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Big Brother 18: Day 56 Recap


Tuesdays are usually the most calm in the house, as all ceremonies and competitions are done for the week, giving houseguests time to relax and unwind, however, Michelle’s crusade against Paulie, the person who’s been running the house, will be providing plenty of entertainment as Paulie plans to call her out later today.


9:40 AM BBT: Michelle asked James if he had heard anything about the vote. James told her that he hasn’t heard anything and said that even if there was a plan in place, the house wouldn’t tell her until last minute. Michelle told James that she only needs three votes, so Corey, Nicole, and Paulie wouldn’t even matter. Michelle told him that Paulie was saying just last week that she was in an alliance with him, Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah. Michelle went on to tell James that Paulie and Nicole are the shot callers and she wants everyone to know that. Michelle told him that she’s hoping this season isn’t filled with dumb people who are oblivious to it since she said that she hasn’t heard anyone say they’re after Paulie.

11:35 AM BBT: Paulie told James that apparently Michelle still has more damage to do to him. James told him that she’s not going to go out quiet and said that he needs to talk to him about something important a little later.

1:35 PM BBT: Paulie told Corey and Nicole that they brought Michelle into the fold and protected her, and now she’s throwing them under the bus. Paulie added that he’s not even the one who put Michelle up, but she’s calling him out for his competition wins. Paulie told them that Zakiyah told him last night that after Michelle made her comments, Bridgette came up to her and told her that she made good points, which means that they’ll have to get Bridgette out soon. Corey told him that they could just tell Bridgette that Paul wants her out next.

2:10 PM BBT: Bridgette told Michelle that she doesn’t want her to go, saying that she knows they had beef, but she’s over it and wants Michelle to stay. Michelle told her that she doesn’t trust three certain people who screwed her over anymore, so Michelle said that she’s looking for someone new to trust. Michelle added that she wouldn’t nominate Bridgette, James, Natalie, or Victor. Michelle told Bridgette that she sees Paulie winning the game at this point since he’s winning so many competitions and was coached by Derrick, all while nobody sees him as a threat.  Michelle asked if Paulie has talked about sending her home, to which Bridgette confirmed. Michelle explained that it’s because Paulie knows that she’s onto him. Bridgette told her that Paulie is running the house.

Michelle told Bridgette and Natalie that if she wins the double eviction HOH, she’s going to put up Nicole and Paulie right next to each other. Michelle explained that she believes Nicole and Paulie have a final two deal since their families are so close in real life. Michelle told Bridgette that she’s not mad at Victor since it was likely Paulie who got into his ear. Bridgette agreed, saying that Paulie is also in Paul’s ear. Michelle told them that if she does leave, she’s going to blow people’s game up on her way out the door.

2:10 PM BBT: Zakiyah told James that she wants to win HOH so that she can put up Victor.

2:50 PM BBT: Bridgette asked Natalie if she thinks James would be down to flip the house. Natalie told her that she’s hoping so. Bridgette told her that if they flip the house, people are going to be mad and said that she isn’t sure James would be okay with that.

3:10 PM BBT: Bridgette told Natalie that if they could get them two, James, Victor, Paul, and Michelle all on the same page, that would be six people against three going into next week. Bridgette added that she doesn’t know if they could get Paul to turn on Paulie, but said that she knows Paul wants Zakiyah out. Bridgette told Natalie that if they can get James on-board, he has the power to shake up the house with his two vote nullification power. Natalie told her that Michelle has to stay this week, so she’ll talk to James about it.

4:05 PM BBT: Michelle told Bridgette that it’s funny that Victor trusts Paul when Paul apparently can’t stand him, even tweeting “Exec lost his mind”.  Michelle explained to Bridgette that people call Victor “Exec” because he’s trying to be a shot caller. Bridgette told Michelle that Paulie makes everyone feel like he’ll bring them along with him. Bridgette told her that they should shake things up. Bridgette told Michelle that Zakiyah was the target to start the week. Michelle asked why, to which Bridgette told her that it’s because Zakiyah lasted long in competitions than Michelle had.  Bridgette explained that Paulie is intimidated by independent, powerful women. Bridgette told Michelle to stress to Victor how many competitions Paulie has won. Michelle asked if it’s her place to tell Victor about Paul. Bridgette told her no because it would get to Paul, then to Paulie.

4:45 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she will nominate Bridgette and Paul, telling them that they’re both pawns, but actually intend on sending Paul home. Nicole told him that she wants them to make a final four with Paulie and James. Nicole explained that if James wanted to bring Natalie to the final five, she’d be fine with that. Nicole went on to say that she doesn’t think it’s cool that James is going to axe Natalie’s vote instead of his, saying that she didn’t want to vote either out so that she could make that argument at final two.

5:00 PM BBT: Victor told Michelle that he wouldn’t mind seeing Zakiyah go home, but said that he doesn’t have a vote. Michelle told him that she’s not coming for him or Bridgette. Michelle added that the people running this house are trying to get the vote to go their way. Michelle told him that Paulie was telling people that he wanted Victor gone because he’s a physical threat. Michelle told Victor about the alliance that Paulie said he was in along with her, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey. Victor told her again that he doesn’t have a vote and said that a good person to start with is Paul. Michelle told him that he already did and she said that Paul didn’t say yes or no.

Michelle told Victor that she thinks people are just afraid of Paulie. Michelle told Victor that if she were to stay, she would never nominate him or backdoor him. Michelle told him that it comes down to whether or not James has the balls to use the power to nullify two votes in her favor. Michelle told Victor that if she does leave this week, she’s going to call out Paulie as she’s walking out the door. Michelle told him that he should be careful with who he trusts, giving Corey as an example, saying that Corey can’t stand how Victor acts around Nicole.

6:05 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she is dropping out of the HOH competition once Bridgette and Paul have been eliminated.

6:05 PM BBT: Bridgette told Paul that she’s not convinced that Zakiyah would be next week’s target if she stayed. Paul told her that the word on the street that everyone has heard is that Michelle was closest to Da’Vonne. Bridgette told him that they know that isn’t true. Paul told Bridgette that he’s thought what she is thinking right now, but questioned if now is the right time to go against the house. Bridgette asked who the house was, to which Paul told her that it was the pairs. Michelle pushed the issue a little more, but Paul told her that there is a time and a place to go against the house like this, but this is making her question if she wants to be even this involved.

6:25 PM BBT: Bridgette told Natalie that she doesn’t know if they can get Paul, which means that none of it is going to work.

6:35 PM BBT: Michelle told Bridgette that according to her conversation with Victor, he doesn’t want her gone. Michelle added that she doesn’t know why everyone is so afraid of Paulie and said that she’s going to try to speak with Paul.

9:30 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that Michelle has completely flipped sides and that it’s weird how close Michelle and Bridgette have become. Corey asked what is the deal with James and Natalie. Nicole told him that she is just completely ignoring James.

9:40 PM BBT: James asked Natalie who she thinks is going home this week, but Natalie told her that she already knows that Zakiyah is staying. Natalie asked why James would ask her if he already knew the answer, to which James said it was just to see if she knew. Natalie explained that Paulie is running the house, so obviously his girl was going to stay. James said that he could save Michelle, but he’d be pissing off the whole house. Natalie told him that he’d just be pissing off three people. James told Natalie that he doesn’t know why she thinks there is so massive alliance, but Natalie told him that she knows there is and that she isn’t an idiot.

Nicole joined them, telling James and Natalie that they haven’t been hanging out a lot today. James asked if she noticed, to which Nicole confirmed, saying that he has been hanging out with Corey a lot today. Nicole left. Natalie told James that she isn’t mad at him, that she tried talking to him all day and he ignored her, but isn’t mad. Natalie told James that he doesn’t even treat her like a friend, he just avoided her all day. James told her that she avoided him too, pointing to what Nicole just said. Natalie told James that she has so much love and respect for him, that she isn’t trying to fight about this kind of thing.

10:20 PM BBT: Michelle told Bridgette that Paulie said that Paul is a threat to his game because of how good of a social game Paul has. Michelle added that it’s funny how Jozea was right and Nicole is a snake. Bridgette told Michelle that Frank told her to get Nicole out, bring Corey and Paulie close because they’re running things, then get James out. Bridgette suggested them two work with Victor, Natalie, and James, then questioned if James would go for that. Michelle said that they’d have to just win HOH. Bridgette told Michelle that she should tell Paul that he’s the fifth wheel when it comes to Paulie, Zakiyah, Corey, and Nicole. Bridgette added that Corey doesn’t trust Paul and Paulie doesn’t trust Paul, so they should try to convince Paul that they’re not on his side.

Bridgette told Michelle that people don’t see that Paulie is just keeping people around who are votes for him. Michelle told Bridgette that Paulie is acting like he’s a god sent from above, that was coached by Derrick. Michelle added that she’s going to add the fact that Paulie was coached by Derrick in her speech. Bridgette told Michelle that she could flirt with Paulie to get Zakiyah jealous since she’ll do something rash. Michelle told her that she’s taking one for the team. Michelle went on to tell Bridgette that if Paul doesn’t vote for her, she’s going to blow his game up too.

10:50 PM BBT: James told Natalie that Michelle told him that she would make big moves. Natalie confirmed that Michelle would, but said that the two of them wouldn’t be those big moves. Natalie explained that Paulie has Corey, Paul, Nicole, and Zakiyah that would all never go against him. Natalie told James that the only people Michelle is upset with is Corey, Nicole, and Paulie. She added that Paulie has compete control over Zakiyah’s game now, so much so that it shouldn’t even be considered Zakiyah’s game anymore. Natalie told him that everyone trusts Paulie and he’s running the entire house. James questioned if she thinks he’s afraid of Paulie, to which she said he isn’t afraid, but should know that the only people who would be upset if Zakiyah leaves is Corey, Nicole, and Paulie.

11:10 PM BBT: Michelle told James and Natalie that she thinks she has a third vote if they’re her first two. Michelle told James that if anyone says i’m going after him, they’re lying. Michelle told James and Natalie that Paulie is running the house. Michelle explained that Tiffany dropped Paulie’s name, then went home, then that process repeated with Frank and Da’Vonne. Michelle told James that Paulie has even dropped his name, saying that James is playing like Derrick. Michelle told James and Natalie that if she stays, she’s going to gun for Paulie, making her the biggest target in the house over both of them. James told her that the person who is planning on voting to keep her needs to come talk to him.

11:25 PM BBT: Michelle told Natalie that Nicole has been getting jealous of her and Corey, mocking Natalie by twirling her hair like Natalie does. Michelle added that Paulie has been saying that she has stories about Natalie.

11:30 PM BBT: Natalie told James that it’s clear that Paulie has been talking crap about her. James said that Paulie is doing the same to him with the Derrick comment. Natalie told James that Paulie told her that she’s wife material and that he was going to wife her up, all while Paulie is supposed to be James’ friend. James told her that she should have told him that Paulie said that. Natalie told him that she was scared, but now she doesn’t care. Natalie told James that Paulie even suggested that the two of them could make out in the backyard and nobody would know. Natalie added that Paulie said she has one of the best butts in the house and a good body today. Natalie said that maybe she shouldn’t have said anything because it’s not a big deal, but James told her that it is a big deal since he hasn’t said anything like that to Zakiyah or Nicole.

12:10 AM BBT: Bridgette told James that when she was talking with him and Corey yesterday, Corey had put words in her mouth about wanting Michelle gone, which isn’t true. Bridgette said that she wants Michelle to stay, to which Natalie said that she did to. James told them that he’s just scared Paulie, Corey, Nicole,and whoever else wanted Michelle gone would win HOH and put him up since he’d be the reason she stayed. James told them that the only way he could make it right is by telling the entire house that he wants Zakiyah out. Bridgette told him that her, Natalie, and Victor for sure want to keep Michelle. Bridgette told James and Natalie that a way they could get Paulie to want Zakiyah out is by to get her super jealous. James told them that they should follow Paulie around, get in bed with him, and just be his puppy, adding that the only way he’s going to stick his neck out to save Michelle is if someone sticks their neck out with him. Bridgette told James that Paulie is going to win if they don’t stop him.

12:55 AM BBT: James told Natalie that unless the whole house is on board, he’s not going to do it. James told her that if they target this couple, it’s going to be open season on the rest of the couples. James added that if Paulie gets HOH after they sent his girl home, they’d be in trouble. Natalie told him that Paulie doesn’t care about her, that Zakiyah has just been Paulie’s little puppet, that Zakiyah is playing for Paulie and Paulie has just been giving her false hope. Natalie told James that Corey and Paul are Paulie’s spies. James told her that it isn’t time to rock the boat. Natalie questioned when the time would be right, asking if the time would be right after she’s taken out.

1:20 AM BBT: Paul asked if they’re going for the girls during the double eviction, to which Paulie confirmed. Paulie told him that he’d nominate a combination of Bridgette, Nicole, and Zakiyah, adding that he’d even be fine with separating James and Natalie. Paul told Paulie that he thinks swapping James out with an easy girl to beat like Natalie is a better option. Paulie told him that they couldn’t take a shot at James, but Paul told him that Victor could. Paulie told Paul that Zakiyah has no control over him while Natalie and Nicole both have control over their men, which Paulie said is a problem. Paul told him that if they put Nicole up, she’d have to go home since she is the strongest girl. Paulie told him that he wants all the girls out since they haven’t done anything except coast by. Paulie and Paul agreed that Nicole would be their top target if they’re the ones who win HOH.

Paul told Paulie that if they did take Natalie to the final three and she managed to win, whoever she took between the two of them would win because Natalie hasn’t done anything. Paul told Paulie that Natalie is in control of James and doesn’t even care about him, citing that Natalie kissed Paul on the neck today. Paulie told him that Natalie knows exactly what she’s doing since she’s a jersey girl. Paulie told Paul that after they get Nicole, James, and Bridgette out, Victor should be next in line. Paulie said that he didn’t want to take Victor top five or even top fix, but Paul told him that Victor would never put up either of them. Paulie told him that the most optimal final five would be them two, Corey, Zakiyah, and Natalie, or possibly swapping out one of the other three for Victor. Paul told Paulie that he’d put up Nicole and Natalie up if he won and Nicole would go home. Paulie said he’d do the same.

2:10 AM BBT: Zakiyah told Paulie that Michelle is trying to get in her head, saying that if Zakiyah were to be taken out, all Paulie would have lost is a cuddle buddy. Zakiyah added that it’s clear to her that Michelle doesn’t like Paulie again. Paulie brought up targeting Bridgette after Michelle goes, saying that it’s clear that Bridgette wants to target couples, him being the first one she’d go after. Zakiyah told him that she wants to win so that she could get out her main target, Victor, but put him up alongside Paul.

2:35 AM BBT: Paulie told Victor that Bridgette is going to take a shot at him if she’s given the chance.

5:00 AM BBT: James told Paulie that the reason he was upset is because Natalie told him that Paulie was making comments towards her about her having a nice body, talking about her butt, and wanting to marry her. Paulie told him that he compliments every girl like that, to which James told him that is what he tried telling Natalie. Paulie told James that Natalie is a Jersey girl and said he knows Jersey girls like the back of his hand, saying that they always try to put a wedge in-between their man and their man’s guy friends.

5:50 AM BBT: Natalie and Bridgette convince James to save Natalie, who ended up convincing Paul to save Michelle and get Paulie out during the double eviction. Full Recap can be found by clicking here.

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