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Big Brother 18: Day 65 Recap


It’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, which means that we’re going to get a lot of last minute campaigning, as well as the chaos that’ll follow tonight’s HOH competition. If tonight’s evictee does have the round trip ticket, there will be plenty of fallout to come from that, so it looks like we’re looking at an interesting day of feeds!


1:05 PM BBT: Paulie told Natalie to give it to him straight when it comes to him preparing to see Julie tonight or not. Natalie told him that she’s voting to keep Corey. Natalie told him that she was enticed to vote his way though. Paulie told her that he put a good deal on the table, so said that Corey must have too. Paulie questioned why she is voting him out. Natalie told him that it’s for a lot of reasons and that Corey said he isn’t after her. Paul joined them. Paulie asked Paul about his vote. Paul told him that he cannot be the one one voting to keep Paulie, but said that he’ll be a sympathy vote if Paulie really wants that. Paul told Paulie that he’s going to have to go with the consensus and the consensus is to vote him out. James joined them.

Paulie told James, Natalie, and Paul that if they think it’s better strategy to keep Corey, then that’s fine. Paul told Paulie that if it’s just him and James voting to keep him, they can’t do that. Paulie told him that if the two of them will vote to keep him, they could possibly get Michelle on board. Natalie told Paulie that he todl Victor to put him up, while Corey has never said to anyone to put her up. Paulie told her that she knows he’s not coming after her since he has James’ back. Paul told Paulie that there is also the risk of it blowing back on them if he stays, doesn’t win, then they had just went against Victor. Paulie told him that they could just say they each game him a sympathy vote without talking to each other.

Paulie told them that he’s putting his family name on the line by saying that if he were to stay, he’d go after Victor, get Victor out, then be willing to go home that following week. Natalie told Paulie that he admitted to manipulating half the house, lying to everyone, which makes her scared to keep him. Natalie added that she liked him as a person and never talked crap, but she came to find out that he was talking crap about her. Natalie told Paulie that his deal was enticing, but she was going to stand her ground when it comes to how she’ll vote. Paulie kept pushing, saying that he wants to be used to get Victor out, then he’s willing to go to jury. Paulie told James and Natalie one last time that if they were on board, it would be easy for them to convince Paul.

1:30 PM BBT: James told Victor that Paulie is campaigning hard.

2:35 PM BBT: Paul told Paulie that he doesn’t think his vote is going to be changing. Paulie told Paul that if he let him take Victor out, the only people he and James have to worry about once they got down to final five would be each other. Paulie added that if he kept him in the house to win one more HOH and POV to ensure that Victor goes home, he’s willing to go to jury that following week. Paulie added that if Corey were to leave, Nicole would come to either Paul or James depending on who talked to her first afterwards.

2:40 PM BBT: Paulie began talking to the people at home. He said that if he pulls this off, he has something cooking. Paulie explained that if he pulls this off, he’s still going to try to make it to the end, he’s not going to roll over and die like he’s been promising.

2:45 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey and Nicole to not let everyone else in the house come between them and don’t let them making the two of them feel like crap towards him. Paulie told them that if he does have the round trip, all hell is going to break loose since he doesn’t owe anyone in the house anything. Paulie went on to say that if he stays, he wouldn’t ever lose a competition again.

4:50 PM BBT: Nicole and Victor had a small argument over whether Nicole told people that Victor asked her out on a date. Nicole said that him complimenting her made her feel good, so she did tell people, but said that she never said the word date.

6:40 PM BBT: Paulie is evicted. Full details here.

7:10 PM BBT: Michelle tells Paul and Natalie that Nicole went up to James and told him to put up Michelle and Paul if it’s an elimination round. Michelle adds that Paulie was trying to tell her to work with Corey and Nicole. Paul tells her that Paulie told him the same thing.

7:15 PM BBT: Natalie told Corey and Nicole that she has nothing against him. Corey told her that they feel the same way and said that they could be ride or die together.

7:20 PM BBT: Natalie told Paul that she didn’t tell Paulie about their plan, but someone did. Paul told her that it wasn’t him. Natalie asked Paul where he stood with Corey and Nicole. Paul told her that if he wins HOH, he’s putting them up. Paul told her that they gave their word and he hopes they’re sticking to it. Natalie tells him that she is.

7:25 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she tried throwing Paul under the bus to James.

7:35 PM BBT: Paul told James that Corey and Nicole are going to say anything and everything to create doubt when it comes to him and Victor. Paul told him that what Paulie tried to do was pin everyone against each other, but always left Corey and Nicole in the equation as people who to work with. Paul asked if they had anything to worry about in Michelle. James told him that he doesn’t know. Paul asked James if he trusts Corey. James to him that he doesn’t know if he trusts anyone at this point. Paul asked if he at least trusts him, Natalie, and Victor, to which James said that he does. Natalie joined. Paul told them both that Corey and Nicole are going to try to pray them apart while playing the innocent card, so Paul told them that they need to stay level headed and finish their plan.

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7:45 PM BBT: James told Natalie that he thinks that Paul threw their names under the bus because otherwise Nicole wouldn’t of name dropped him so hard. Natalie agreed, saying that she knows Nicole is telling the truth because of how paranoid Paul is acting. James told Natalie that if he wins HOH, he’ll have a talk with Victor to find out if he’s with them or Paul. Natalie told him that you can only trust Paul a certain percentage. James told her that he never fully trusted Paul. Natalie told James that she’s coming after Paul now, but said that it would need to be a backdoor so that he couldn’t play in veto and she could pretend like she still trusts him. James told her that if Nicole confirms what Paul said about them, he’s going to put Paul up.

8:00 PM BBT: Natalie asked Nicole what Paulie said about what Paul said. Nicole told her that Paul told Paulie that James was coming after them. Natalie asked if Paul was the one who made up the joke about her breast implants. Nicole confirmed that it was and said that Paul was joking about it more than anyone. Nicole told her that Paul knows that he has a lot of information that she could use to throw him under the bus, such as Paul making fun of Victor the entire time by calling him the Exec. James told Nicole that Paul is playing Paulie’s game now.

8:15 PM BBT: Natalie told James that they have a lot on Paul when it comes to everything he said about Victor. James asked who they should put up alongside Paul. Natalie told him that she doesn’t care because if they were to put Paul up, Corey and Nicole would be working with them now. James told her that he’s going to convince Paul to throw the HOH to her.

1:50 AM BBT: Natalie won HOH. Full details here.

2:05 AM BBT: Victor told Paul that it would suck if Natalie turned on them, but said that there is always the veto competition that they’ll get to play in and the care package that could get sent their way. Victor added that if they get the care package, they know that something is up. Victor told Paul that James and Natalie could have made a final four deal with Corey and Nicole. Paul told him that he was speculating about that before the competition started.

2:20 AM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she can’t believe that their fate is in Natalie’s hands, but said that she thinks that Natalie will keep them safe. Nicole told him that everyone was so happy that Natalie won, so Nicole said that everyone else is expecting them two to go up, but said that she doesn’t think Natalie would do that since Nicole said she actually trusts Natalie. Corey told her that Natalie would be dumb to nominate the two of them. Nicole told him that if Natalie put up Paul and Victor, then one of them came down, Natalie would probably put Corey up as a pawn.

2:40 AM BBT: Natalie told James to not rain on her parade about winning, that it was her decision to not throw it and actually go for it. James told her that he is happy for her. Natalie said that she doesn’t know what she is going to do.

3:05 AM BBT: Paul told Natalie that he’s going to stick to their friendship, but said that if something else is in her best interest, she should go ahead and do it. Natalie told him that she respects that.

3:45 AM BBT: Victor told Michelle that she just needs to reassure Natalie to stick with the plan. Michelle told him that Nicole is being so nice to Natalie now out of nowhere. Victor told Michelle that his biggest fear is James and Natalie making a deal with Corey and Nicole to take all of them out. Michelle asked if Natalie ever said that she’d be sticking with  the plan. Victor told her that Natalie never gave a definitive answer.

5:00 AM BBT: Corey and Nicole campaigned to Natalie, then James and Natalie discussed who to target this week. A complete recap can be found by clicking here.

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