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Big Brother 18: Day 63 Recap


Just like all Tuesdays, we’re in for another relatively slow day in the Big Brother house as the houseguests relax and enjoy having no more ceremonies or competitions left until Thursday’s live show. Later on we’re sure to see more of Paulie indirect campaigning, Corey and Nicole talking about plans for next week, and the No Name alliance continuing their plan to get Corey and Nicole paranoid.


11:25 AM BBT: Victor apologized to all of Corey, Nicole, and Paulie’s fans, saying that it’s just not in his best interest for the three of them to stay.

12:40 PM BBT: Natalie is still in pain from pulling her neck yesterday afternoon. Natalie told James that she won’t be able to compete in Thursday’s HOH competition and doesn’t think she should stay in the house while being in so much pain. James tried comforting her, telling her that her family would want her to stick this out. James told her that he needs her more than she needs him. Natalie told him that she wouldn’t be able to stay in the house while this sick if it wasn’t for him.

2:25 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle that Corey, Nicole, and Paulie have been whispering a lot lately even though Paul said that he didn’t know what was left to be whispered about. Paul went on to question if Paulie was on drugs since he’s trying to convince people to open their plane tickets.

7:15 PM BBT: Paulie told James that if him and Natalie wanted to take him up on the deal he offered, he’d probably be able to swing one or two more votes his way. Paulie explained that he’d be able to be used as a weapon to take a swing at Victor, that way even if he were to miss, he’d be targeted next instead of James. Paulie again swore on his aunt that is dying that he would take care of him and Natalie. James told him that it sounds good, but said that he’d have to talk to Natalie about it first. Paulie told James that if Victor is gone, James would personally be able to easily take out Paul. Paulie added that if he can take out one of the big targets for James, it would leave a clear path for James and Natalie. James again told him that he’ll take it into consideration, saying that it comes down to whether it’s good for his game or not.

7:55 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey and Nicole that if he goes to jury this week, Victor better be the one who follows next week. Nicole told him that her or Corey just have to win this next HOH.

7:55 PM BBT: Natalie told James that if Corey or Nicole win HOH, she’s one of the people they’re going to put up. James told her that he doesn’t think so, that he believes they’d put up Paul and Victor since they’re seen as the bigger threat when comparing the duos. James asked Natalie who she’d take out if she were to win HOH. Natalie told him that she’d put both Corey and Nicole up outright. James told Natalie that Paulie is campaigning, so James said that he’s going to tell Corey so that he starts to sweat and James said that he could use this information sharing as a backup plan in case Corey and Nicole do win HOH next week.

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9:20 PM BBT: Victor asked Michelle if she had a speech prepared for if she were to win HOH and nominated Corey and Nicole. Michelle said that she’d just bring up that they betrayed and lied to her. Victor told her that he has no sympathy for Corey and Nicole after they backstabbed him. Paul joined them. Michelle said that she thinks Nicole is more dangerous, but Paul told her that Corey is more dangerous since he can win competitions.  Michelle told them that Nicole is going to campaign next week to stay off the block by telling them that she doesn’t do anything and doesn’t have a strategy.

9:35 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she’s going to have to start playing dirty to ensure that he doesn’t go this week. Nicole told him that there is no reason for James to vote him out since it would go against everything James says that he stands for. Nicole went on to tell Corey that Paulie won’t ever leave his side, which Nicole thinks there is a reason for that. Nicole added that everything is strategy when it comes to Paulie, citing that Paulie even wanted them to go in the room with James and Natalie with him. Corey told him that it would be messed up if Paulie has actually been campaigning during this time, saying that he’d be willing to go home next week if they just gave him one more week in the house.

11:25 PM BBT: Paul and Victor went over what they should do during a double eviction, questioning if it would be the right more or not to take a shot at James.

4:30 AM BB: Paulie asked Paul to throw him a sympathy vote at least, telling him that if he were to stay, the five guys could work together again.

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