out either Paul or Victor. Natalie added that she’s going to try to bring Michelle on their side, but said that she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to do it.

12:45 PM BBT: Michelle recieved the co-HOH care package. Full details here

12:55 PM BBT: Michelle and Natalie discussed who they should nominate and target, eventually coming to a conclusion. Read the complete recap by clicking here.

1:15 PM BBT: Paul told James that Corey and Nicole are both really good talkers. James told him that he should probably be more worried about Michelle’s nomination than Natalie’s. James added that he should be fine, but said that this is Big Brother and you’re not safe the second you start to feel like you’re safe.

1:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Natalie that she’s worried about Michelle putting her up as a pawn when Victor could win veto, pull Paul off, then the two of them would both be safe. Nicole asked which of the Paul and Victor duo is Michelle most threatened by. Natalie said that she didn’t want to speak on Michelle’s behalf. Natalie told Corey and Nicole that someone is going go home this week, it just won’t be the two of them. Natalie asked Nicole if she’d be okay with being a pawn. Nicole told her that she’s fine with being a pawn if one of the two original nominees pull themselves down. Corey and Nicole both swore to God that they’re be loyal to Natalie and James going into next week too. Nicole added that if America wanted to save Paul and Victor, they’d of sent one of the two a care package.

1:40 PM BBT: Nicole went to see where Michelle’s head is at. Michelle told her that she’s on board with Natalie’s plan, that she knows that Paul has been lying to everyone and has been the actual snake in the house. Nicole told Michelle that if Victor doesn’t go up alongside Paul, he could win the veto and take Paul down, saving the both of them. Michelle agreed.

1:50 PM BBT: Natalie told Nicole that she’s going to need her and Corey to keep her safe next week. Nicole told her that the two of them have already promised her their loyalty. Natalie told her that this week her target will be Paul, to which Nicole said that she’d vote out whoever Natalie wanted. Nicole left. Natalie told James that she’s going to tell Victor that he’s not the target and she is completely fine with him pulling himself off the block.

2:00 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that he might need to go up as a pawn if one of the nominees come down since Natalie said that James trusts him, but didn’t say that James trusts her. Nicole told him that if the pull this off, her parents are going to crap themselves.

2:10 PM BBT: Victor tells Paul that Michelle knows that if one of them leave, she’s going next since the pairs will have all the power.

2:15 PM BBT: Natalie asked James if she should give Victor a heads up. James told her that if she does, it should be a very last minute thing. Nicole joined them, asking Natalie if she was going to put Victor up. Natalie told her that she wants to put Paul up since he’s her target. James told them both that if the nominations stay the same while Paul and Victor are nominated, he doesn’t think that sending Paul home would be the best choice.

2:30 PM BBT: Natalie told James that she’s on board with getting Victor out if the nominations were to stay the same since it would be easier for them to get Paul out in the future than it would be to get Victor out again.

3:50 PM BBT: Michelle told Corey, James, and Nicole that they have to vote Paul out. Nicole told her that she’d do whatever they want her to do. Michelle told them that she doesn’t want to be the one who puts Victor up.

4:05 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that he knows they’re good with Michelle, so he thinks they should be alright, but said that they’ll never know for sure until nominations.

4:20 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that she feels really bad for Victor because she knows that he’d never put her up, but said that Paul would. Natalie told her that Paul could end up influencing Paul to get him to put them up. Michelle and Natalie discussed what they could tell Victor before or after nominating him. Michelle said that they could tell him that he isn’t the target, he’s just the pawn, and promise to use the veto on him if they win it. Natalie told Michelle that she wants a final three with her and James. Michelle agreed, saying that she’d take Natalie to the final two so that a girl would win.

Michelle told Natalie that she fears being left out of all the duos to be targeted. Natalie told her that nobody is talking about targeting her. Michelle told Natalie that Corey and Nicole could just be saying they’d take her and James to the end because they know she’s close to him. Michelle added that she knows Corey and Nicole would take her out before James because Nicole would never go after James. Michelle said that she still wants Paul out though, but said that she doesn’t want to be the person to nominate Victor. Natalie told her that she’ll take on for the team and nominate Victor herself.

Natalie told Michelle that if she wants to stick to the plan to get Corey and Nicole out, she’s down to do that if she has valid reasons. Natalie added that Paul is a bigger threat in her eyes than both Corey and Nicole. Michelle told her that if they stick to the plan and get one of Nicorey out, they’d have Victor, Paul, and James all playing for them next week, while even whoever is left from Nicorey wouldn’t target them since they’d go after Paul and Victor. Michelle explained that it comes down to making a short term move by getting Nicorey out or thinking long term by getting Paul out. Natalie told her that they should think long term.

4:50 PM BBT: Michelle and Natalie told Victor that he’s not going to be their target this week and said that they really respect him as a person. Victor said that he didn’t want to be the pawn, but Michelle went on to say that Paul is the target because he has lied so much to everyone. Victor told Michelle and Natalie that if they got Corey out this week, it would ensure that him or Paul got the next care package, ensuring that they made it to the final five. Natalie tells Victor that she just doesn’t trust Paul to not come after her. Michelle promised Victor that she’d use the veto on him if she got it. Victor asked why Corey can’t be the pawn, but Michelle told him that she knows he’d take Paul off if he won the veto. Michelle and Natalie went on to explain how Paul betrayed them all by leaking information to Paulie so that he would be protected if Paulie had the round trip.

7:10 PM BBT: Michelle and Natalie nominated Paul and Victor. Click here for full details

7:15 PM BBT: Paul questioned Natalie in front of everyone, asking who he lied to since she deiced to call him a liar in her speech. Natalie told him that she doesn’t want to fight with him and will talk to him when he’s not heated. Natalie told Paul that he told her to her face that he didn’t vote her out when Victor went home the first time when he did. Paul told her that it was obvious that was him and wasn’t even a secret. Natalie told him that he’s just dangerous to everyone’s game. Michelle joined them, telling Paul that he lied about knowing Da’Vonne was going home. Paul told her that he didn’t, that he was being told by everyone that Bridgette was going home.

Michelle asked Paul if he has ever brought up backdooring James. Paul told her that he hasn’t, then asked Nicole if he ever said it to to her, to which Michelle confirmed that he hadn’t. Natalie questioned Paul about making jokes about her breast implants with Paulie.  Paul told her that she was right, that he was in the wrong and is sorry if he hurt her.

7:35 PM BBT: Michelle questioned Natalie if they made the wrong decision, but Natalie told her that they didn’t, that what they did was the right move. Natalie told Michelle that Paul and Victor wanted a final four with her and James, which meant that they wanted to take Michelle out at final five. Michelle told them that she’s going after Corey and Nicole next. James agreed, saying that they need to go after the next biggest targets, which he said is Corey and Nicole.

7:40 PM BBT: Paul defended himself to Natalie and Michelle, ultimately getting them to regret wanting him out and getting them on board with the idea of backdooring Corey. After Paul left, James, Michelle, and Natalie each talked about it. A complete recap can be found by clicking here.

8:05 PM BBT: Nicole asked Victor if he was the one who made the nominations last week. Victor told her that he did what everyone in the house wanted.

8:30 PM BBT: Paul told Victor about Michelle and Natalie upstairs crying, regretting their decision to put them up. Paul told him that they’re wanting to backdoor Corey now. Victor told him that this is perfect.

8:50 PM BBT: Michelle told Paul that she hopes he knows that she was wanting to stay loyal to the five until Natalie came to her with everything that she did today. Michelle told him that she even told Natalie that her gut wasn’t telling her to put up either him or Victor. Michelle explained that Natalie just really wanted him nominated and her hands were tied on what she could do. Michelle told Paul that what they need to do now is get James on board to backdoor Corey. Paul asked what their response was after he left. Michelle told him that Natalie wants to backdoor Corey now to. Michelle told him that James wants the five of them to get in a room, then promise to Paul and Victor that they were just fooled and still want to work with them.

9:00 PM BBT: Nicole told Michelle that Paul is straight up lying when he says that he didn’t know about the Da’Vonne plan. Nicole added that she knows Michelle feels betrayed by her, but said that she doesn’t want Michelle to feel that way.

9:10 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that he’s going to call out Corey and Nicole in front of everyone for saying that he told Paulie that James wanted Corey and Nicole out. Victor told him that this was a poor plan on Michelle’s part, but did work out well for Natalie. Paul told him that they have to sell James and Natalie on the fact that they’re going to get that care package and use it to get Nicole out. Paul explained to Victor that if they do survive this week, they’re actually going to take a shot at James and whoever is left of Nicorey next week.

9:30 PM BBT: Natalie told James that people from both sides are so convincing, so it gets hard. James told her that she has to go off her gut, not what her heart is saying. Natalie told him that she really does want to backdoor Corey this week. James told her that it’s her HOH and if that is what she wants to do, he’ll stand behind her. James added that Victor is going to try her no matter what even if Paul were to leave since he wouldn’t have anyone else. James told Natalie that if he wins HOH next week, he’ll put up Corey and Nicole for her. Natalie questioned what would happen if he didn’t win and Corey or Nicole won it and put the both of them up.

9:40 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle and Victor that he’ll call Corey and Nicole out if they’re wanting him to. Michelle told Victor that she was the one who pushed to tell him about the plan beforehand because she couldn’t stand to blindside him. Michelle told him that she feels so stupid for being manipulated by Corey and Nicole. Victor told her that she’ll be the only one who benefits from having both Paul and Victor stay in the house.  Michelle told them that Natalie wants Corey out over Nicole, but Michelle said that she doesn’t think that Corey is the talker. Paul told her that it doesn’t matter because if they take Corey out, they’ll get the care package next week.

9:55 PM BBT: Victor told James that they were talking about the possibility of backdooring Corey. James told him that Natalie was just upstairs talking about that too. Paul joined them. Paul and Victor both told James that they really do want to stick to the final five that they had made and be loyal to that. Victor told James that if Corey stays, there is a 50% chance he has it and then will go after James along with whoever stays from him and Paul. James told him that he believes Natalie will be on board with the plan to backdoor Corey this week. Paul and Victor both told James that if they won this HOH, they’d of put Corey and Nicole up outright. Paul told James that if they get Corey out this week, it guarantees him or Victor get the care package, which Paul told him that they could use to get Nicole out.

10:00 PM BBT: Michelle told James that Victor isn’t the type of person who wants vengeance because even after Paulie backdoored him, he wrote in his HOH blog how Paulie was his ride or die. Paul agreed, telling James that Victor is a loyal person, saying that even if he does leave this week, he doesn’t want them to let Corey and Nicole win.

Paul told James, Michelle, and Victor that before Paulie left, he set everything up so that nobody could set their sights on Corey and Nicole. James told them that he knows Natalie will be on board to backdoor Corey once they talk to her. Paul told them that he’ll rattle Corey and Nicole tonight, telling Michelle to lock the HOH room door so that they couldn’t come upstairs. James told them that if he wins veto, he’ll pull down whoever they want him to. Paul told him to pull Victor down. Paul asked if they want him to call out Corey and Nicole tonight to rattle their cages. Michelle said that she’d talk to Natalie to see if she wants that.

10:30 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that he’s hoping they can stick to their final five and finish that original plan. Paul added that he hopes James trusts them. Victor told him that James has no reason not to.

11:05 PM BBT: James told Natalie about Michelle, Natalie, and Victor wanting to backdoor Corey. Natalie asked him if he’s using her to win to win America’s favorite. James said no. Natalie asked if she really likes him, and if so, asked him to rate it on a scale of 1-10. James said yes and 10.

11:10 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that she has two weeks to get close with Michelle. Nicole told him that she just can’t relate to Michelle and tells him that she was close with Michelle, but the Da’Vonne situation really hurt her. Corey told her that they just  really need to win veto so that they can keep the nominations the same. Nicole said that she could still end up nominations, but Corey told her that she won’t because they’re safe for the next two weeks. Corey told her that if the nominations stay the same, he’s voting Victor out. Nicole told her that will piss Michelle off, to which Corey said that he didn’t care.

11:15 PM BBT: Michelle asked Natalie when has Nicole ever been happy about her winning a competition. Natalie said never, telling them that now that nominations are done, they’re not even hanging out with her anymore. Natalie told Victor that if she wins veto, Paul can’t get mad if she pulls Victor off. Paul joined them, asking Natalie for permission to call Corey and Nicole out, telling her that he’ll say everything in front of their faces so that Natalie could see how they react. Natalie told him not to do it right now. Natalie said that she made a stupid move with her one HOH by putting up her friend. Victor told her that they could still fix this by winning the veto and backdooring Corey. Paul asked Michelle for her permission to blow things up with Corey and Nicole. Michelle told him that he can tomorrow. James told him that he can go downstairs and do it right now in the kitchen.

11:55 PM BBT: Nicole asked Corey if he trusts James. Corey said that he did and said that she should too.

12:20 AM BBT: Paul called out Nicole in front of the entire house as he kicked off Operation Paranoia. Read the full recap of everything that was said by clicking here.

12:35 AM BBT: Nicole told Michelle and Natalie that Paul just went off on her because she called him out on knowing about the Da’Vonne plan. Michelle told Nicole that she has to fight back when Paul tries doing that. Paul then got a red alert, coming upstairs to tell Nicole that he was given that to ensure that she wasn’t spreading more lies about him.

Once Paul left, Nicole asked if they’re intentionally trying to get Paul mad at her for some reason. Natalie told her that they’re not, that they just want to know the truth. Nicole told her that Paulie said that Paul wanted James out for weeks. Paul rejoined them, telling Natalie, Michelle, and James that if that were true, he had three different HOHs to get James nominated but never did. Paul told Nicole that just over 24 hours ago he was fine with everyone in the HOH room, but now he’s a liar and a manipulator after what she put in their ears. Paul added that she’s claiming the strongest couple are on the block when she’s never been nominated and Corey has only gone up once.

12:50 AM BBT: Nicole told James, Michelle, and Natalie that if they wanted to put her up with Corey, that would have been fine. Nicole added that she doesn’t know why she’s the one getting tortured by Paul as if she’s the sole reason that he’s nominated.

1:00 AM BBT: Natalie told James that Corey lied when it came to throwing competitions. James told her that she knows because they were all there. James added that Corey will be getting his time soon enough. Natalie asked what happens if Corey and Nicole win, then decide to put them up. James told her that they wouldn’t do that.

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1:15 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Paul is trying to turn everything onto them. Nicole told him that she does think that they’re going to try to put one of the two of them up this week. Nicole added that she’s willing to take all the heat since he actually has the chance to win, while she’s been getting called a snake since day one. Nicole told Corey that she thinks that James is the one telling Paul everything.

1:25 AM BBT: Natalie told James, Michelle, and Paul that the backdoor plan better work this week because she’s heated about being manipulated and lied to.

2:10 AM BBT: Natalie told Victor that Paul asked her if she would use the veto on him, but Natalie said that she already promised to use it on Victor. Natalie added that they just have to pull one of them off to be golden.

5:15 AM BBT: Michelle asked James if he was still on board to keep Paul, to which James confirmed that he was. James told her that they just need to win the veto tomorrow.

  • Willma Jones

    Going to be very interesting week indeed. I don’t want Meech to get package, too easily influenced. Victor is strong physically. Mental comps will be tricky. I don’t care who wins at this point. Unles Paulie or Day returns to shake things up, have to wait and see!!

  • Jessica

    It getting to the point where i dont want to watch it anymore… These people are stupid if they think nicole and corey are a bigger threat then victor or paul… Victor and paul are master manipulators and i hope to god Da or paulie comes back in the house that would be great cause karma is a bitch…

  • Kris Runne

    Pauline does NOT deserve to come back, the puke! Vic is the only one with a backbone without having to lie & cheat his way through. Vic deserves to continue!

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