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Big Brother 18: Day 57 Recap


It’s going to be a pretty big day in the Big Brother house, as we kicked the morning off with a huge vote flip that involved a new alliance being formed with unlikely allies. We’ll get to see later today is Paul was being serious or if he just plans on reporting it all back to Paulie, which in itself would completely shake up the game.


5:50 AM BBT: Natalie told James that Paulie is planning on putting her up next to Zakiyah. Natalie explained to James that he’s the one who wants to go with the house and if they go with the house right now to keep Zakiyah, she’ll be going home next week. Natalie told James that Paulie has been planting seeds in the ear’s of the couples to go after the singles and planting seeds in the ear’s of the singles to go after the couples so that Paulie wouldn’t have to get any of the blood on his own hands.

Bridgette joined them in the storage room, asking if James was down to save Michelle and asked what happened. Natalie told her that they’re down and ready to make big moves. James told Bridgette that they’re going to need Victor locked in on ready to join them. James told them that they can’t save Michelle, but crap is going to hit the fan. Natalie told him that crap already has hit the fan because Paulie is telling the singles to put her up with Zakiyah. James told her that they should tell Zakiyah to start some drama between her and Paulie. James added that they might need to publicly call Paulie out on how he’s making deals with everyone.

6:10 PM BBT: Paulie told Paul that he’s going to be gunning for HOH this week so that he can put up a combination of Nicole, Natalie, or Zakiyah.

6:30 PM BBT: Natalie and Bridgette told Paul that everyone in the house is getting boned. James jumped in, backing up the girls and saying that he’s being told a lot of crap from a credible source. James told Paul that Paulie is wanting to get the girls to him up alongside Victor. James went on to explain all the different final four and final three deals that Paulie has made, all varying by which person Paulie was talking to at the time. Paul told Bridgette, James, and Natalie that if they have the balls to flip, they could save Michelle, but they’d be screwed if one person backed out. James reminded Paul of his power to cancel out two votes and said that America gave him this power for a reason.

Natalie told Bridgette how Paulie was the one who convinced James to put her up with Bridgette. Paul told Bridgette that Paulie was acting like he wanted Frank out that week, but later tried saving him and sending her out instead. Paul told Natalie he’s hearing that she is fake flirting with James just to help her game. Natalie told them that she’s genuinely likes James enough to consider marrying him in the future. Paul asked James if he’s willing to go against his deal with Paulie, Corey, and Nicole to do this, to which James said that he was.

Paul told James that he should cancel his vote along with Corey’s, then Paul can play dumb and act like the girls conspired against them.  Paul asked who they’re going to target during the double eviction. James suggested Paulie and Corey, but Paul told him that it should be Paulie and Nicole.

8:00 AM BBT: Natalie told Paul that she wasn’t going to put him up, but was going to put up Paulie and either Corey or Nicole. Natalie added that James is in on the plan, they’re in on the plan, and there is no going back now. Natalie told Paul to not let Paulie brainwash him, to which Paul said that he’s not an idiot. Natalie told Paul about all the comments Paulie made about her, from saying she was wife material to talking about her butt. Paul told her that she should tell Zakiyah. Natalie told Michelle and Paul that them three and James are best friends now, they’re ride or die. Natalie added that they must get Paulie, Nicole, and Corey out. Paul told them that they should put Corey and Nicole up, if one of them win veto or a nominee pulls themselves off, they could put Paulie up. Paul explained that if Corey and Nicole both do survive, they’ll just become the new Bridgette and Frank by isolating themselves. Natalie told them that they’re going to need to work as a group moving forward or else they’re going to get picked off.

9:20 AM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that her and Bridgette are the best and said that she’s never going to forget what they did for her. Natalie told her to get ready to shake things and cause there is no more crying, they’re just going to crush. Paul rejoined them, telling them that he’ll blow Paulie’s crap up too if he has to. Natalie agreed, saying that they can’t be scared anymore.

2:15 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey that James told him that Natalie said Paulie was hitting on her. Corey told Paulie that he could do whatever he wanted with Nicole and he would never care, citing that the fact that they’re bros. Corey told Paulie that he doesn’t know who to put up because he said that he doesn’t know if Victor and Paul would be loyal to him and James. Paulie explained that they’d be loyal to him. Corey told him that he’d like to make it to the final five with The Executives, but said he doesn’t know if the other guys would be down. Paulie said that they just need to reassure them. Corey told Paulie that they just need to get the girls out, saying that they could put Nicole up with Bridgette and he wouldn’t freak out.

Nicole joined Corey and Paulie in the kitchen, telling them that Zakiyah said Natalie woke her up in the middle of the night asking to talk later today. Paulie started to worry about Natalie telling Zakiyah what she told James.

2:45 PM BBT: Paulie told Zakiyah about the comments Natalie is accusing him of to James. Paulie explained that Natalie is likely going to talk to her about these comments and present it as a girl just little another girl know. Paulie added that Natalie has been the one flirting with him and Corey, saying that Natalie has made it clear she only wants to be friends with James by flirting with so many other people. Zakiyah told him that she didn’t know Natalie was manipulative. During this conversation, Michelle walked in to get ready for a DR session, but Paulie and Zakiyah didn’t stop talking about Natalie. Paulie told Zakiyah that he wasn’t going after Natalie out of respect for James, but said that Natalie is fair game now.

3:05 PM BBT: Michelle told Zakiyah that she’s going to call people out in her speech tomorrow in hopes that at least someone makes a big move once she’s gone.

3:20 PM BBT: Nicole told Zakiyah that Natalie’s talk that she wants to have with her is probably going to be about Paulie. Zakiyah said that she’s loyal to her man, so she’s sorry if Natalie isn’t. Zakiyah added that this is the pettiest season of Big Brother.

3:40 PM BBT: James told Michelle that she should tell Nicole that she knows she’s going home and just wants to hangout with them. Michelle agreed, going on to say that she’s not going to ever let James or Natalie on the block, that she’ll do everything she can and said that she’ll want to be the one to go home if she ever ends up sitting next to them.

4:00 PM BBT: Bridgette told Victor that she’s trying to keep Michelle and said that she’s talked to a lot of people about it. Victor asked who was on board, to which Bridgette said that it’s her, Paul, Natalie, James, and Michelle. Victor told her that is good because keeping Zakiyah was never in his game plan. Victor added that once Zakiyah is gone, Paulie will gravitate towards them.

4:20 PM BBT: Natalie told Michelle that they need to tell Paul that Paulie might not act upset after they send Zakiyah home, so she said they need to warn Paul not to buy into Paulie’s act.

4:20 PM BBT: Paul told Bridgette that if any of them win, they put up Corey and Nicole, leaving Paulie down as the backdoor target. Paulie explained to Bridgette that he can’t act any different towards Paulie or else he’ll figure out. Bridgette and Paul agreed that Michelle can be the replacement nominee if Paulie saved Corey or Nicole, in which case they should just send home whichever from Nicorey is left.

4:45 PM BBT: Paul told Victor that they’ve been getting boned, saying that Victor was right and that Paulie had a final three with James and Corey. Paul told Victor about all the alliances Paulie made with everyone in the house. Victor asked if Paulie is the new Frank, to which Paul said that he was. Paul told Victor that Paulie doesn’t give a crap about them, that Corey is the only person he actually trusts. Paul told him that they can’t act any different towards Corey, Nicole, and Paulie. Paul explained that once Zakiyah is gone, they’ll be in the middle of two groups who need them, all while they’re not targeting since the two groups will be focused on getting the others out. Paul told Victor that the final six could be them two, Natalie, Bridgette, Michelle, and James. Paul told Victor that the perfect scenario would be for a girl to win and backdoor Paulie, then they finish the job on Corey and Nicole in the following weeks.

5:10 PM BBT: James told Paul that Corey was trying to plant the seed to get Bridgette to go after him. Paul said that he had already known about that. Michelle joined them. James told Michelle and Paul that he’s going to cancel out Paul and Corey’s vote. Paul told them that after Zakiyah is gone, they can blame the third vote on Nicole.

5:50 PM BBT: Michelle told Victor that she’s going to say that she’s gunning for Nicole and Paulie in her speech if she has the round trip. Victor told her that sounds good, but said that he’s going to have to play dumb about everything afterwards.

6:25 PM BBT: Natalie told Zakiyah that Paulie has been saying things to her that hasn’t been making her feel uncomfortable, but things that were crossing the line. Natalie told Zakiyah that when they were in that bed hiding in Hide N Seek the other week, Paulie said that if they were to make out down there, James and Zakiyah would never know. Natalie explained that Paulie said she had the type of butt that would make a boyfriend want to bite it. Natalie told her that one time after Zakiyah got jealous, Paulie said that she better pray that she wins the next HOH. Natalie added that she never asked Paulie to sleep with in a bumper car. Zakiyah confirmed that Paulie did tell her that. Natalie told her that Paulie knows he has the numbers, which means he should have taken her off without question. Natalie told Zakiayh that Paulie has told her that Zakiyah has gotten jealous over both Natalie and Nicole.

Natalie told Zakiyah that Paulie makes it seems like they’re nothing, that it’s all her when it comes to the relationship. Zakiyah started to cry, saying that she feels so stupid. Natalie told Zakiyah that apparently Zakiyah got jealous over Natalie offering to do Paulie’s nails, Zakiyah denied it, but Natalie explained that Nicole told her about it, then Paulie came to confirm it. Zakiyah thanks Natalie for tell her, saying that she feels like nobody else has been keeping it real with her. Natalie told her that if Paulie really was protecting her, he’d of used the veto on her, pointing to the fact that Paulie used the veto on Paul and threw the ice cream veto to Corey. Natalie told Zakiyah that every girl in the house thinks that she is perfect on the inside and out, so Natalie told her that they’re willing to back her up when they need to.

7:25 PM BBT: Zakiyah told James that she has their back after they told her the truth about everything.

7:30 PM BBT: Nicole asked Zakiyah what happened. Zakiyah explained that Natalie was telling her that Paulie doesn’t care about her as much as she has thought he does. Nicole questioned if Natalie is trying to scheme or if she’s trying to be a friend or if she’s trying to intentionally make her jealous. Nicole told Zakiyah that Paulie has never told her to put Zakiyah, adding that Natalie is trying to turn her against Paulie. Zakiyah told Nicole that Natalie told her that she’s disposable to Paulie and that Paulie doesn’t even really trust her. Nicole told her that if Paulie didn’t trust her, he would have tried to get her out of the house this week. Nicole told her that she needs to trust someone until she has been given a reason not to and said that Paulie hasn’t given her a reason to not trust him.

7:45 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Nicole is a nosy person that is going to go tell Paulie about everything once she’s done talking to Zakiyah. Natalie told James that they have to get Paulie out now or else he’s going to win the game.

7:55 PM BBT: Zakiyah told Paulie that she got attacked by Natalie, adding that Natalie said she’s disposable to him and that her being on the block is no accident. Zakiyah began retelling Paulie everything that Natalie t old her. Paulie told Zakiyah that everything Natalie tried to put on him, she’s guilty of herself. Paulie got up, saying he’s going to go say something to Natalie, but Zakiyah told him to sit back down. Paulie told Zakiyah that he doesn’t like Jersey girls and that was a classic Jersey girl move when it comes to what Natalie pulled with Natalie. Paulie added that he’ll bury Natalie, saying that she wants to talk about playing people, then just look at what she’s doing with James. Corey and Nicole joined them. Nicole said that she doesn’t like how Natalie is trying to get involved in everyone’s relationships. Paulie agreed, saying that while her and James’ is the least real.

8:10 PM BBT: Nicole asked Paulie what Natalie even came in the house to do. Paulie explained that she wanted to float her way to the end like Victoria. Paulie told Nicole that he’ll tell Natalie that everything about her is fake, from the words that comes out of her mouth to her fake boobs. Paulie told Corey and Nicole that he’s going to send Natalie home next. Paulie told Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah that America knows Natalie will never win a competition, which is why they chose to give her a package. Paulie added that he’s going to make sure that America sees the real Natalie when they’re outside of the house.

8:20 PM BBT: Natalie told James that Paulie was wanting to send her home as of yesterday, so she had nothing to lose and said screw him. Natalie told James that Paul said Paulie made a comment that it wasn’t fair James hasn’t been winning anything. James told Natalie and Paul that if Paulie wants to talk about people not winning competitions, he needs to look at his boy Corey. Paul asked if Corey goes before Nicole or if Nicole goes before Corey, but Bridgette joined them and said that Paulie goes before everyone.

9:05 PM BBT: Paulie told Victor about Natalie telling Zakiyah and James that he was hitting on her, but Paulie explained that it’s been Natalie who’s been hitting on him and Corey this entire time. Paulie went on a rant about Natalie, saying that she fishes for compliments and is the typical Jersey girl. Paulie even questioned if Natalie has done stuff like this at her work to build a fake sexual harassment care.

9:20 PM BBT: James told Corey that Paulie was making Natalie for uncomfortable. Corey told him that is complete crap and not true. James told him that he thought it was them two of them and Paulie, now people are saying it’s Paulie, Victor, Bridgette, and Paul. James explained that there is just so much crap that he doesn’t think it could be made up. James told Corey that people are coming together about Paulie just like they did with Frank. Corey asked if they’re voting Michelle or Zakiyah out. James told him that he’s going to ask what the house wants. Corey told James that he feels very confident that Paulie likes the two of them the best and would take them over Paul and Victor every time.

9:25 PM BBT: Natalie told Zakiyah that if Paulie cared about her, he’d of been there for her when she was crying. Natalie added that Paulie calls her a Jersey girl despite the fact that she’s from a different country. Natalie told her that she’s not going to let someone get their emotions played with. Zakiyah thanked her again for telling her the truth.

9:55 PM BBT: Paulie told James that his girl went in on Zakiyah about him. James told Corey and Paulie that he’s tried of the he said, she said crap, saying that he thought they get rid of that by sending Frank home. James told Paulie that Bridgette is saying that he’s in an alliance with Bridgette, Victor, and Paul. James adds that Bridgette and Paul both are swearing up and down that they didn’t say anything about him getting put up on the block. Paulie told James that Bridgette and Paul are trying to play both sides of the house. Paulie told him that it was Paul who said it was sketchy that he dropped out of the competition first. James told them that he doesn’t know what Paul would do. Paulie explained that he has a feeling that Paul would put up two girls, then try to backdoor a guy. Paulie told James that Paul has been having thoughts about getting him out. Corey told them that Paul and Bridgette need to be put up next to each other.

Paulie told James that Natalie is latching onto whoever she thinks will get her the furthest in the game. Paulie adds that what Natalie did today to Zakiyah just proves that Natalie is an idiot. Corey told James and Paulie that they need to get Paul and Victor back on track, otherwise he’s going to have to put both of them up. James told them that he thinks he’s getting used to start crap since they know he can cancel out two votes.

10:55 PM BBT: Paulie told Paul that Bridgette is playing every side of the house, adding that a lot of the crap that Natalie said actually came from Bridgette’s mouth.

11:10 PM BBT: Corey told Nicole that James thinks that Paulie is Frank and is playing everyone in the house. Nicole told him that she’s been saying in the DR that Paulie is running the house but has been letting him do it since she’s on his side. Nicole told Corey that Bridgette is keeping Michelle, Paul is keeping Michelle, and Natalie is keeping Michelle, which Nicole said will be enough to save her. Nicole said that she’s going to talk to James and level his head about everything.

11:30 PM BBT: Paulie told James that he knows Natalie’s best friends and her group of friends, so Paulie said that he knows what Natalie is all about. Paulie told him that Natalie’s best friend from The Amazing Race did the same thing to try to get followers. Corey asked James what he was thinking. James told him that he didn’t say he didn’t trust Paulie, that he was just saying that there is a lot of information being thrown out right now. Nicole asked who he’s going to cancel out tomorrow. James told her Corey and Paul. James told them that Natalie is probably going to throw Michelle a sympathy vote. Nicole told him that if that’s true, they’re going to need Corey’s vote. When James didn’t submit, Nicole told him that it doesn’t make sense to not cancel out Natalie’s vote when he knows that she’s going to vote for Michelle, unless James is wanting Michelle to stay too. James told her that he’s not switching anything and that Michelle is going home.

11:40 PM BBT: Michelle told Paul that she’s not going to screw over any of the six because she’s a loyal person.

11:50 PM BBT: Bridgette told Natalie that James is the only one who could screw anything up at this point.

11:55 PM BBT: Bridgette asked James what was going on. James said that it’s just everyday Big Brothers stuff, but Bridgette told him that is extremely vague. Michelle asked if he was getting scared. James told her that he doesn’t think that Paulie’s group is scared. Michelle asks if everyone is going to know that he voted for her to stay. James so that they probably will. Bridgette told James, Michelle, and Natalie that they’re pulling off a big move, so they must make sure that everything is done cleanly. Bridgette asked James what they’re saying to him. James said that they just wanted to know where his head is at. James added that his game has already been compromised, so he’s going to have to go into battle mode. Bridgette told James that America would respect him for making such a big move. Michelle added that America likes the underdog.  James told them that there is going to be a lot of pissed off people in the house. Michelle told him that it’s only going to be three people and they’re going home next. Bridgette asked James if he’s going to vote for Michelle to stay, to which James confirmed.

Michelle told James that he has to be 100% honest with them, that otherwise, Corey, Nicole, and Paulie are just going to screw him over. Bridgette told him that she believes he’d still be cool with Nicole, it would just be Corey and Paulie who are upset. Natalie told James that he’s not making him feel good right now, that she put herself out on the line today and blew herself up for this plan. Michelle asked James which votes he was going to take away, to which James said Corey and Paul’s. Michelle told James that she feels like he’s holding stuff back, but James told her that he’s sticking beside his woman. Natalie told James that if Michelle stays tomorrow, she’ll make out with him.

1:00 AM BBT: Paulie told Natalie that she’s as fake as the things on her chest. Paulie added that if she thinks that anyone is buying what she’s selling, she’s wrong.

1:05 AM BBT: Natalie told Michelle that just because she has the same strategy as the guys to flirt, she’s not going to get booed by America. Michelle told her not to worry, saying that if she were at home, she’d vote for Natalie to be America’s favorite. Paul joined them. Natalie told Paul that Paulie questioned why she wasn’t attacking him when Paul was the one who was grabbing her thighs. Paul told her that they have to make this happen. Michelle told them that it’s going to piss him off if they don’t air this and try to give Paulie’s the good guy edit.

1:15 AM BBT: Paul told Victor that Paulie has been throwing my name under the bus to James all day. Paul added that when Natalie walked out, Paulie said that she’s as fake as the things on her chest. Paul told Victor that all the girls are crapping on Paulie now, so he’s red, pissed, and scared.

1:20 AM BBT: Michelle told Zakiyah that Da’Vonne would have went off on Paulie. Zakiyah agreed.

1:25 AM BBT: James told Corey and Nicole that he’s from Texas and does not support any kind of bashing of his woman. James added that he doesn’t think it’s funny, saying that even if he has to go on the block next week for saying this, he doesn’t care.

1:35 AM BBT: Paul asked James what they were talking about when he was getting cornered in the have-not room. James told him that Paulie’s group were talking about him. James told Bridgette and Paul that Paulie was saying that the two of them were conspiring to take him out. Paul asked if they should just blow the lid on everything, to which James said that they should just go up there.

1:45 AM BBT: Bridgette told Natalie that she is very strong because she’d of punched Paulie in the face by now.

1:45 AM BBT: Paulie told James that he told Natalie that she’s as fake as the things on her chest, which Paulie said that Natalie also lied about having those fake boobs for more than 50 days. Bridgette told Paulie that what he’s saying seems like a personal attack. Bridgette added that Natalie isn’t playing any games. Paulie told her that Natalie should keep her mouth shut then. James told him to realize that they’re in a game and shouldn’t get caught up in their emotions. Paulie told them that Natalie is the one who is trying to hit on every single guy in the house, then try to flip it on them. Bridgette asked why Paulie would  talk about Natalie’s boobs. Paulie tried to say it was just a metaphor for Natalie’s personality. James asked what Natalie would have to do to keep the peace. Paulie said that Natalie could apologize, adding that if she’s going to dish something out, she should be able to accept it when it comes back on her.

Natalie joined them. Paulie asked her why she’s been saying half the things she’s saying about him. Natalie told him that it’s because it’s the truth. Natalie added that he’s been the only guy to do these things to her. Paulie told her that if she’s going to come at him with these statements, she should be ready to back them up. Natalie said that she is and that she’s an open book. Natalie told Paulie that he’s the one that wants to backdoor Victor. Natalie added that Paulie that the way he’s treated Zakiyah behind her back hasn’t been nice. Paulie told Natalie that she needs to get over herself, that she’s the only one who feels some type of way about him flirting with her. Paulie told Natalie that she’s making Corey uncomfortable the way she’s playing with his relationship with Nicole. Paulie told Natalie to not try to play the victim when everyone knows her game. Paulie started to mock Natalie, saying she cried about not wanting to go on the block. Paulie told Natalie that the only reason she hasn’t been on the block is because of James. Paulie added that she’s not even appreciative of what James has done for her. James told him that Natalie thanks him all the time.

Natalie told Paulie not to bring James into this, saying that she cares about James more than anything in her life other than her family. Natalie added that she doesn’t’ think his intentions with Zakiyah were honest and good. Natalie told Paulie that Corey doesn’t say thinks about Nicole behind her back, he just worships Nicole while he’s talking bad about Zakiyah behind her back. Paulie told her that she’s full of crap cause she acts like she hasn’t been flirting with him, Corey, or Paul. Natalie left the room and told them goodnight. Paulie clapped as she left.

2:10 AM BBT: Paul told Paulie that his intentions aren’t to flirt with Natalie and said that Paulie can’t just throw his name under the bus like that. Bridgette asked Paulie if he’s going to deny that Zakiyah was the target at the beginning of the week. Paulie said that she wasn’t his target, but Bridgette said that isn’t what he told her. Paulie told her that everyone knows who his target is. Paulie brought up again that he related Natalie’s fake boobs to her personality, to which Bridgette said she thought was too far. Paulie told her that Natalie has done worse. Bridgette told Paulie that he seemed to be getting pretty defensive. Corey asked Bridgette if she was being serious, saying that Natalie is the fakest person in the house. Bridgette told him that it’s pretty sad that he disrespected his whole state, but Paulie said that Jersey girls know how they are. Paulie added that if her point is to make her feel bad, it’s not goign to work because he doesn’t like the game with emotions. Bridgette asked Paulie, in front of Zakiyah, that she thought his plan was to keep Michelle since she can’t win anything.

Paulie changed the subject, saying that if Natalie wants to sit in the house and do nothing, she shouldn’t try blowing other people up when in reality she doesn’t know anything. Bridgette said that Natalie just  wanted to do something for another woman, but Paulie started laughing, sarcastically saying that is totally logical and the reason why Natalie told Zakiyah.

2:15 AM BBT: Natalie told Michelle that everything she told Zakiyah was the truth and from her heart because she feels for the girl and said that she doesn’t regret telling her because Paulie is a douchebag.

2:20 AM BBT: Paulie told James that he knows what Natalie is, that he’s seen through her from the beginning and will never change his opinion on her. Paulie repeated that that he said Natalie is as fake as the things on her chest, adding that if that’s the comment they want to focus on, they’re missing the bigger picture. Paulie told James that he doesn’t even think this came from Natalie, that it came from someone like Bridgette who tried to entice her. Paulie told James that Natalie telling that stuff to Zakiyah was selfish and done with selfish reasons. Paulie went on to say that for Natalie to do what she did after she made comments about his body and wanting to hangout after the show takes a lot of balls. James told Corey and Paulie that even if Natalie did flirt with them, they didn’t have the respect for him to tell him about it even though he has never done anything like that to Nicole or Zakiyah. Paulie told him that this might all be a strategy to blow things up.

Paulie started to tell James that Natalie has said numerous times that she isn’t trying to get tied down after this show and that she was just friends with him from day one. James said that he’s wedged in the middle because he’s here for Natalie and he’s here for the guys. Paulie said that Natalie is going to try to make him feel bad for siding with his boys.

2:25 AM BBT: Bridgette told Michelle and Nicole that she defended Natalie and got shit on, that nobody in the room backed her up. Michelle told her that she’ll go up there and back Bridgette up. Bridgette told Michelle that she’s a woman and they’re not respecting what they have to say. Bridgette told her that Paulie is upstairs shaking, throwing a tantrum. Michelle said she wanted to go upstairs to fuel the fire. Paul and Zakiyah joined them. Bridgette told them that she’s glad this happened and saw Paulie’s true colors. Zakiyah told them that she believes everything Natalie told her. Bridgette told Michelle to call Julie out tomorrow in front of Julie so that Paulie would have to shut his mouth and let her speak.

2:55 AM BBT: Natalie and Victor cleared the air about her goodbye message to him. She said that it was about her feeling used and his nitpicking comments, but said that she doesn’t think that anymore and said that she’ll apologize to his family about it if he wants.

3:10 AM BBT: Zakiyah said that she might end up going home because all of this. Paulie told her that she isn’t, that it’s going to be a unanimous vote to evict Michelle. Paulie told her that Bridgette is going up next to Natalie, and if one of them comes down, Paul will go up and go home.

3:10 AM BBT: Michelle asked James if the plan is still on, to which James confirmed that it was. James told Natalie that she wants him to know that when he started liking her, he knew what he was getting into and took that leap of faith, so he has her back no matter what. James told her that right now, Paulie is the only person in the house that is mad about all of this. Paul joined them, telling James, Michelle, and Natalie to be careful on what they say to Zakiyah since she is telling Paulie everything. Victor joined them. James told Victor that Paulie said he’s programmable and said once they get Paul out, he’d be able to control him.

3:25 AM BBT: Zakiyah told Natalie that if she wins HOH, she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Natalie told her that Paulie is going to force her to put her up, but Zakiyah said that she won’t let him. Zakiyah explains that Natalie knocked a lot of sense into her today.

3:25 AM BBT: Paul asked Paulie what the plan for next week was. Paulie said that it’s to get Bridgette out, but use Natalie as the backup target and second nominee. Paulie told Paul that the thing that pisses him off is the fact how hard Natalie flirts hard, yet there is a double standard when he does it.

3:30 AM BBT: James looked into the camera, telling us that he hopes we’re ready for a show tomorrow, stating that he hasn’t been playing Big Brother, so now is a good time to shake things up.

3:40 AM BBT: Paul and Victor joined Corey and Paulie upstairs, telling them everything they wanted to hear just like they planned with James, Michelle, and Natalie. Corey told them that they don’t have to worry about James because he’s with them. Paulie said that he knows, the he’s not even questioning that.

3:50 AM BBT: Paul told James and Natalie that him and Victor reassured Paulie that Michelle is the one going home tomorrow. Paul added that it seems like they’re Paulie’s topic of conversation every time they leave the room, which Paul says he isn’t cool with.

4:00 AM BBT: Michelle told Bridgette and Natalie that she’s going to say that Natalie didn’t deserve what happened last night in her speech so that they’re forced to air it on TV. Michelle told Natalie that she can’t believe that Paulie called her fake when he’s the one who has been fake this entire time. Natalie told the girls that if James blindsides her tomorrow, she’s not going to be like Zakiyah.

4:15 AM BBT: Michelle and Paulie had a fight in front of the entire house. You can read the full transcript by clicking here.

4:30 AM BBT: James, Michelle, Natalie and Paul started studying the days on which everything happened so that they’re ready for the double eviction HOH.

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