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Big Brother 18: Day 62 Recap


It’s veto meeting day in the Big Brother house, which means that someone’s fate will be either sealed this week or saved, depending on what Victor will do. However, from the looks of it, someone’s fate will definitely be getting sealed. We’ll get to see how Paulie handles the realization that he’s going home and there is nothing he can do.


9:45 AM BBT: Paul told Victor about Paulie talking to Michelle and Natalie about trying to get them put up. Victor told him that Paulie is just trying to cover his bases, while Paul told him that it’s too late and now he’s screwed.

9:55 AM BBT: Paulie told Paul that he’s made his points to Victor, even swearing on his aunt that is dying of cancer that he wouldn’t come after them. Paulie explained that they know him well enough to know how much his family means to him and how he wouldn’t ever disrespect that. Paulie told him that it’s a win/win situation since if he were to stay, he’d be guaranteed another week of safety and two weeks of safety if Paulie were to win HOH. Paul asked Paulie who would put him back up if he stayed. Paulie told him that he’s so over everything that he’ll tell whoever wins HOH to put him up. Paulie went on to stay that he just wants to stay another week so that he doesn’t end up leaving jury and will get to vote at the end of the game. Paulie began telling Paul that James will screw them over at any given moment, but Paulie said that he’d only do it once they got down to final five like they had planned.

10:25 AM BBT: Paul had another sit-down with America in the safari room. Mostly off topic chat, but he said that there are some people in the house that are starting to do some weird things, such as playing the sympathy card and having sore loser behavior.

11:30 AM BBT: Victor decided to NOT use the veto. Full details can be found by clicking here.

11:35 AM BBT: Paul told James that the fact that Paulie tried to pin James against them, then pin them against James pisses him off. Paul told him that it’s funny how Nicole and Corey are trying to cover their tracks and act as if they weren’t in on the plan. Paul explained that if him and Victor were on board with nominating James, Corey and Nicole would have jumped on board too. Natalie joined them. Paul started to question how they should handle Corey and Nicole, asking if they should try to rattle them before the HOH or should just make them feel comfortable. James told him that they have to rattle them cause if Corey or Nicole win, they’re going up. Victor later joined them.

Paul told James, Natalie, and Victor that they should bring Paulie into their meetings so that it makes Corey and Nicole uncomfortable. Natalie said that she just wants Corey to be scared going into the HOH. Paul told him that they can do that if they create paranoia inside Corey’s mind all week, he’ll be shaken up before the HOH starts. Paul explained that they’ll give Paulie a shred of hope and Corey no solid answer on who is going home.

12:10 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle about their plan to act like they don’t know who they’re sending home this week so that Corey gets paranoid. Paul explained that Paulie is going home 100%, but this way ensures that Corey is shaken up for the HOH. Michelle told him that she’s on board and said that his plan is genius.

12:15 PM BBT: Paulie told Paul that Victor not using the veto was a personal move because Paulie said that the deal he offered of one or two weeks of safety is very good for Victor’s strategy. Paulie questioned who would want him here now. Paul told him that he still has a few days left to campaign. Paulie said that he doesn’t want to campaign, have people spin it and make Corey feel bad, then send him home anyway. Paul explained to Paulie that he can campaign without talking bad about Corey. Paulie told Paul that if this were happening under different circumstances, he’d be okay with leaving, but Paulie said that he can’t go out with the way this happened without redeeming himself.

Paulie told Paul that nobody is going to offer him a better deal than his of one or two weeks of safety. Paulie told him that if he wanted to, Paul could reassure Victor about how good a deal they’d be getting by keeping Paulie in the house and tell Victor that he knows how Paulie is with his family, so he wouldn’t of swore on his aunt that is dying of cancer if he didn’t mean it.

12:50 PM BBT: Paul retold his conversation with Paulie to James and Natalie. Natalie told him that she’s going to keep saying that she feels bad for Paulie while Corey and Nicole are around. Paul told James to tell Corey that Paulie has been offering him sweet deals while he has heard that Corey has been throwing his name around.

1:10 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey and Nicole that he thinks that James, Natalie, and Paul are just trying to cover their bases by getting him to campaign so that if he were to come back, they could tell Corey that he went against his word and campaigned. Nicole told Paulie that if she were in his shoes, she rather just go out with her head held high rather than campaign against Corey and still go home. Paulie said that he feels like if he did campaign against Corey, they’d try to blow him up again on Wednesday or Thursday. Paulie added that if that happened, he’d end up punching some of the guys.

3:00 PM BBT: Natalie told James that if Nicole actually had his back, she’d of came and told him about Paulie trying to get him nominated. James told her that if he won HOH and nominated Corey and Nicole, he’d straight up tell Nicole that he refuses to believe that she has never heard his name come up.

3:15 PM BBT: Paulie told James and Natalie about the deal he offered Victor. Natalie asked him who he’d put up if he were to stay. Paulie told her that he’d put up whoever everyone else wanted him to. Paulie told them that if he were to stay, he’d campaign for himself to go home next week if he didn’t win HOH. Natalie asked why he’d give up if he managed to save himself, to which Paulie told her that he has checked out. Paulie explained to James and Natalie that because of what he got caught doing, he doesn’t deserve to stay in the long run, but said that the least he could do is help other people’s games. Natalie told him that if he’s not coming after her if he stays, that would be good for her game. Paulie told her that he’s for targeting whoever the majority wants. Paulie told her that the only thing he has to offer is his competition wins, which gives him the ability to do the dirty work for people.

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4:05 PM BBT: Houseguests learn about a party in the backyard. More details can be found by clicking here.

8:30 PM BBT: James told Paulie that he shouldn’t just roll over and die, that if he wants to campaign in a positive light, Corey would respect that. Paulie told James and Natalie that his social game is done, so the only thing he could bank on is his ability to win competitions. Paulie swore on his aunt that he wouldn’t come after the two of them if he stayed and won HOH. Paulie explained to them that he’d be willing to sacrifice himself and make himself the target if the two of them were to ever be in trouble.

8:50 PM BBT: Paul told Michelle that Corey threw the carnival competition because he was a D1 baseball pitcher but still did terrible.

8:55 PM BBT: Paul told James and Natalie that Paulie had deals with everyone and now it has finally caught up to him. Paul added that Paulie doesn’t have to go to jury, that nobody is forcing him and he can just self evict. Paul told them that he really wants Corey and Nicole on the block together.

9:45 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that he hopes Paulie has the round trip ticket, otherwise Corey said that there would be a jury buyback. Nicole agreed, telling Corey that if Da’Vonne or Bridgette came back, she’s dead. Nicole told Corey that Michelle needs to go because while she sees James and Natalie as a pair, she sees Michelle, Paul, and Victor as a trio.

12:00 AM BBT: Paulie told Corey and Nicole that Paul has been doing very good at playing all sides. Paulie explained that Paul could of easily of saved him this week and said that everything that Paul has been saying, he pinned on him. Paulie told Corey and Nicole that their only option is to go to James and Natalie and tell them that the couples are going to be next. Nicole began telling them that James has been acting different ever since betraying them, but Corey told her that James thought she was he was going up, that Victor made this move all on his own. Paulie told them that Paul is the person behind this, that he went to Victor and said that Paulie has been playing both sides. Paulie added that if he returns, he’ll call both Paul and Victor out.

12:35 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole that he hopes that James wins HOH since he’d be stupid to put the two of them up.

3:35 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole that they need Michelle on their side. Nicole explained to him that they’re not going to get her, that she’ll put the two of them up because she’s so close to Paul and Natalie. Nicole added that Paul is like Frankie from her season, loud and always needs to know where everyone is, so Nicole said that Paul needs to go. Nicole told him that she’ll try to get close to Michelle and Natalie using girl time as the window to do it. Corey told her that while she does that, he’ll try to get close to James.

  • Jessica

    I really really hope that paulie has the round trip ticket and come back in go gives it all he has to take out paul and victor cause of right now 1 of them will win big brother

    • Justine Fourie

      I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul or Vic winning. I would not like seeing Paulie win, but I’d be almost okay with it.

      • Jessica

        I never said i wanted paulie to win but he would have the balls to go againt the house and put up big players and as of right now paul is floating from victor… And paul and victor are cocky and i cant stand someone who acts cocky

        • Justine Fourie

          And you’re okay with Paulie? He was the cockiest houseguest this season. And Victor put up big players, no messing around with backdoors. As far as Paul, I don’t mind the floating strategy as much as other people seem to. As long as they do it like Paul, where he smartly chooses to switch sides, but not like Michelle, where she is just sort of there.

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