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Big Brother 18: Day 54 Recap

8-7 vic

Today’s live feeds are likely to be all about tomorrow’s veto meeting and who they’re going to actually end up targeting. Paulie has been rallying votes behind Paul’s back, so we’re going to see if Paulie tries to push an unwavering Paul towards his thinking. It’s possible we start to see dissent between the two allies since both are so stuck on who they want to get out this week.


12:25 PM BBT: Victor told Paul that they should think about getting James out during the double eviction, nominating him alongside Natalie. Victor said that he thinks everyone in the house would be happy to vote him out, just the only thing they’d have to worry about is managing Corey’s reaction to it. Paul agreed.

2:10 PM BBT: Paulie told Paul that the nominations staying the same is a done deal. Paul asked if he had already told Zakiyah that he wasn’t going to use it, to which Paulie said that he did and her reaction wasn’t that bad. Paul told him that Zakiyah is going to be pissed at him for not using the veto on her, so Paul told Paulie that it’s best for his game to get her out. Paulie told Corey and Paul that James said Natalie is convinced there is an all guys alliance. Paulie added that they know Natalie isn’t coming up with that on her own and said that it’s likely Bridgette is the one  telling Natalie there is a guys alliance. Paul told them that he’s going to try to win the double eviction HOH so that he can send Bridgette home.

Paulie told Corey and Paul that Michelle might have some tricks up her sleeve and said that Michelle plants seeds by putting ideas out in the open to help others come to the same conclusion. Paulie told them that Zakiyah doesn’t have the swaying power to unite the girls, whereas Michelle might. Corey told Paul that what scares him is that Natalie is close to Michelle, all while Natalie supposedly wouldn’t put up a girl. Paulie told them that maybe Nicole wouldn’t either. Paul told Paulie that he needs more solid reasons for Michelle to go than what they’ve given him.

2:35 PM BBT: Nicole told Paul that Michelle word vomits often. Paul told her that once Zakiyah is gone, it’ll all be falling on deaf ears. Nicole mentioned that Michelle reacts terribly to a lot of things, but Paul told her that it just puts a bigger target on Michelle’s back.

4:20 PM BBT: Corey told Paulie that Michelle has won a competition while Zakiyah isn’t winning anything. Corey explained that they need to get that through to Paul before he tries to do something rash. Corey added that it’s putting a target on Paul’s back to push this hard because Corey said that even James was asking why Paul was wanting Zakiyah out so bad and questioning what kind of deal Paul had with Michelle.

Corey asked Paulie who they’re going to put up during the double eviction. Paulie told him Bridgette and Natalie, if they can get James’ OK, but Paulie said that he’d be fine with putting up Bridgette and Zakiyah.

5:00 PM BBT: Corey asked Victor where he thought the votes should be this week. Victor told him that he thinks they should go to evict Zakiyah since she’s a stronger player than Michelle.

6:00 PM BBT: Corey told James that he talked to Paul and Victor and they’re wanting Zakiyah to go, which Corey said isn’t good for them. Corey told him that if he axes his and Paul’s vote, it forces Paulie to vote since he’s trying to make the two of them look like outcasts as they vote to keep Zakiyah over what Victor wanted. Corey explained that Paulie is wanting Zakiyah’s jury vote and he’d get that if he isn’t the one voting her out. Corey said that they just need to tell Paulie to do his job and vote to keep Zakiyah. Corey told James that Michelle is going to put up two guys while they know exactly what Zakiyah would do. James told Corey that they need to keep pressing the issue with Victor that they don’t know how to vote for because Paulie is wanting to keep Zakiyah and he’s their boy. James added that they just need to get all the guys in a meeting to hash things out so that there are no surprises.

6:25 PM BBT: James told Nicole that they have to get as many people as possible involved in the discussion with Paul and Victor over who to get out so that nobody is singled out. Nicole told him that Victor wanted Michelle out before he won HOH, but now that has changed. Nicole added that she doesn’t want to be on Paul’s bad side for the double eviction, so they have to think of something that’ll get him on board. James told her that since he can cancel out two votes, the two of them and Corey are the ones who control who goes home.

6:50 PM BBT: Natalie told James that she’s 50/50 on who she wants out, citing that Zakiyah is very jealous and Michelle is very emotional. Natalie added that if they do vote Michelle out, however, she’s not going to let her go out with zero votes to save her. James told her that there is already going to be 1 or 2 votes sent her way. Natalie told James that he can decide which they send home since she likes them both. James pointed out that Paulie wouldn’t let Zakiyah put them up, while Michelle is free to do anything. James added that it’s possible that Bridgette, Michelle, Paul, and Victor are putting together a secret squad. Natalie told James that he should pull Bridgette in since she is the type of person who would be loyal to someone who made her feel safe and secure.

Natalie told James that him, Nicole, and Paulie were all playing Derrick’s game. Natalie went on to say that Paulie is controlling the game while having Bridgette, Paul, and Victor as his minions. Natalie told James that she believes him, Paulie, and Nicole have been working with Corey. Natalie said that Michelle and Zakiyah were attached to Nicole, but Nicole ended up dropping them off for Corey.

8:25 PM BBT: Paul began campaigning to James and Nicole about why Zakiyah should be the one to go. He told them that they know Michelle is an emotional wreck, so everything she says will be falling on deaf ears. Nicole tells Paul that they know Zakiyah is controlled by Paulie and said that was proven when she dropped out of the HOH competition. Paul told them that they could just send Michelle out next week. James told him that if that’s the case, then it shouldn’t matter which order they go. Paul said that it does since they have to assume that next week isn’t a double eviction. Paul tells them that by getting Zakiyah out, he’s personally looking out for Paulie since she’d be pissed about him not using the veto. Paul told Nicole that Zakiyah is more likely to win than Michelle, but Nicole pointed out that Michelle won OTEV, while Zakiyah won nothing. Paul told her that OTEV was mostly based on luck. James told Paul that he’s going to need to cancel out someone’s vote, so Paul offered to have his vote canceled.

Paul started throwing out new angles and reasons they should get Zakiyah out. He first said that Zakiyah might take a shot at Paulie soon since no matter how much someone loves their showmance, they’re always going to love themselves and $500,000 more. Paul mentioned Zakiyah wanting to be like Rachel from BB13, a serious threat, but when Nicole brought up how loyal Rachel was to her showmance, Paul said that Zakiyah could have been saying Rachel since it’s what they wanted to hear. Paul told them that getting Zakiyah out now instead of stringing her along and getting her out later is the compassionate thing to do since she’ll be able to relax in jury.

9:10 PM BBT: Nicole told Zakiyah that she has her, Corey, James, and Paulie, which is more than enough to be safe this week. Zakiyah told Nicole about Paulie not wanting to ruffle any feathers, so isn’t going to use the veto on her. Nicole told her that Corey wouldn’t want  to ruffle any feathers if she were in her position too. Zakiyah told Nicole that she wants to win HOH next week to send Victor out, to which Nicole told her that everybody would love that.

10:05 PM BBT: Nicole told Corey that she talked to James and Paul about this week’s target. Nicole explained that James was acting like he doesn’t care, which just confirmed to her how much they need Zakiyah to stay. Nicole told him that her pecking order is Michelle, then Victor. Nicole asked Corey who Bridgette would target, to which Corey said he didn’t know. Nicole told him that she didn’t tell him because she’s going to be targeting her next. Nicole said that she will be fine if either Bridgette or Victor go next week.

12:55 AM BBT: Corey told Nicole and Paulie that he thinks that Bridgette, Michelle, Paul, and Victor are trying to form something. Nicole questioned what they’d want if she were to win this next HOH, and Paulie told her that he’d want Bridgette out next after Michelle. Nicole and Paulie agreed that they don’t want Victor to be blindsided when it comes to their vote to save Michelle over Zakiyah.

1:10 AM BBT: Nicole asked Corey if they’re 100% confident that Paulie is on the right side. Corey confirmed that Paulie is, to which Nicole admitted that Paul has started to get on her nerves recently. Nicole explained that she has Corey’s, James’, and Paulie’s best interest when making moves, not Paul’s. Nicole told Corey that she wants Victor out next even though Paulie wants Bridgette. Corey told her that he thinks Paulie will be on board with what he is. Nicole started to question if they should tell Paulie about Michelle making up the Advancemen to take heat off of The Fatal Five. Nicole questioned if Corey had already told Paulie, but Corey told her that he hasn’t.

4:40 AM BBT: James told Natalie that he rather keep Michelle instead of Zakiyah. Complete recap can be found here.

5:00 AM BBT: Bridgette and Natalie discussed that everyone has placed their trust in Paulie, enabling him to run the house and influence who goes up and goes home. Bridgette asked Natalie not to tell James about her concerns regarding Paulie, to which Natalie agreed not to.

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